Wedding planners Saturday 30 October 2021

Wedding planners 30 October 2021: The Episode starts with KT scolding Agarwal. He defends Preeti. He says she can manage marriage functions easily, she is very talented. Preeti looks at him and recalls Tarun’s words. KT asks him to apologize to her. Agarwal folds hands and apologizes to Preeti. He says I understood, that women can go ahead of us if they get determined. He goes. Kusum smiles and sees Preeti and KT. Iktara….plays…. KT gives the money to them and leaves.

Kusum praises Preeti. She says I will ask Agarwal about it, KT is the hero of the movie, will Preeti say anything in his favor now. Preeti goes to her room. Preeti cries recalling Tarun’s words.Juhi cries and says mum used to run the mixer to hide the noise, when dad used to insult her, she looks calm, but she is disturbed, Tarun’s behavior is just like dad, he never respected her, some man has respected her for the first time, KT did a big thing, she should be happy, maybe she recalled the past. Kusum feels bad. She says your mum has tolerated a lot. Juhi says don’t tell her about this, else mum will be ashamed. Kusum says do you think I will tell her everything, you understand your mum so well, you try to understand me also. Juhi says I didn’t mean that. Kusum says I know what you mean, go and sleep.

Its morning, Kajal chats and laughs. Kusum comes to see the daughters. Kajal asks her to think and speak. Kusum says yes, I don’t want any scene in my house. She asks for Preeti. Kajal says she went to temple. Kusum goes to ask Juhi. Preeti meets KT at the temple. She says I like to come here in the morning, the prasad is famous. He says I will not go without taking the prasad. He takes the pandit’s orange cloth. He says whatever the clothes, there should be devotion in heart. He asks Preeti what was she saying. She tells about the temple. He asks is there anything else about this temple, we will go and have prasad. She says we will take it later.

He asks her not to get tensed and just say it. They go in and pray. She says I should come here, its good if we come here before making a new start. He says you mean you will become my partner. She smiles and says yes. He says great, its amazing. He rings the temple bell and says she has agreed. He takes the sweets and gives to everyone. He says she has agreed, have sweets, everyone, pandit ji. She smiles seeing him. She prays. The man says maybe their marriage relation got fixed. KT says I had to come when you called, I didn’t take a bath today. She asks him to calm down. She says you should take a bath and come to temple. He says its about devotion. He sees the water pots. He goes there and pours water on himself. Bas tum tak….plays…. She smiles. He comes back to her. He says now I m pure to stand in this temple, right partner. They smile.

Tarun surprising Rati. He says I got a raise, I will get the car in few months, our good time is going to begin. Rati says Preeti’s bad time will begin, she wants to earn money. He says mum has no sense, what shall we do if her fate is bad. Priyanka shows her dresses to Kusum. Kusum wears the goggles and smiles. She dances. Preeti and KT come home. He asks Preeti to hide and see his performance. He starts acting. Kusum asks him to come. He says tell Preeti that there are many people trying to become my partner, I got a partner, I don’t need Preeti now. Kusum says don’t say this. Juhi says mum went to temple. Kusum says wait for Preeti. KT says her fate broke up with her. Kusum says I m your big fan, we will wait for her. He tells his film dialogues. She cries and says I want Preeti’s betterment, try to understand, please give her a chance. KT says stop cry, I hate tears. She says its not your line. Preeti and KT laugh. Kusum asks why are you laughing. KT asks how did you like my performance. Kusum asks what, did Preeti agree. Kusum gets happy. She praises KT.

KT says we will start the work tomorrow. Juhi says congrats. KT leaves. Preeti hugs Juhi. Kusum suggests the saree to Preeti. She asks her to wear it. Preeti says sure, your choice is really good, I will wear this. Kusum encourages Preeti. She says I m jealous of you, I m KT’s fan, Lord did a mistake, he didn’t give you a sensible husband, but gave you a sensible business partner. Preeti gets sad. Kusum asks what will you do, if elders stop you from working. Preeti says its my duty to inform them. She calls Buasa. Buasa says we are on tirat, we will talk after some days. Preeti says fine.KT doesn’t wake up. Uncle wakes up and says you told me about business mahurat. KT says yes, alarms didn’t ring. Uncle says alarms have rung. KT runs to get ready. Preeti gets ready. Kusum asks her daughters not to fight. Priyanka says my office is starting tomorrow, you all go.

Kusum and everyone get ready. Preeti says I thought to have small office and small orders, I will expand business later. Kusum says you and Kt have to manage money together, how do I look. Juhi says very nice. Preeti compliments her. They go out. They see Tarun’s new car. Preeti signs him and smiles. He turns away. Rati happily hugs Tarun and thanks him. Rati does the car’s puja. She sees Preeti and goes to take blessings. She acts sweet. She taunts Preeti. She goes with Tarun. Preeti blesses them. She says I m feeling happy to see him prosper. KT’s driver comes to pick them. Kusum smiles.

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