Wedding planners update Monday 1 November 2021

Wedding Planners 1 November 2021: The episode starts with KT laughing and asking Preeti she really thinks he can reach office by 9:30? His life’s rule is no rules. She asks is that why he called her? He says they couldn’t talk in morning, that’s why. He tells her to chill, relax. Worrying is not good for anyone. She thinks KT said it, but will it be that easy? He tells her so see you tomorrow? She says ok and walks. She loses balance. KT holds her. Priyanka gives presentation to her sisters. Her sisters say that she will ace her presentation tomorrow. Priyanka says she will reach on top in her company in next 6 months. Sisters leave. Preeti comes there and praises Priyanka for giving presentation so confidently. Tomorrow it will be first day at work for both of them. But Priyanka has no fear, no hesitation, but she (Preeti) is so stressed thinking about tomorrow. Hoping people don’t laugh at her. She asks Priyanka how to get rid off her fear.

Priyanka says she is not scared because she trusts herself and her work. She should remember positive things instead worrying. Preeti says she doesn’t have anything special. Priyanka says everyone has something special. She manages weddings so well. She organized Tarun’s marriage so well and that too during COVID and in tight budget. Preeti says it just happened. Priyanka says that’s where is wrong. She hides her specialty. She should impress others and feel proud of herself as well. She asks Preeti to think again and tell her what she finds best in her.

KT falls asleep in his mother’s lap. Sneha comes. KT’s mother tells her to let him sleep. It’s his first day in office tomorrow. She says KT’s partner is alright. She looks hard working and loyal. She is alright look and status wise, but she doesn’t have to look for daughter-in-law in her. KT says look-wise she is good too. KT’s mother says so he was listening everything. KT says he won’t be able to sleep tonight and asks them to help him for first day preps.Preeti lists down her positive qualities. Priyanka says wow she should not be scared being KT’s business partner. Kusum was listening. Priyanka says so she started spying on her? Kusum says that house is hers, she can sit and stand wherever she wants. No one can stop her. Preeti asks if she took medicine and brings medicine for her.

Kusum asks Preeti to try specks. Preeti recalls Tarun scolding her for buying specks unnecessarily. Kusum asks her what she’ll wear tomorrow. Preeti says she will wear anything. Clothes don’t matter, it’s her work what will matter. Other side, KT is finding his special white shirt. His mother tells him he has so many white shirts, he can wear any. He says no, he wants other one only. For good work, good mood is important. If he wears good, then he will also get good mood. Sneha says his special shirt has gone for laundry and they can’t buy new either as it’s late. KT’s mother asks Sneha to call showroom now and get the same shirt. Just pay them extra. KT says his mother finds solution for all his problems. Now he will be able to sleep peacefully. Other side, Preeti is not able to sleep whole night.

It’s morning. Rati asks Tarun what work Preeti would have gotten? He says she just knew house work, so it must be something like that. Rati asks, so cleaning and all? Like a maid. Poor Preeti.KT is busy gossiping. His father asks him he doesn’t want to go to office? He says office opens at 10, it’s still 8. His father says it’s 9.30. He rushes to get ready.Preeti prays and gets ready. She tells Kusum not to forget her medicine. Kusum feeds yogurt-sugar to Preeti and Priyanka. Everyone wishes them best for their first day. Preeti’s heart is beating fast. She says until now she just went out of home to buy vegetables. Today she’s going outside to earn respect. Kusum asking Preeti why she wants to go so early. Is she going to open the office? She says she wants to go to temple before going to office. She leaves.

KT is still not ready. Whole family is busy getting him ready. He was leaving and realizes he forgot to wear shoes. He goes back. He then forgets his keys, and then phone. He finally leaves.Preeti arrives at office, but it’s not open yet. She makes a list of things she needs to do that and then waits for KT. After waiting an hour, she finally calls KT. He says he is right behind her as he believes in keeping ladies ahead. He opens the office. Preeti says they two are alone in such a big office. She wishes others come soon. She asks KT there is no staff? He asks her not to stress. Staff will come and she is going to select them. She gets worried. He asks her to forget about work and join him in cabin. She says she needs to go to her cabin to do work. He says she has whole day. He wants to give her something and brings her to cabin. He closes door with a remote. She gets tensed and tries to open. He says it won’t open. He called to cabin to see that lock only. If she wants, he can get same lock in her cabin. No tension of finding keys. She says she doesn’t want this, she can take care of her keys. She asks him to open the door, she wants to go outside. He enters the unlock code, but it’s incorrect. He doesn’t remember the code. She gets hyper. He laughs and says he forgot unlock code.

He doesn’t know what happens to him with numbers, he can’t remember them. She says how they will go outside. She is using force. He says no point, he took guarantee from company about lock not opening without unlock code. He says he remembered, but it’s again incorrect. Peon knocks the door saying agency sent him there. He tells him to make tea for him and make sure it stays hot. Preeti is surprised at KT’s behavior. She asks him he doesn’t care about what’s happening there? He says he will get unlock code from home. For safety, he wrote it down there. He videocalls at his home and starts gossiping. Preeti glares at him. He asks his family to find the code. He doesn’t remember where he wrote. Finally his chachu finds it from terrace.

Unlock code is 2020. He gets quiet for a second and says such a difficult code. He enters the code, but the system says door is locked for 24 hours due to multiple failed attempts. Peon informs there are people waiting for interview.Tarun’s employee asks him to come outside to see new joinee who is going to give presentation. Tarun sees Priyanka’s photo and says he must see her presentation. He says Priyanka be ready to meet your boss.KT tells Preeti this is like ‘hum tum ek kamre mein bandh ho aur chavi kho jaye’. That song starts playing and he dances. She asks from where this song is playing. He says how he knows.. maybe radio heard him. She asks him to tell peon to stop playing that song. She thinks what she thought she will do at work and where she’s stuck. She asks him for service center’s number. She calls and representative says it will take 2 hours for them to reach there.

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