Zee world: Iron Lady – November 2018 teasers


Zara Malik Khan is out to destroy Indira! She finds herself falling in love with Rishi and now wants to destroy the only woman he loves – Indira! Will she succeed? Find out more in November teasers of Iron lady. 

Thursday 1 November 2018
Episode 45

Rishi refuses to believe that Indira is dead. Zaara keeps on trying to convince him that the kidnapper killed her. Up against her own insanity as well as Zaara, what chance does Indira have to fight against her own death?

Friday 2 November 2018
Episode 46

Fearing that killing her will draw too much attention, Zaara arranges for Indira to be taken out of Delhi. As it turns, Rishi and Indu end up in the same area that Indira is. Will destiny bring them together or will Zaara win this fight?

Saturday 3 November 2018
Episode 47

The more time that Rishi spends with Indira, the more he starts to realise about what Zaara has done. What Rishi has yet to learn though, is just how ruthless Zaara will end up becoming in her fight for his heart.

Sunday 4 November 2018
Episode 48

The time has come for Zaara’s plan to become a reality. It seems that all the odds are on her side as the family has joined forces with her to take out Indira. Left without seeming hope, can Rishi take out Delhi’s finest police officer?

Monday 5 November 2018
Episode 49

Rishi plans to spend special time with Indira to bring her memory back, but upon the hearing of a certain song, Indira seems to lose it. A new memory of her life after Rishi begins to come back, a life which may shock Rishi.

Tuesday 6 November 2018
Episode 50

Kabir is intent on finding his Husna once again… thinking she was lost for good, Kabir’s wife is dead set against him leaving to look for Husna. It seems that Rishi has just the same fight on his hands back in Delhi…

Wednesday 7 November 2018
Episode 51

As events turn out, Kabir and Rishi end up meeting. Left with no other choice but to join forces for the sake of saving their daughters lives, Kabir and Rishi fight through the armed forces of Pakistan. But what of the fight for Husna?

Thursday 8 November 2018
Episode 52

Back home in Delhi, Rishi seeks to tell his family the news of “Sahib”. Unbeknown to him, Kabir has been the “Sahib” the whole time. Kabir is now making his way through Delhi, however he realises he has to pay Rishi one more visit.

Friday 9 November 2018
Episode 53

Rishi is dead set against letting Kabir find his Husna, who is actually Indira. Fearing that he may lose Indira to Kabir, Rishi tries all means to get Kabir out of his house. But what will happen once Indira sees Kabir?

Saturday 10 November 2018
Episode 54

Now that Indira’s memory has returned, things have become intense for the Sharma House, especially for Indu. She resorts to becoming the junior Iron Lady in the house; and begins to scheme against Indira…

Sunday 11 November 2018
Episode 55

Indira can’t seem to understand why she gets so upset with Rishi. Rishi and Kabir give her even more reason for being upset when they both get drunk. In his drunken state, Kabir may just risk everything he has been working to hide

Monday 12 November 2018
Episode 56

To protect Indira from her own mental state, Rishi and Munna come up with a pretend story about the history of Rishi’s ex-wife. They have their work cut out for them as his pretend wife is a woman with quite the personality…

Tuesday 13 November 2018
Episode 57

Sajni agrees to pretend to be the fake wife of Rishi as well as Indu’s mother. It’s quite the pretence. Will her true character begin to show? Things start to get complicated as Kabir begins picking up on things about Sajni’s identity.

Wednesday 14 November 2018
Episode 58

Things reach the tipping point between Rishi and Kabir as they fight for Indira. Rishi feels there is no other way to remind Indira about who she truly is but to re-inact a scene in their life that affected Indira heavily.

Thursday 15 November 2018
Episode 59

Rishi fails to remind Indira of who she truly is. Accepting failure, he brings her back to the house and wishes Kabir to take her safely back to Lahore. Indu feels differently though. She comes up with a plan only junior Iron Lady could.

Friday 16 November 2018
Episode 60

Indira is back. It’s time for Chandni Chowk to see the return of the famous Iron Lady. How will the Sharma house react to having Indira back? How will Indira react once she learns it’s been eight years and nothing’s changed?

Saturday 17 November 2018
Episode 61

All the years of Indu growing up with no discipline is starting to catch up with her. Indira starts to lay down the law with her, but things only seem to get worse between the two of them. Whose side will Rishi have to take?

Sunday 18 November 2018
Episode 62

Indira can’t seem to control Indu, but Indu turns out to be the least of her problems when a terrible crime goes down in the market place of Chandni Chowk. This crime may begin the breaking point between Rishi and Indira.

Monday 19 November 2018
Episode 63

Rajrani seems to be much smarter than many would have assumed, especially when he realises what is going on between Rishi and Indira. With this realisation, Rajrani goes after Indira’s family to threaten her.

Tuesday 20 November 2018
Episode 64

Indira seems to be caught between her responsibility as a citizen and her responsibility as a mother. Rajrani sees that there is a broken relationship between Indira and Indu and he decides to exploit it by blackmailing Indira…

Wednesday 21 November 2018
Episode 65

At the press conference it seems that Rajrani is about to be exposed in front of all India. Rishi is afraid that Indu may pay the price for Rajrani’s exposure, but will he dare to go against his own wife’s decisions?

Thursday 22 November 2018
Episode 66

Although everything is safe and sound back at home with Indu back and Rajrani behind bars, things are still heavily tense between Indu and Indira. Just when Indira has another chance to prove her love for Indu, another crime is committed.

Friday 23 November 2018
Episode 67

The woman that the men were trying to kill has turned out to be Shweta, and Indira feels that she needs to continue protecting her from the man trying to kill her. She makes a decision about Shweta that may hurt her family a lot…

Saturday 24 November 2018
Episode 68

After bringing Shweta home, Indira realises what she has done wrong when she sees the reaction that it brings out of Indu and Rishi. However as the days progress its clear that Jaswant is intent on killing Shweta…

Sunday 25 November 2018
Episode 69

Indira sees that the only way to prove to Indu why she has to be the strict person she is, is to give Indu the freedom to carry the weight of taking care of a lazy family on her little shoulders. Will Indira’s pride win this challenge?

Monday 26 November 2018
Episode 70

After the incident of Jaswant getting arrested, a terrible thing happens to Bheems mother and this forces Indira to take him into her own home. Things get worse for Indira when Inder and Meher stand up against her amidst the entire family.

Tuesday 27 November 2018
Episode 71

After disagreeing about how to carry out their business, Rishi and Indira are now acting against each other in a case between Mother and Daughter-in-Law. Will the Iron Lady be able to stand her own against Rishi as the lawyer he is?

Wednesday 28 November 2018
Episode 72

During the hearing Rishi and Indira can’t keep their personal problems quiet, surprisingly, Indira isn’t ready for a conflict and she ends up fainting in Rishi’s arms. An onlooker makes a comment that shakes Rishi up.

Thursday 29 November 2018
Episode 73

After the incident with Inder and the girl, named Neha, the Sharma’s receive visitors at their house demanding justice. It’s Neha and her Mother. Inder sees that he may finally be caught out for his womanizing ways, what will he do?

Friday 30 November 2018
Episode 74

Indiras family is putting huge pressure on her to terminate her pregnancy. Faced with an “adulterous” husband, a useless family and a rebellious daughter, does the Iron lady have enough to bear through the pressure of another child?

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  1. Trying to kill indera was not a good idea because rishi love indera no matter what, but he also love Zara too, then when he find out that Zara is trying to kill indera that will make rishi turn back on zara


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