Vani Rani update Tuesday 2 April 2024

Praabha says if because of you Vani also gets love of her dad she would be happy too. Rani saays okay then I will go there.

Parkash is worried. Vani asks him if everything is okay? He says yes. She is leaving. Vani says I just wanted you know that I am always with you. He smiles. Vani leaves.

Prabha is making tea. Vani says why are you making yourself? Prabha says Rani is is busy is Mandvika’s death anniversary. She still does that. That Mandvika did so bad to you both. Vani leaves.

Parkahs calls in office and says we can’t arrange 5 crore. He makes a plan. He says I hope it works out.

Nandani sits with Sid on lunch. She says why you always dine alone. My mom sent bittergaurd. We should share our food. She eats all his ladyfingers. She says its so tasty. He says my ma made this. Sid looks at her and smiles. Vani comes there and says sid.. He stands up. VAni says come in my cabin. Nandani says must be important.

Rani looks at her childhood photo and is tears. She says I am sorry Mandvika. If I knew my mistake would do this, I won’t have been on Gaitri’s side.

Prabha tells her plan to Gaitri. Prabha says when Vani got married she said ajay should get married to her sister and live here. I want to kick them out forever,

Rani is leaving. Prabha says you are going. Rani says I had to tell ajay. Prabha says you go I will tell him. Rani leaves.

Sid says yes mom? She says what is this childish behavior? You can’t be romantically involved in office. He says we are just friends. Vani says she can become your friend not my daughter in law. This won’t happen. He says no she is just.. Vani says what? Sid realizes he was dreaming. Vani says I have been asking you for the file. He says oh okay.

Anjali is looking for auto. Sartak says in heart I should help her. He is going towards her Adi comes on his bike. He says I can drop you. She says no I don’t want you to. He says are you scared? She says why would I be scared? She sits on his bike. Sartak doesn’t like it. He leaves.

Rani comes outside Radhaysham’s house. Anniversary is going there. She recalls her childhood with Mandvika.

Rani comes to her house. She recalls her childhood. Inside preps for pooja are going on.

Radhay says if they both come in front of my eyes I would want to kill them;.

Rani comes to her dad’s house. Her bhabhi says you shouldn’t come here. Dad would be really mad. please go. She says no I wanna see him once. Her father comes out. She says I am sorry please. He says why are you here? She says to pray for mandvika?

A woman throws dirty water on anjali aand adi. Anjali says thats my house. She says you are too much. She leaves.

Prabha says to gaitri and her husband Rani has gone to her dad’s house. He says because of being with us Rani is suffering. Gaitri says then why didn’t you marry that Mandvika. He says if we had not ran she wont hav died. Gaitri says why dont you go to her anniversary then.

Rani says please forgive me and listen to me once. I am not lying. Please give me a chance. I am not killer of your daughter. She says Gaitri just told us that the guy she ran with was Mandvika’s fiance. She just said that she loves him never told he is committed to someone. We didn’t know anything. Please pardon. He says okay I would forgive you but would that bring my daughter back?

You and your sister can’t fool me. I know the truth. You forced my daughter to die. You are not my daughter. You both killed by only daughter. Go from here now. She locks herself in the room and says I wont go. He calls police.

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