Dholi beats February teasers 2024

Dholi beats February teasers: Geet faces intense confrontations with Prashant and Simone in the Mehras’ household. Tensions escalate during Tanya’s wedding, leading to attempts on Geet’s life.

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Thursday 1st February 2024
Ruby, Rocky and Ginny have a heated confrontation with Malhar. Geet loses hope and cries before Malhar as Prashant plans to oust her. Akash vehemently defends Geet and Tanya misbehaves with Geet. Soon, Geet exposes Prashant.

Friday 2nd February 2024
JK picks a staff to bash Prashant but Geet gets in the way and stops him. Simone asks Avtar Kishan to stop training Geet for the musical competition called Rhythm and tips JK off about Jasleen’s involvement. Geet doubles her efforts to learn English and Malhar motivates her.

Saturday 3rd February 2024
Tanya takes money from Jasleen’s cupboard. Geet follows JK to the house and resolves his suspicions. Later, Jasleen gives an earful to JK. With JK and Jasleen’s blessings, Geet begins Navratri’s preparations and convinces Tanya to fast as well.

Sunday 4th February 2024
Kammo tries to ruin Tanya’s efforts. Simone shares her plan to use Prashant against the Mehras with Kammo. Later, Jasleen encourages Geet to participate in the competition. Jasleen facilitates Geet’s participation in the competition and Akash’s parents arrive to meet Tanya.

Monday 5th February 2024
Tanya is asked to cook a meal and Geet returns home just in time. Simone shows up at Mehra House to invite Malhar and Geet for a party. Well along, she ends up challenging Geet. Surjeet tells Sudha Rani about an alliance for Pinky, and Simone’s mother approves of her wish.

Tuesday 6th February 2024
Geet prepares a list of tasks for Tanya, and JK delegates an important task to Geet. Simone meets Avtar Kishan. Akash becomes defensive and agrees to learn the chores along with Tanya. Later, Tanya’s words shock Kammo.

Wednesday 7th February 2024
Akash’s uncle puts forth a new demand and leaves Tanya enraged. JK interrupts Geet’s mimicry and stuns her. Akash’s parents ask Tanya a shocking question and Kammo hatches a plan against Geet. Simone records Geet’s dhol practice as JK looks for Geet in Mehra House.

Thursday 8th February 2024
Prashant pays Avtar Kishan a visit and warns him against entertaining Geet. Later, two special guests arrive at the Mehra House. Later, Geet has a heated confrontation with Prashant as he makes a shocking request to her. Ruby questions Geet about her missing bangles in front of the Mehras and Ginny misbehaves with Geet at the behest of Prashant.

Friday 9th February 2024
Tanya upsets Simone over a call and Geet shows Simone her place. Tanya calls Geet her sister-in-law before the Mehras and leaves them shocked. JK returns the bangles to Geet and confronts Prashant about mistreating Geet.

Saturday 10th February 2024
Geet happily plays the dhol before the Mehras and JK urges Geet to win the competition. Geet dons a gown and arrives at Simone’s party. Geet trashes Simone’s presumptions by giving her a befitting reply in English and JK expresses his worries about Geet to Jasleen. Kammo expresses her worries to Prashant. Later, she critics Geet’s clothes before JK but gets surprised.

Sunday 11th February 2024
She talks to Tanya and reassures her when she gets emotional about parting from her family. Later, Tanya’s mehendi ceremony takes place. To defeat Geet, Kammo calls Akash, and an idea strikes her. JK expresses his doubts on Prashant to Jasleen. Prashant hands a pot over to Geet and urges Geet to bring water from a specific temple for Tanya’s wedding.

Monday 12th February 2024
Geet returns to the Mehra House with a pot filled with holy water and performs the impending ritual. Kammo expresses her apprehension about Geet to Tanya. Soon enough, Simone stalls Tanya’s wedding abruptly. Akash’s family give in and notice Geet’s dhol in the corner.

Tuesday 13th February 2024
They call off the marriage on learning about Geet. Tanya refuses to complete her wedding rituals and Simone exposes Tanya’s truth. Later, JK ousts Kammo. Geet shows Bhushan his place and Surjeet learns about Geet being ousted from the Mehra House.

Wednesday 14th February 2024
Akash expresses his plight to Geet over a phone call and Tanya puts forth a condition before Geet. Akash’s family downplay their resentment. Later, Geet plays her dhol for the want of money and Simone insults her.

Thursday 15th February 2024
Tanya coerces Akash’s mother into calling Geet back but Bhushan interjects. Simone reprimands Bhushan for failing to kill Geet and vows to stall Geet’s return to the Mehra house. Akash’s family argues with JK. JK asks Geet to leave the Mehra House. Later, Tanya alights from the palanquin and takes a rickshaw.

Friday 16th February 2024
Tanya arrives at the Bajaj House in a dress and Akash’s family expresses their concerns about Tanya’s changed attitude. Tanya’s food choices startle the Bajaj family. Geet gets attacked during Pinky’s ‘haldi’ ceremony.

Saturday 17th February 2024
Geet joins the wedding ceremony with bloody hands and Bhushan colludes with Pinky’s to-be groom, Sanjay. Akash calls Geet and tells her about Tanya’s insistence regarding Geet’s presence during her ‘pehli rasoi.

Sunday 18th February 2024
Kammo wishes for Simone to replace Geet in Mehra house as Simone overhears the police investigation. Bhushan continues to insult JK, and Geet takes a stand for her in-laws as Bhushan challenges JK. JK learns about Geet’s attempted murder.

Monday 19th February 2024
Bhushan intends spending the night with Pinky as she weds Sanjay. Tanya has a heated argument with her in-laws and Simone arrives at Akash’s house. Soon, Geet too shows up there. Jagmohan warns Malhar against taking Geet to the Mehra house and Tanya shocks Nimrat.

Tuesday 20th February 2024
Sanjay’s behaviour sparks suspicion in Malhar’s mind, and Geet manages to trace the phone call back to Bhushan. Simone reveals the truth about planning Geet’s murder and Kammo urges Simone to stay in the Mehra House. Ginny expresses her disappointment on seeing JK’s picture and Jasleen asks Simone to leave the Mehra House for good.

Wednesday 21st February 2024
Jagmohan’s older sister criticises Tanya. Geet tries to retaliate against Simone’s henchmen. Geet and Malhar fight Simone’s henchmen and Jasleen feels relieved to hear Geet.

Thursday 22nd February 2024
Bhushan takes Sanjay’s place during Pinky’s wedding night but Geet interjects and gets into trouble. Kammo takes the responsibility of Simone on being questioned by Arshi. Jasleen asks Simone to give up on Malhar. Jagmohan takes away Akash’s credit card.

Friday 23rd February 2024
Jasleen snatches the house keys from Simone. Ruby asks Kammo to trust Simone’s plan and Tanya manages to steal the locker keys with Akash. Geet has an argument with Akash’s mother. Soon enough, Sanjay mistreats Sudha Rani and Geet shows Sanjay his place.

Saturday 24th February 2024
Ruby calls Simone and tells her about Geet’s return. Avtar Kishan admonishes Geet for playing the dhol out of rhythm during her practice. Avtar Kishan admonishes Geet for playing the dhol out of rhythm during her practice. Away, Sanjay asks Pinky to dance for him and faces Geet’s ire.

Sunday 25th February 2024
Jagmohan insults Geet but the latter gives him a fitting reply. Geet welcomes the Mehras and tells them about Akash’s parents’ demand. The organisers of Rhythm demoralise Avtar Kishan. Elsewhere, Tanya has an argument with her in-laws. Bhushan’s men end up attacking Lahouran while trying to attack JK and bury Geet alive in a deep grave mercilessly.

Monday 26th February 2024
Meanwhile, JK has a brawl with Bhushan. Geet finally wakes up and Tanya as well as Akash arrive to meet Geet. Malhar confronts Kammo about spiking the sweet and the inspector summons Simone. Away, Lahouran returns to a changed room and Kammo admits giving the room to Simone.

Tuesday 27th February 2024
Kammo argues with Jasleen. A contestant, Pawan, visits Avtar Kishan’s house and threatens Geet over a phone call. Later, Simone and Kammo show their true colours. JK raises his hand to slap Kammo, and the latter wishes death upon JK. Later, Kammo warns Geet. Kammo asks Simone to join her for breakfast and angers JK. Meanwhile, Pawan interrupts Geet’s practice at Avtar Kishan’s house.

Wednesday 28th February 2024
Geet promises to stand by JK in an effort to save the Mehra House and Avtar Kishan confronts his contemporary Gouri Shankar. Malhar brings a hearty meal for Sanjay and runs into Bhushan. JK reacts oddly to the sound of percussions. Dimple awaits Tanya for the ‘kirtan’ and Tanya interrupts the ‘kirtan’. JK challenges Kammo and Geet questions Kammo.

Thursday 29th February 2024
Sanjay leaves Geet’s house and Malhar comforts Sudha Rani. Just then, Simone spikes Malhar’s lemonade with a drug. Soon, Malhar tries to come clean before the Mehras but Geet ends up believing Simone. JK beats Malhar up with a staff for sleeping with Simone. Geet packs her bags and leaves the Mehra house.

-Sanjay takes Geet’s family hostage and lies to Geet. Later, Geet finds Simone’s earring in her parental house. Sanjay insists Geet go back to the city and makes Geet curious about her family’s whereabouts. Malhar hears the beats of Geet’s dhol and locates her. Malhar tells Geet that he is innocent, while Sanjay tells Simone about the duo’s meeting.


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