Vani Rani update Monday 1 April 2024

Rani says to Gaitri welcome. Prabha says you know my legs. Mandira wishes Mishti birthday. Gaitri says breakfast and so late. We do it at 8. Her husband says my office is far so we do it early. Gaitri says but we will join you. She says such oily food in morning. I think no one takes care of you here. Rani says there is cereal too. Gaitri says no I will eat this. Prakash says rani makes magical food.

Mandira says Mishti’s dress is so pretty. Gaitri says must be a gift because Rani can’t afford it. Vani says Mishti is our daughter and she deserves the best. Prakash says your said right Vani. I am going towards court I can drop you. SHe says yeah sure thanks.

Sartak recalls what Rani said. Anjali says where are you lost? She says you look like devdas. Tell me whats the problem? He says nothing much. She says but you should work. Praise the poster I made. She shows him the poster. Sartak says very nice. She shows him from back. Adi comes in and she falls on him. He holds her. They both start fighting again. ANjali says can you both stay for work? They both say that its sister’s birthay. Anjali saays you both have sisters born on same day? Adi says so what.

Nandani comes to Vani’s office. She says I can’t believe I work at rani’s office now. He shows her place to her. Nandani meets everyone. She says to Sid thanks for the call. It will always be our secret.

Adi is going home. SArtaak says why did you not tell anjali that we are siblings? Adi says we can’t into her argument. I will tell her after fest. Promise.

Rani is getting everything ready.

gaitri says to rani you made so much things. Rani says we make things on birthdays. But I keep a track of everything.

SArtak comes to rani and ajay’s room and says I got to know dadi burned that lamp. She blamed papa.

Gaitri says to Prabha you better called me.

Sartak says we are discriminated here. AJay says I know you are hurt but its not ma’s mistake. SArtak says don’t call her ma cause she doesn’t consider you son.

dadi hates us all and so does dadyy. Rani says he is not well. We have to give him meds. Sartak says we won’t live here. We will leave this house.

Sartak says I can’t tolerate these people anymore. Rani says stop it. They are our family. Your college fees is 12 lacs. Can you give it? jiji pays it. Mishti got slapped because it was her mistake. Sartak says I am talking about dadi. Rani says she is right at her place too. Stop it. You should be glad that we live with our family. Ajay says he won’t understand.

Principal says organizers give the biggest performance. Start practicing.

Anjali says sartak will you become my dance partner? Adi says he cant dance. Sartak says yes I don’t dance. He leaves. Adi says to Anjali we both don’t have partners. Should we become partners? She says okay. Sartak doesn’t like it.

Vani says to Sid I won’t come to office.

A guy says to sid vani didn’t come? He says yes tell me. Ritvik says you can’t handle. Nandani comes and says Sid check this file. Vani trusts you the most. Ritvik goes from there. Nandani says there is nothing in this file. I just wanted him to feel ashamed. WHy don’t you answer such people. She is about to fall. Sid holds her. She says thanks.

Parkash comes home. Ajay says are you worried? His driver tells Ajay that Parkash has fired a lot of people. There is some trouble in family.

Rani recalls what Sartak said.

Gaitri’s husband is coming with arti stuff. He collides with rani. He says I know if thats 20 years old it still hurts. I still recall that dark day. I will never forgive myself for that accident. For Mandvika’s death. I am sinner of you all. If I had been careful this won’t have happened. He says I am sorry I am your sinner. Rani saays no don’t be. It was my mistake. I am paying for it. She leaves. Gaitri overhears.

Gaitri gives prabha tea. She says your son in law still cries about Mandvika. Prabha says I told you not to marry him. Gaitri says Rani is doing pooja.

She is ddoing pooja for Mandvika’s death anniversary. Prabha says see what I do now.

Ranni gives food to cow. She says rest in peace Mandvika. Prabha says to Rani that accident created distance between radhaysham and you. You should go and apologize him today. He might forgive you. Rani says if jiji gets to know she would be really mad.

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