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Wedding planners 31 October 2021: The Episode starts with Kusum liking the big car sent by KT. They sit in. Kusum says I got to sit in this big car because of your fate. Preeti says Tarun’s car would be ours, this is KT’s car. Kusum says KT is also like family, don’t think much. They leave. They reach the new office. Preeti asks why did KT call us here. KT comes dancing on the dhol beats. Kusum smiles. KT welcomes them. He asks how do you like our new office. Kusum asks him who writes his sweet dialogues early morning, does he say it on his own. He asks them to come in. Preeti holds Juhi’s hand. He shows the big office. Ik tara….plays…. Preeti says you didn’t ask me before taking this big office, you should have taken my advice.

Maa and Chachi come. KT hugs them. Kusum says I didn’t get a chance to wear good saree.Kusum stares at them. KT introduces his mom. He says she is like my friend, and that’s my lovely Chachi. Maa says Preeti is the one who refused to KT first and then agreed. Sneha Chachi says yes. KT introduces Preeti. Kusum says I m KT’s big fan Kusum. She praises Maa. Maa smiles. Maa says amazing decor KT, but I will add the sparkle here. She shows the exclusive decor piece. Sneha asks did the jewellers agree to sell this. Maa says one can refuse to us and then bend down. She taunts Preeti. She says its invaluable now as KT likes it. KT says my mom is the best.Kusum asks KT, did your wife and children come and leave, I wanted to meet them. Sneha says KT’s children live abroad with their mom, they can’t come. Kusum says I can see them on video call. Maa says we will show them recording, we called pandit for puja, come. KT gets sad. He goes with them. They sit in the puja. KT tries to talk to Preeti. Maa asks him to focus on puja and talk later. Pandit asks KT to make Swastik with his wife. Everyone gets shocked.

Pandit asks did I say anything wrong, you are husband and wife, right. Maa asks how can you think so, do they look suitable for each other. KT says we are business partners, not such partners you think. Maa says yes, they are starting their new business. Kusum says now we will know KT’s full name today. She thinks of talking to Anushka. KT says Keertan Dibrewal. Kusum and her daughter laugh. Pandit asks the company name. KT asks Preeti to say the name. She asks me? He says yes, you have a right to name it, all this is because of you. Maa says its your business also, you would have thought of it. He says its Preeti’s emotions behind it, Preeti say the name. Preeti says everyone here is responsible, it would be good that everyone gives suggestions. Kusum suggests the name. Everyone thinks. KT and Preeti say Shaadi Mubarak. KT says we got the name, Shaadi Mubarak. Everyone smiles. Kusum unites their hands. Maa worries. KT asks final. Preeti says yes. Everyone claps.

KT’s mum Neelima gifting Preeti. She warns Preeta for partnering with KT. She says I know your thinking is from the past, maybe you saw failure in life and lost courage, I have no complains until your fear doesn’t bound my son’s fly, he likes to fly, if this business sinks, we can put up ten businesses like this, just get your salary and work well, keep your pain and fear away from my son. KT sees them and comes. Nandini says I gave her a gift. He goes. Everyone is happy. Kusum says I wish life doesn’t test my daughters like Preeti. She asks her daughter to get educated, then she can do anything. Preeti is sad. She goes away. KT asks her to burst the stress balloon. He bursts a balloon. He asks her not to worry about the investment in office.

He says I chose to create a big name so that work comes to us, I trust your and my capability, one who trusts own self can take a leap of faith. Ik tara…plays… She smiles. He says I want a good writer, who writes a good ad for us. Juhi says Preeti writes so well, she will do it, that poetry. Preeti stops her. He says then Preeti will write and I will act, it will be a great combo.Preeti, Kusum and Juhi come to buy tiffins for Priyanka and Preeti. Kusum says I will not buy cheap one for you. Preeti says I didn’t start earning. Kusum says you can give me gold rings when you start earning, where did Juhi go. Preeti says she is my daughter, you are saying it in front of me. Kusum asks her to turn that side. She says we are friends now, I can tell anything about my Bahu, I want you to tell such things about Rati. Juhi comes and says I got this purse for you, you will be going office from tomorrow. Preeti says its costly. Juhi says when Tarun and I asked for anything, you didn’t see price tag, I want to do something, I will be proud to say that I m your daughter. She hugs Preeti. Kusum recalls Priyanka’s words and says don’t know when will she hug me.

She asks what did you get for me. Juhi shows saree. Kusum says we will change it and get better one. She pays the man for tiffins. Juhi asks Preeti to come.Tarun and Rati come there. Rati says your mom is competing with me, she got the same branded bag, you know its costly. Tarun asks what do you want to prove by taking a bag like Rati, you want to compete. He insults Preeti. Rati asks did you get a job. Tarun asks who will give her a job, what’s her qualification, does she have any talent, she left the house and now she can’t do anything. He leaves. Preeti cries. KT calls her to office.Preeti comes to office and runs. KT says business is a big responsibility, we don’t know each other, every business has a rule, we have to decide some rules. She says sure, tell me, I will note down. He asks her to sit. He dictates the rules and fools her. She notes down. He starts laughing.

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