Twist of fate update Thursday 4 March 2021


Twist of fate 4 March 2021: Rhea asking Pragya to calm down and not to take the stress. Pragya asks her to push the door. Rhea tries to push and asks her to see if there is any stool. Pragya says there is a stair. Rhea asks her to climb on the stairs and try to come out of the above window. Pragya says I couldn’t reach it.

Prachi comes there and asks Rhea what she is doing here? Rhea says your mum is stuck inside. Prachi asks did you do something? Rhea says I have a problem with you and not with your mother. She helped me so many times. Pragya asks them to open the door. Ranbir comes there. Rhea says Prachi’s mum is inside. Ranbir asks if I will get something if I break the door. Rhea says ok, whatever you say. Prachi asks him to open the door. Ranbir asks her not to talk to him.

He tries to break the door and gets his foot pained. He thinks it is a matter of his prestige and he has to impress Rhea. He tries to open the door and gets his hand pained. He runs out. Rhea tells Prachi that they have to do something. Ranbir breaks the glass window and jumps inside the kitchen. Prachi and Rhea ask if Ranbir came inside. He introduces himself as Ranbir Kohli. Pragya says kitchen door is not opening, and my breath is stuck and you are talking.

He asks why are you scolding like a teacher? Pragya says I am a teacher. Ranbir says Prachi and I go to the same college. Pragya asks how the door will be opened. Ranbir says I will take you through the window. Pragya says it is very above, I can’t climb up and asks do you don’t find the difference between our age. Ranbir tells the girls that he will save Prachi’s mum. He tries to break the door.

Pragya says I have claustrophobia and says the more he is talking, she is getting suffocated. He asks why don’t you give advice to her to speak less. He says I am Prachi and Rhea’s college friend and you can trust me. Pragya tries to open the door.

Rhea thinks to call her dad and searches for Abhi. She sees Vikram and thinks about where to search for Dad. She sees Abhi and runs. Abhi stops her and where is she going? She says she is feeling suffocated. Abhi says we will go out. Rhea tells him that Prachi’s mum is stuck in the kitchen and she has claustrophobia. She says the door is jammed. Abhi goes to help her. The cloth near the stove catches fire. Pragya asks Ranbir to go from where he came. Ranbir asks her to relax and take deep breaths. Pragya coughs.

Prachi asks her to drink water. They find the smoke and sees fire. Ranbir tries to blow it. He says when I jumped here, the kerosene oil fell down. Abhi comes and tries to open the door. Rhea asks Pragya not to worry and tells that her dad is strong. Ranbir thinks he will die with suffocation without having even one girlfriend. He thinks to leave and thinks he shall not leave like a coward. He tells Pragya that he will not go without her. Abhi tries to break the door and thinks it is jammed badly. Prachi says Maa has claustrophobia. Abhi goes to bring a screwdriver. Vikram calls carpenter, but his number is unavailable. They see smoke coming out. Rhea asks them to cover their mouths.

Pragya gets a call from a tomato seller who tells that Sarita behen came to the market to buy tomatoes and argued with them, then she fainted suddenly and fell down. He asks her to come to bahadurpur mandi and take her. Pragya says I will come there. She asks Ranbir to move from the way as there is much smoke inside. Abhi brings screw driver and hammers and breaks the door.

Pragya is behind the door. Abhi sees Ranbir. Rhea and Prachi come to Pragya. They take her out. Vikram asks Ranbir how did he come inside. Ranbir says ventilator window and tries to save her. Pragya asks Prachi to handle there and tells that Sarita behen needs her help to bring 10 kgs tomatoes. Prachi calls her and hugs her. Rhea gets emotional and looks at them. Pragya forwards her hand and calls her. Rhea hugs Pragya.

Pragya hugs both and smiles. She asks Prachi to handle there and leaves. Prachi asks Rhea why didn’t you call me. Rhea says your mum was trapped and says what would I do, I called my dad and rescued her. She asks her to handle the work and taunts her for dancing. Prachi says your dad sent me to dance. Pragya is leaving. Dadi sees her and goes behind her. She calls Abhi and asks did you see Pragya? Abhi is shocked. He says I didn’t see. Dadi says I saw her going out.

Aaliya asks she will never come here. Dadi asks I saw her and called her, tried to stop her. Abhi and Aaliya come out to see Pragya. Aaliya says why didn’t she meet us. Dadi asks Abhi to see the taxi. Abhi sees taxi going. Dadi asks him to take her to meet Pragya. Dadi and Aaliya sit in the car. Abhi thinks I thought not to meet you, but if you was at the house then I would have met you. He drives the car.

Shahana tells Prachi that she will do what her heart says and says you had enough of anger. She says we are just namesake sisters and nothing behind the back. Prachi asks what are you saying? Shahana asks where did your sister’s love gone when maasi was caught in the kitchen. She says she can do anything. Prachi tells that you are right and would have opened the door. Shahana says yes. Prachi appreciates her for handling the guests.

Shahana says we have to handle everything before Maasi comes. Pragya asks driver to drive fast. Dadi asks Abhi to go behind Pragya’s car. Abhi is desperate to meet Pragya. Aaliya thinks this is not good for Mehra family. Pragya talks to the guy calling her about Sarita and says she will come there. Dadi asks Abhi to drive following the car.

Prachi comes to Ranbir’s room and asks if I come inside. Ranbir says I don’t want outsiders to come to my room. He asks her to tell what she wants to say. Prachi thanks him. He says you are welcome. Prachi asks shall I help you to apply ointment. Ranbir says no and says he helps others for his happiness and says you thought me wrong. Prachi apologizes.

Ranbir says looks can be deceiving, don’t think that I am a bad person. Prachi goes. Ranbir closes the door and tells that both Prachi thinks him good and Rhea thinks him brave. Prachi thinks he is not a bad guy. Shahana collides with Rhea. Rhea starts an argument with her.

Rhea asks her to have specs. Shahana says nobody does work. Rhea says I never slip wearing hills, but you…are blind and asks her to tell if she has any financial problem to get specs. Shahana says some people are blind with their intelligence. Rhea says I know you are eyeing rich boys and taunts her. She asks her to give a glass to her and then says she is not in a mood. She asks her to eye the rich guys in the party. Shahana feels bad.

Abhi is thinking of Pragya and is restlessly searching for her. He says she came home and didn’t meet me. Dadi says she must be tensed. Aaliya thinks Dadi has every answer. Pragya hears the thunder storm. Driver says it is a good sign. Aaliya says why did she run away. Dadi says she might have worried seeing Abhi not there. Dadi asks her to stop the car.

Abhi stops the car before a taxi and gets down from his car. He comes near the car and looks at the passenger inside. Pragya is in another car and gets down from the car. Driver says he will take her from other way. Dadi and Aaliya also get down. Dadi asks driver about the location. He says I am coming from greater kailash. Dadi says we have followed the wrong taxi and asks Abhi to come. Allah wariyan plays…..Abhi thinks of Pragya. Abhi’s car is near her taxi, but he doesn’t see her as her taxi passes from there.


Shahana cries in the kitchen. Prachi comes to her and asks what happened? Why are you crying? Shahana tells her that Rhea taunted her and called her blind. She says I am feeling like crying and asks how do you know that she made me cry. Prachi says I will teach her a lesson. Shahana stops her. Prachi says she can’t tell us anything as we are caterers. Shahana asks her to lecture Rhea. Prachi goes. Shahana thinks she don’t need a brother when she has a sister like Prachi.

Rhea is talking to her friends. Prachi comes there. Rhea comes to her. Prachi says she wants to talk to her. Rhea says it is your favorite hobby. Prachi asks her to listen what she wants to say. Rhea says she don’t have patience and asks her to say what she wants. Prachi says I am talking nicely with you. She asks her not to misbehave with her sister Shahana. Rhea says she came to you crying and asks where she will go. Rhea asks her to talk as poor talks to rich, and asks her to feed the guests and leave. Prachi says she will use third degree and will make her fine.

Abhi thinks I missed the taxi and following other taxi and thinks Pragya came and was near me. Aaliya thinks Bhai is looking upset. She gets a call and asks Dadi to go inside. Dadi goes inside. Aaliya tells Abhi that there is a call for him. He takes the call and says he can’t talk right now. She asks why is he upset and says you didn’t see whose call it was? She says I was Pragya’s call. Abhi checks the call and says it is Robert’s call. Aaliya says I want to make you realize that nobody is important to you infront of Pragya. She asks did you see her? Abhi says yes, I didn’t see, but felt her. Aaliya says I think she came here today, but didn’t come to meet you. She says she came here with wrong intention, and asks him to think why she didn’t meet him. She says Pragya came here to meet her daughter Rhea, and says she wants to take her with her. Abhi looks on.

Aaliya Tells Abhi that a mother came to take her daughter and that’s why she didn’t meet anyone and leave from here silently. She tells Abhi that Rhea is angry and hurt being sensitive, and is hurt with him seeing his concern for Prachi.


She says if Rhea comes in her talks then Pragya will take her. Abhi says nobody can love Rhea more than me and says Pragya couldn’t take her 20 years old and not even now. Rhea tells Meera that she wants Shahana and Prachi out of the house. Meera says I can’t do this, and says only Abhi can do this, but he won’t as he likes Prachi. Rhea says dad don’t hear me nowadays. Abhi comes there and asks what happened? Meera says she had a fight with Prachi. Abhi says they fight like sisters.

He asks Meera to call Ranbir and says he will cheer her with fashion show. Prachi tells the waiters that she wants them to give best service so that people remember them for their service and says this is the wedding anniversary of a couple, and you shall give the best. She says both Pragya and Sarita ji is not here. She says Mitali will taste the food and then we will serve the food. Rhea hears them and goes. Aaliya comes to Rhea’s room and calls her.

Rhea is sitting behind the pillar. Aaliya says if she had met me then I would have told her about Dad’s surprise. Rhea asks what surprise? Aaliya asks her to sit and asks what happened? Rhea tells that she had a fight with Prachi and asked Meera to throw Prachi out, but she refused. Aaliya says Meera is your caretaker and will not agree whatever is wrong in society’s view. She says many times of people stay and says whatever is wrong is right for other and viceversa. She says what is wrong in society’s eyes, is right infront of my eyes. She says Dad really loves you and has planned top class surprise for you. She says you might not know about the surprise.

Abhi asks Ranbir to sing very well and rock the place. He says if you didn’t sing well then I will take your class. Ranbir says I will make you proud, you will not regret this. Purab asks where did you go? Abhi says I went out to search Pragya, and tells that Dadi has seen her. Purab says Dadi and Pragya di have mother and daughter relation and she can’t be wrong. Abhi asks him not to ask and takes the microphone. He says I am sure that you are enjoying my friend’s anniversary party, and tells that Ranbir will sing the song and Rhea will do ramp walk as she likes modeling. He says I kept fashion show at home, so that there is no excuse for not going.

Ranbir and Aaliya dance on the song om shanti om…Mitali and Meera do the ramp walk and dance with him. Vikram and pallavi come and dance. Mitali comes with Aryan. Rhea comes the ramp with Dadi and Mitali. She dances. She comes near Shahana and stamps on her foot. Shahana gets angry and cuts the carpet to make Rhea fall. Rhea is about to fall, but Abhi holds her. Prachi sees her and says thank god, nothing happened. She asks Shahana to call Sarita aunty. Rhea thinks Prachi is telling Shahana and tells Abhi that Prachi made her fall. Abhi asks her not to blame Prachi. Rhea goes to room angrily and says my dad loves me and Prachi can’t take my place. She shouts and recalls telling waiters that they shall do the work and my life.

She says you are doing catering business and wants to impress everyone. She says my dad will kick you out after whatever I do. She comes to kitchen and mixes some powder in the food. She says now you are gone, I can’t forget whatever I have done with you and will not let you forget me after whatever is going to happen today, you can’t even think what is going to happen. She is about to go out when Prachi and Shahana come there. They don’t see Rhea. Rhea hides and silently comes out of kitchen. Abhi and Purab are happy to see Rhea’s mood fine. Aaliya tells her that she will show her something. Rhea thanks Abhi for the surprise and says sorry. Abhi says it’s ok. Beeji asks why Mitali said that nobody will eat until she tastes. Abhi says everyone is looking as if I am the caterer.

Rhea says let Mitali have food else she will feel bad. Abhi asks Prachi and Shahana to serve the guests. Beeji asks them to send sweets for her. Prachi says ok. Vikram tells that guests want to eat food and asks Prachi about the sweets. Prachi says kheer..Shahana tells whatever they have added. Beeji asks dadi to come and eat kheer. Rhea gets tensed.

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