Age is just a number 2 November 2020 teasers

Age is just a number November teasers: the story takes a 20 year leap and Sahil is engaged to Vedika sister Avantika but falls in love with her instead. Everyone seem to be against their relationship but fate has other plans…

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Zee world Age is just a number November  teasers 2020.

Sunday 1 November 2020

Avantika boycots her wedding because Sohab plans to commit suicide.Veedika takes avantika place in the Mandap in other to cover her sisters misdeeds. Sahil meanwhile is tensed getting married until he sees it’s her, and he is glad. Avantika true intentions for marrying sahil is revealed.

The veil is lifted to reveal veedika as the new wife, everyone is shocked and Avantika returns and blames her sister for betraying her. Rekha refuses to accept veedika as her daughter in law but Sahil defends her as his wife.

Monday 2 November 2020

Veedika arrives at the keshab house and performs all the ritual. Rekha faints and her daughter in law resuscitates her. Meanwhile Avantika throws more tantrums and her family blames her for leaving in the middle of her wedding.

Vaidika gets cold feet on her wedding night but Sahil assures that they don’t have to consummate their marriage yet. Later she visits her home for the Pagphera ceremony but faces strong accusations for stealing her sisters place.

Tuesday 3

Vaidika tells the family about Avantika’s intention to run away with her boyfriend after marriage with Sahil.
Avantika denies the claims and started backlashing Vaidika but Sahil and Arju defend her.Tanuj comes back to claim Vaidika as his wife but Sahil refuses.

Tanuj call the police on Sahil for taking his wife without proof of divorce.
Tanuj took Vaidika to an old factory and set it on fire but Sahil was able to rescue her on time. Avantika team up with Tanuj to suffer and harass Vaidika.

Wednesday 4

Shashi throws Vaidika out of the house for bringing trouble to the family and Sahil leave with her. Prem Pratab reconcile with Vaidika and Sahil. He takes them in meanwhile Rehka is worried Vaidika has used black magic on her son.

Sahil showers Vaidika with love by preparing a grand dinner for her.
Vaidika meet with Rehka at the temple to make peace but Rehka taunt her for marrying Sahil because of their properties.

Thursday 5

Vaidika catches Geet with a guy and ask her question about her relationship with him.Sahil receive a message about Rahul’s proposal and Vaidika convince him to meet with his parent over it.Sahil goes home and Rehka is not happy to see Vaidika with him.

Rehka question Sahil for bringing Vaidika home. Maasi defamed Vaidika in front of everyone but Sahil shuts her up and asked them to leave as he won’t allow his sister marry into such family.
Vaidika calms Sahil down and convince him to accept Rahul as he love his sister.

Friday 6

Vaidika and Sahil meet with Rahul’s family over the proposal.Tanuj blackmail Vaidika with Geet and Rahul’s bedroom video, Vaidika is taken back.Vaidika lies and go to meet Tanuj at the hotel to save Geet.

The police enters the room where Tanuj and Vaidika are as he try to harass her.
Rehka shows everyone video of Vaidika and Tanuj sent to Sahil phone and accuse her of been loose.Vaidika show the inspector the video Tanuj is using to blackmail her and Tanuj was arrested with Geet and Rahul bearing witness to it. Rahul and Geet gets married. Despite oppositions.

Saturday 7

Sahil and Geet convince Rekha about Geet’s marriage, a reception is organized.
Deepak told Shashi how Vaidika saved Geet and their family’s honor.
Avantika swears to kill Vaidika if that’s the only way to make sure she’s not accepted by Shashi. Vaidika meet with Shashi.

Shashi told Vaidika he has accepted her as his daughter in law and would announce it to the press in the morning.Avantika hits Shashi with a vase to kill him and Rehka blames Vaidika for attempting to murder her husband.Shashi is in comma and Avantika takes advantage of the situation to plan with Shashi”s assistant.

Sunday 8

Rehka threaten to take her life if Sahil doesn’t marry Avantika and divorce Vaidika.Avantika plan with the lawyer to take over Shashi property and wealth
Vaidika accepted all the accusations laid against her and Avantika is happy she’s going to wear Sahil.Sahil and Vaidika sign a divorce paper against Sahil’s wiwis.
Avantika and Rehka are happy.

Sahil and Rehka argues as Sahil says he won’t marry anyone other than Vaidika.
Avantika’s parents refuse to accept the marriage and won’t attend the wedding ceremony.Manjolika Comes to Vaidika at the temple and encourage to go and fight for her husband and not give up on her marriage with Sahil as everything happening is a result of Avantika’s evil plan.Vaidika runs to stop the wedding.

Monday 9

Rehka and Avantika tried to convince Sahil into agreeing to marry Avantika but Sahil is adamant.Arjun inform Vaidika’s father about her ordeal at the house and that Avantika must have planned it.Avantika Kidnaps her sister.

Sahil found one of Vaidika’s earrings and left the wedding to look for her.
Avantika warns Tanuj that Sahil is coming to save Vaidika and so he must act fast before he gets there.Vaidika’s parents and Arju tries to file a police report but was asked to wait till 24 hours.Tanuj tries to push Vaidika into a pot of boiling water but Sahil saved her and tanuj eventually fell in the boiling water.

Tuesday 10

Sahil and Vaidika console themselves meanwhile Shashi prays on his sick bed that Avantika’s plan should fail and Vaidika and Sahil love should prevail.Tanuj kidnap Vaidika again and his about to bury her alive.Arju bring the police but Sahil asked them to leave as he’s worried Tanuj will bury her quickly if he finds out the police is aware.Sahil leaves to save Vaidika again.

Tanuj buries Vaidika alive, Sahil tries to find the place. Tanuj ask Sahil to go and marry Avantika if he truly wants to save Vaidika. Vaidika parents challenge Avantika and tries to convince her to stop but she refuses and confess to be behind all the evil happening to her sister.

Wednesday 11

Vaidika’s parent and Arjun are tied to chairs with bomb attached but Manjolika saves them. Vaidika burn Tanuj to death then go to kashab’s house and threatened to jail the Pandora if he doesn’t stop the wedding.
Vaidika confesses her love to Sahil and warned Avantika to stay away from them.

Vaidika exposes Avantika with the lawyer, Sameer and Sorab Avantika’s boyfriend as witness as they all confess their part in the crime.Avantika, Sameer and the lawyer are arrested by the police.Rehka accepts Vaidika as her daughter in law and blessings their union.Sahil surprise Vaidika and they both dance together.


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