Zara’s Nikah November 2020 teasers


Zara’s Nikah November teasers 2020: Alina is determined to marry for love despite Kabir’s objection, Irfan life is in danger and Zeenat continues to be the villian of the Ahmad household. Kabir is made the new Qazi, but not without opposition.

Zee world Zara’s Nikah November teasers 2020.

Sunday 1 November 2020

Kabeer finds evidence that stops Alina and Aamir marriage from happening. Alina tries to hides Amir’s identity from Kabir but Zara advice her against it. Meanwhile Irfan is tense as samalat and samir make attempt on his life but it was all a dream.Irfan and kabir go to to pray in the mosque while kabir left briefly, irfan is deceived out of the mosque and kidnapped.

Kabir gets home and couldn’t find irfan, kabir is worried. Kabir gets a call to save irfan if he can from samir. Kashan get beaten by goons for trying to stop samir. Samir buries irfan alive before kabir could get there and kabir promise to make him pay for his actions. Amir went to see Alina and got caught by kabir and other family members.

Monday 2 November 2020

Zara tries to calm Kabir’s anger
Kashan pretended to win back the family’s trust. Zara advises Alina to face her studies. Kabir frown at the idea of love marriage, says arranged is the best as it according to Islamic custom

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Ayesha pleads for Kashan and Zeenat who she taught are remorseful. Alina secretly prepares and takes food to Amir, Zeenat monitors and follow her to see whats happening. Zeenat made plans to let the whole family see Amir and Alina at the family hospital.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Kabir is angry with Alina because of Amir.
Zeenat and Kashan succeed in getting Ayesha fooled according to their plan
Ayesha tries to restrict Alina movement but kabir pleaded on her behalf.

Thursday 5 November 2020

Kabir and Ayesha tries to arrange marriage for Alina as soon as possible
Zeenat made plans with kashan to find a suitor for Alina just to see their plan work
Kabir kick against love marriage, zara said ita not a bad idea Alina is asked if she will accept any marriage proposal, she said yes

Zara made a resolute to make Alina and Amir unite but Ayesha is angry with her about it.Kabir is about to beat Amir but Zara stop him. Zara then asked Amir if he loves Amir.Alina tries to tear up her nikkah paper but couldn’t. Zara ask her to follow her heart.

Friday 6 November 2020

Kabir finalize Alina’s proposal but Zara advice him to meet the guy first.
Samir scold zeenat for not getting Alina’s copy of the nikkah paper.Amir tries to talk to Alina but she sent him away. Meanwhile the family prepares to meet Anas and his family.

Alina told kabir she loves Amir and want to marry him only Kabir is angry with Zara and Alina. Zeenat thought how her plans would fail if Alina rejects the proposal and fight Zara that she’s trying to cover up her father lie about the marriage between Amir and Alina.

Saturday 7 November 2020

Kabir is very angry Zara for convincing Alina to follow her heart and Alina for going against his word. He insisted Alina must marry his choice Anas. Ayesha is angry with Zara

Sunday 8 November 2020

Zara is worried Ayesha thinks she is teaching Alina to go against her family.
Alina got a message from Amir to met her at the bus stand, she ran away from home and Zara is blamed for it.

Monday 9 November 2020

Zara is threatened with divorce because of her interference in Alina marriage
Alina agrees to the marriage proposal to save Zara relationship with Kabir.
Zeenat and kashan are happy their plan is finally coming together.

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Zara tries to find out sent the message to Alina. Ayesha says Zara wants to destroy her family for her Father’s reputation.
Amir confesses his love for Alina to Zara and she promised right do all she can to save Alina even if it means going against kabir.

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Zara and Alina pray to God to show them the right choice for Alina. Kabir is worried if Amir becomes the chosen but insisted Alina must marry Anas, Ayesha bans Zara from attending Alina marriage but A sad Alina ask that Zara be present.

Zeenat used Zara id to register the sim that sent the message to Alina.Zara tries to defend herself but nobody believed her. Kabir throws her out of the house.

Thursday 12 November 2020

Zeenat and kashan plan to tell the whole city about the marriage between Amir and Alina during the nikkah ceremony.
Zara told Amir not to submit divorce paper as kabir asked him to. Irfan plans to help Zara stop the wedding.

Zara disguised and found out about zeenat,kashan and samir plan for the marriage, she slapped and confronted zeenat in the presence of the family who were shocked to see her at the ceremony.

Friday 13 November 2020

Alina finally married Amir, samir tries to kill kabir by pushing his car off the cliff with Amaan inside the car. Zeenat and kashan are scared they might lose their son with kabir and went to look for him. Zara save kabir and Amaan.


Alina bidia ceremony is taking place, Zara finally expose Zeenat as the person who sent the message to Alina using her identity card. Kabir get a call that samir and salmat are on the run. Samir warns zeenat to take care of things with the police else they all will get caught. Zeenat and Kashan were disgrace.

Saturday 14 November 2020

Kabir becomes head of priest and refuse Zara to become his deputy saying a woman should not place in such pposition of authority. Zara ask kabir to take a look at Heer case

Zara and kabir prepare for Heer’s case. Suraiya says irfan won’t pray for her husband. Amir and Alina visited her house after their Valima.

Sunday 15 November 2020

Zara convince Heer’s father to allow his daughter study thereby winning against kabir. Kabir is not happy and told irfan that his daughter is against him.
Suraiya asked Irfan to make Rizwan the head of priest if he really wanted to make amend but Rizwan said he’s not interested.
Amir’s friend Aasshish was killed in the army by the enemies.

Aaashish body is brought back as everyone sympathize with his wife and son. Amir swears to avenge his friend’s death and kabir promise to support Ankush education.Irfan called Salma that Suraiya and Rizwan is moving in with them, Salma becomes worried.

Monday 16 November 2020

Rizwan confronts kabir for not allowing Zara to work and that Zara would have made a better head priest than her husband which hurt kabir’s ego but Zara tries to convince kabir that Rizwan is nice. Kabir put up proposition to support late soldier’s children education. His decision was accepted and applauded.

Suraiya get hysteric and tries to attack Salma. Zeenat found out about Rizwan true intentions. Kashan offers to help Amir but zeenat threatened to leave with her son if he does. Kabir becomes suspicious of Rizwan and doubt what he portrays himself to be.

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Zeenat visited Rizwan and made it know that she knows his true intentions. Rizwan and zeenat join force to bring down kabir and Zara. Zeenat pays Khalid huge sum to vacate his position at the sharia board for Rizwan not knowing someone is watching her.

Rizwan announce to everyone he’s becoming a sharia board member and when ask told everyone that zeenat convince him to take the position. Rizwan blackmailed zeenat by confessing what she did to the family with evidence. Zeenat promise to revenge Ridwan. Rizwan succeed into making kabir believe he’s nice.

Wednesday 18 November 2020
Episode 144

There is an uproar in the city of Lucknow, the citizens are calling for Kabeer’s resignation as the Qazi. What is Rizwan’s next move?

Thursday 19 November 2020
Episode 145

Kabeer insists Zara should distance herself from politics. Will Zara resign as a member of the Sharia board?

Friday 20 November 2020
Episode 146

Rizwan’s master plan of creating a rift between Zara and Kabeer is manifesting as the couple starts to resent each other.

Saturday 21 November 2020
Episode 147

Zara has a tough decision to make. Any choice will be a compromise to her principals.

Sunday 22 November 2020
Episode 148

The city of Lucknow is on lockdown due to the protest. Who will win the war between Zara and Kabeer?

Monday 23 November 2020
Episode 149

Kabeer is asked to step down as the city’s Qazi. Who will be his successor?

Tuesday 24 November 2020
Episode 150

Zara is asked to choose between her work at the Sharia board and Kabeer. Will Zara sacrifice her happiness for the board?

Wednesday 25 November 2020
Episode 151
Final episode

Bilal and Kausar’s case has created a wedge between a wife and a husband. Will Zara drop Kausar’s case and save her marriage?

Thursday 26 November 2020
Episode 1

It is a year later, Zara and Kabeer are living in different cities. What happened to Zara and Kabeer’s love story?

Friday 27 November 2020
Episode 2

Kabeer reaches out to Zara with the intension to revive their love story. How will Zara react to such an advance after not seeing each for a while?

Saturday 28 November 2020
Episode 3

Azra is determined to reunite Kabeer and Zara, but will Kabeer be willing to take Zara back considering their ugly past?

Sunday 29 November 2020
Episode 4

Zara returns to Lucknow after a year of absence.

Monday 30 November 2020
Episode 5

Zara is determined to fight for her marriage and put an end to the divorce. Will she succeed in putting an end to the divorce?

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