Age is just a number 2 November 2020 teasers

Age is just a number November teasers: the story takes a 20 year leap and Sahil falls in love with Veedika despite been engaged to her sister Avantika. Everyone seem to be against their relationship but fate has other plans…

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Zee world Age is just a number November season 2 teasers 2020.

Sunday 1 November 2020

Veedika sister Avantika suitors are coming, veedika is asked to leave the house so they would not know she is a divorcee. Somewhere later sahil save veedika during a riot, old sparks fly between them.

Monday 2 November 2020

Veedika rejects the marriage proposal of a widower with two children. Sahil and avantika meet for the first time, while she is excited, sahil’s mind is set on finding out more about veedika. The priest reveal to sahil’s parent that his wife is an older woman.

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Veedika faces backlash from Rheka and another woman for rejecting an older man marriage proposal yesterday. Sahil and avantika go the same coffee shop as veedika.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Sahil consoles veedika in the male bathroom where they share a connection. At home veedika mother continues to harras her for rejecting a proposal. Meanwhile the priest fix Sahil marriage in 2 days.

Friday 5 November 2020

Avantika begs veedika to speak with Sahil who is avoiding her call. Sahil realises he’s caught between two sisters but expresses his love for her. Meanwhile an old woman comes to the house and insists veedika will marry sahil and not her sister.

Saturday 6 November 2020

Rheka blackmails Sahil into accepting to marry avantika. Somewhere else, veedika tries to discourage her sister from marrying a man who doesn’t love her.

Sunday 7 November 2020

The haldi paste spills on veedika during the haldi ceremony. Later sahil tells veedika why he is continuing the marriage to her sister, he proposes to her instead but she refuses. Meanwhile avantika boycots her wedding because Sohab plans to commit suicide.

Monday 8 November 2020

Veedika takes avantika place in the Mandap in other to cover her sisters misdeeds. Sahil meanwhile is tensed getting married until he sees it’s her, and he is glad. Avantika true intentions for marrying sahil is revealed.

Tuesday 9 November 2020

The veil is lifted to reveal veedika as the new wife, everyone is shocked and Avantika returns and blames her sister for betraying her. Rekha refuses to accept veedika as her daughter in law but Sahil defends her as his wife.

Wednesday 10 November 2020

Veedika arrives at the keshab house and performs all the ritual. Rekha faints and her daughter in law resuscitates her. Meanwhile Avantika throws more tantrums and her family blames her for leaving in the middle of her wedding.

Thursday 11 November 2020

Vaidika gets cold feet on her wedding night but Sahil assures that they don’t have to consummate their marriage yet. Later she visits her home for the Pagphera ceremony but faces strong accusations for stealing her sisters place.

Friday 12 November 2020

Veedika ex husband comes calling and he has to answer to sahil. What could he possibly want?


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