Zara’s Nikah March 2021 teasers


Zara’s Nikah March teasers 2021: Kabir is looking for a groom for Zara despite her confessions of love, can she ever take the place of Zara saddiqui?

Zee World Zara’s Nikah March 2021 teasers.

March 1 March 2021

As Kabir admire his late wife’s photo, new Zara wonder how he could love his dead wife so much. Kabir, new Zara and Imran join force to taunt Shahbaz he could accept his crime. He also made Shahbaz and Rukksharr believe they are been haunted by Zara’s ghost.

March 2 March 2021
New Zara dress as Old Zara’s ghost to scare Shahbaz as he beg God to forgive him. Zeenat try to find if Kabir and new Zara are behind the ghost attack but was tricked. Shahbaz is kidnapped by Kabir, Imran and new Zara.

March 3 March 2021
Shabhaz ran to Zara’s grave and confess to killing her not knowing Kabir and other are watching behind. Imran record his confession as proof. Zeenat planned with Shahbaz and the police and they turned the blame on Kabir saying he force them to accept the offence they never committed. Kabir is made a lie by his father.

March 4 March 2021
Post mortem was done on old Zar to prove Shabhaz was the killer but the DNA doesn’t match. What a shock to Kabir and all. New Zara was asked who she is to Kabir and she claim to have a heart connection with him. Shahbaz mocked Irfan’s for not be able to arrest him and threatens him. Kabir say he’s going to kill his father. New Zara is shock!

March 5 March 2021

Kabir vows not to pray to God again told his father, I will kil you he same way u kill my Zara and put the blame on you for your death. New Zara is ill and Kabir is force to pray for her recovery. Kabir manipulate Rukksharr and get information about Shabhaz. He ties Shabhaz to a net about to throw him into a hot water tub.

March 6 March 2021

Shahbaz threaten Irfan to accept his daughter stole from before her death. Kabir vows to teach Shabhaz a lesson. Azra was Imran to be the head of priest at all cost. Rukksharr encourage Kabir to make sure he revenge his father. Kabir and others offer prayers on Old Zara’s death anniversary.

March 7 March 2021

Irfan got a call that Old Zara was a fraud who frauded Shahbaz of 5 Crores. Rukksharr tries to get romantic with Kabir. Zeenat and Rukksharr set Dogs after new Zara and the kids. Kabir gave Rukksharr a divorce and Shahbaz organise people to shout that Old Zara was a thief at Irfan’s house.


March 8 March 2021

Irfan make Kabir new head of priest to Azra hurts s he wanted her husband to be the head of priest. Rukksharr vows to win Kabir’d love before the 60 day of their divorce is finalized. Shahbaz and old Irfan he doesn’t have the right to choose a new priest, he then brought Jalalli new Zara’s parents killer.

March 9 March 2021

Zara is truamatised seeing Jalalli and run away with the kids. Kabir wonder why and went after her. Kabir brought her and the children back home. Some made attempt to kidnap new Zara but she was rescued.

March 10 March 2021

Kabir try to comfort new Zara from her shock while thinking of a way to defeat Jalalli. Jalalli test Imran and Imaran gave up his head priest position to Jalalli. All are shock. New Zara confirm Jalalli is using dark power. Kabir agree to be the head priest and new Zara is elated.

March 11 March 2021

Azra take side with Shahbaz to work against Kabir. Jalalli use is dark power to control the member of board so they won’t help Kabir. New Zara has to go to Jalapur to help Kabir. Kabir and new Zara disguise like couple.

March 12 March 2021

Jalalli recognize Kabir and new Zara with his dark power as they enter his village and decide to trick them into believe he didn’t. New Zara see a woman about to be killed and get truamatised. Kabir ask her to leave but she refuse.

March 13 March 2021

New Zara meet Asim who is about to kill someone but he couldn’t recognize her. She also help Kabir overcome the effect of Opium making Jalalli and Shahbaz doubt if they are truly New Zara and Kabir.
Jalalli transform as Kabir and Kidnap new Zara.

March 14 March 2021 

Ghost Kabir take new Zara to the ghost den. Kabir manipulated Jalalli and win against him. New Zara want to kill Jalalli but her brother Stop her. Shahbaz and Jalalli is arrested while Asim is taken to a rehabilitation hospital. Kabir and new Zara become friends.

March 15 March 2021

K ashan bring a modern woman home tomZeensy and Rukksharr’s surprise. new Zara daydream of getting close to Kabir and Kabir finally get a spot as a member of the board of Sharia. Zara plan a birthday party of Asim who refuse to acknowledge new Zara as his sister.


March 16 March 2021

Asim agree to go to jail in place of Jalalli which left new Zara broken. Jalalli vote for Kabir making him the new head of priest, there’s a plan behind their actions. Kabir is coronated Head of priest. Zeenat is worried about Rukksharr and new Zara is sad about her brother.

March 17 March 2021

Kabir chose some else as his vice president to Imran’s hurt and everyone’s shock. Rukksharr report Kabir to the board and Imran is ask to judge the case. Imran confront Kabir as to why he humiliated him by not making him vice president. Kabir is worried about Rukksharr’s intention.

March 18 March 2021

At the Sharia court, new Zara shock all when she agree to loving Kabir though it’s a one side love. Imran ask Kabti to find new Zara a husband in one month. Jalalli suggest to Kabir to marry new Zara. new Zara say to Kabir am ready to marry

March 19 March 2021

Kabir post Ads for new Zara to find her a husband. Azra plan with Rukksharr concerning the marriage proposal. Amir is coming for new Zara. New Zara confess to love Kabir before Amir. Amir insulted new Zara making Kabir to walk him out then Firdous ask why Kabir can’t marrry new Zara?

March 20 March 2021

Zaid and Firdous pray for Kabir to fall in love with new Zara. New Zara wish to learn bicycle and Kabir Promise to teach her. New Zara win the contest and got the bike, Rukksharr call her man to kill new Zara but then ask him to wait for another day as Kabir is with new Zara.

March 21 March 2021

Kabir meet the new guy but Zaid and Firdous made him look bad making New Zara refuse to marry him.
Salma beg new Zara to see reason with Kabir but she’s blinded by love. Rukksharr find another opportunity to kill new Zara.


March 22 March 2021

Rukksharr plan to kill new Zara but Salma found out and informed Kabir. Kabir pretended not to know the truth and set Rukksharr up until she confess to her crime.

March 23 March 2021

Kabir gave Rukksharr second divorce but Rukksharr convince the board that new Zara and Kabir have feeling for themselves. New Zara meet a guy and he propose marriage to her. Will Kabir agree to it?

March 24 March 2021

Kabir saw old Zara (Nargis) giving a speech at a hospital, he’s shocked! He tries to find out from Shabhaz who is paralysed but it was a fruitless effort. Kabir and Zara meet again

March 25 March 2021

Nargis confirm to be old Zara but promise never to return to her old life. Kabir try to find out her address while Rukksharr make effort to find out about the so called Nargis. Rukksharr send goin to attach Nargis ( old Zara) but Kabir saved her. He pleaded with her to return with him but she refuse.

March 26 March 2021

Salma found out her Zara is still alive. Kabir beg Zara and to meet her mom at least once but she refuse. Nargis agree to meet Salma but not as her daughter. Irfan sees Zara and gets emotional. Will Zara be able to forget her past and move on?

March 27 March 2021

Salma meet Zara and fainted. Zara cry and hug her mother tightly, Kabir and her father smiled. Kabir send Nargis away saying she’s a fraud but Salma stop him. She looks for her birthmark to prove Nargis is her daughter Zara. Will she find out the truth?

March 28 March 2021

Rukksharr and Zeenat visit Irfan’s house on pretence to meet Zara. Zara is force to swear on Quran that she is Nargis and not Salma’s daughter. Rukksharr attack Salma and Irfan thereby making Nargis accept she’s Zara. She tries to attach Rukksharr back but Kabir protected Rukksharr

March 29 March 2021

Rukksharr is happy Kabir protected her. Zara told Kabir she saw him holding hands with his new love (new Zara) Kabir is shocked. Kabir explained everything to Zara and how new Zara was a fraud trying to scam him. Salma told Zara Kabir only loves you and no one else. She’s smitten.

March 30 March 2021

Zara insist on leaving as Salma is recovering better, Kabir beg her to stay. Irfan convince Zara to marry Kabir and she agreed but on a condition that she open a music healing hospital for herself. Will Kabir agree too it or let her go?

March 31 March 2021

Kabir and Zara argues over her love for music on the wedding day. Kabir accuse Zahida of poisoning Zara and Irfan’s heart. Kabir tore the wedding certificate leaving Zara at the wedding altar. He also Sue Irfan to Sharia board as he is fully against it.

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