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The Main casts, Aarushi and Vihaan (Season one)

Zee World has officially indicated through its Wikipedia page that a Bolly series titled ‘7 Bridges to Cross’ will be hitting the screens of its viewers sometime in 2019. Even though the start date is yet to be announced, you can agree that a new series will bring a breath of fresh narrative to the television scene.

This post is therefore meant to give a foresight on what to expect from the series in terms of plot, summary, full story and casts.

About the Series: 7 Bridges to Cross

The show is a is a Hindi-language Indian soap opera, which was first broadcast on Zee TVchannel from December 2014 to March 2016. It will be dubbed in English for African Audience. 7 Bridges to Cross is  Written by Purnendu Shekhar And Directed by Nandita Mehra.

It stars: Ravish Desa, Mugdha Chaphekar, Vrushika Mehta and Rahul Sharma in leading roles.

‘7 Bridges to Cross’ has 3 seasons and a total of 375 episodes making it quite a long ride. Each season starts with the introduction of a new female and /or male lead after the unfortunate death of the other. The story angle may also differ but the plot is consistent. 

Summary of ‘7 Bridges to Cross’

The series Hindi name is Satrangi Sasural. It is a story that follows the journey of a beautiful middle-class girl named Aarushi, who marries into a wealthy family in Delhi that consists of her husband Vihaan Vatsal and her seven mothers-in-law. (Season one)

The seven mother in-laws present the 7 bridges that Aarushi must successfully navigate in her marital life. Vibha also present a tough opposition for Aarushi as it concerns Vihaan affection. Their enmity eventually comes to a tragic conclusion.

Plot / Full Story – ‘7 Bridges to Cross’

Season one

Wealthy Vihaan Vatsal meets and falls in love with middle-class Aarushi, and brings her home to his seven “mothers” led by matriarch Dadi Maa. Aarushi sees through their tough exteriors and meets their demanding expectations while also forming a close bond with each of them.

Bua maa strikes Vibha with her car and Aarushi takes responsibility. Vibha’s abusive husband demands a huge compensation but Vibha proclaims Aarushi’s innocence and the family hire her as their house helper.

Aarushi and Vihaan

However, Vibha forms an unhealthy attachment to Vihaan and burns the couple’s passports to sabotage their honeymoon. The couple instead go to Mumbai where Vihaan proposes, but Vihaan disappears after being attacked by goons.

Months later, on the day of Aarushi’s baby shower, Vihaan returns with his “wife” Vibha. Vihaan had lost his memory and Vibha convinced him that she was his wife and Aarushi their maid. Threatening to turn Vihaan against them, Vibha makes the family follow her orders.

Vihaan gradually becomes closer to Aarushi, especially when she gives birth to twins, and is confused by his feelings. He slowly regains his memories when Vibha tries to take him away from his family.

Vibha sells the family house, but realizes the buyer is Vihaan in disguise. Vibha gives Vihaan a poisoned kiss and demands that he legally marry her for the antidote. They are about to be married when Aarushi gives him the antidote instead.

Vibha then takes their daughter hostage, blackmails the family, and burns their house. The family eventually reclaim the child. Aarushi stabs Vibha who shoots her, and Aarushi dies.

Season two

Four years later, Another woman – Kiara enters into Vihaan’s life. Kaira decides to marry Vihaan so she can receive her inheritance. They agree to separate after three months, a scheme by Bebo who is after the money.

And Although three of Vihaan’s mothers despise her, Kaira grows close to the family. Kaira rescues Vihaan from Bebo’s schemes, and Bebo dies while trying to control him with black magic.

Aarushi’s long-lost sister Millie joins the family. Kaira tries to expose her as a witch but Millie’s black magic stops her. The mothers convince the couple to marry properly but Millie causes misunderstandings. On the wedding day, Millie goes in Kaira’s place but Kaira completes the ceremony.

The mothers supporting Millie insist that she is also Vihaan’s wife since he half-married her. Suspecting Millie is a witch, Kaira and Vihaan pursue her, and Vihaan vanishes.

Vihaan and Kiara (season 2)

When Vihaan returns, he is rude to Kaira who believes he is an impostor. Kaira later rescues the real Vihaan and Millie apologizes to Kiara. Kaira understands that Millie was forced in her actions against her, but she cannot identify who is responsible.

Dadi Maa overhears rumours that Kaira became pregnant by the impostor offending Kaira who stays with Vasundhara. Vihaan sees a jewel at Vasundhara’s home which he remembers from when he was under a spell.

Dadi Maa performs a ritual to safeguard the family, but forgot the book in which Vihaan’s fate was written. When she finds the book, Vihaan’s secret fate had been torn out. The secret is that Vihaan’s mother is actually Bina, Dadi Maa’s daughter, who was banished for using black magic.

Vihaan learns that Vasundhara regains her powers each month from the jewel. When the jewel glows in his hands he realizes that he is the witch’s son. Vihaan meets Vasundhara in the forest and destroys the jewel, and she fatally attacks him leading to his death. Kaira swears revenge.

Season three

One month after Vihaan’s death, the family is celebrating Father’s Day. Kaira provides gifts for the twins, making excuses for Vihaan’s absence. Meanwhile, Vasundhara has lost her powers and realized that she killed her own son, this causes her to renew her determination to destroy all the Vastals.


Kaira begins the traditional widow’s grieving that Dadi Maa insisted upon, but later realizes that Dadi Maa is under Vasundhara’s spell. Dadi Maa brings Vasundhara and her paralyzed husband, Vihaan’s father, into the home, against the wishes of Kaira and the other mothers. While causing a conflict, Vasundhara receives an electric shock and dies.

Meanwhile, the new neighbour, Bharat Bhusan Chautala, expresses a romantic interest in Kaira. It is revealed that he is the long-lost son of Vihaan’s adoptive mother, and heir of the Vastals. At the end, he proposes to Kaira who accepts.

Rahul Sharma as Bharat. 

Series ends. 

Full Casts list and Real Names

Season one…

Season two….

Season three…

Note: Some of the casts appear in all the seasons and so their names may appear more than once in the cast lists.

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You can share your thoughts on the New series, and say how much you anticipate it’s start? 




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