Zee World: What is case 777 on My Golden Home?


If you have been earnestly following My Golden Home series, then you would discover that recently a mystery about case 777 is frequently Being mentioned. You Should also be wondering who the much talked about Ranchod is.

Well, the case 777 is connected to Ranchod. This is because Ranchod is actually the real name of Siddarth who Abha has brought into the family to disguise as Karan while he is still missing.

The case ‘777‘ is a court case Jagmohan won many years ago. But later in the case he discovered that he had fought for the wrong person while the innocent person loses his son.

Along the line, Pratibha gave birth to twin – Karan and Ranchod but none except Jagmohan and a nanny knew about it. Jagmohan therefore hands over Karan’s twin, Ranchod to the innocent Mr. Tiwari as a sort of compensation.

So case 777 is mostly concerned about the true identity and paternity of Siddarth/Ranchod.


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