Vani Rani update Saturday 6 April 2024

Vani Rani 6 April 2024Scene 1Radhay says how dare you work with her. Nandani says she is the best lawyer I can learn a lot from her. Radhay says she can only teach you to deciet. Nandani says please listen. Radhay says if Ib see you here again I will break your legs. He drags her in the car. She looks at Sid and he looks at her. Sid says but mom they are.. VAni says enough.

Baba gives Rani a thread and says tie it in Sid’s hand, HE will be safe from everything. Mishti comes and says why you believe in all this? Rani says this will save him. She gives baba money.

Scene 2Nandani says I have learned a lot from her. i want to be like her. Radhay says don’t even take her name. Nandani says please forget what happened 20 years ago. Bua suicide because she couldn’t take it. No one forced her. Its her mistake and weakness. Radhay slaps her and says how dare you. He says manhor lock her in her room.Sid says I am sure she is in trouble. I have to call her. Manhor locks her room. Sid calls her. He sees his call. Manhor takes her phone. Sid says she is in trouble. What should I do? Rani ties thread on his hand. She says why are you worried? Prabha says give me tea. Rani goes. Sid says how do I tell her.

Sid recalls his moments with anjali. He says what have you done to me anjali.Anjali recalls Adi proposing her. She gets a call from him.Adi says are you shy? She giggles. He says you know why I called you so late. Is it a yes? Do you feel the same for me? She nods.Sid recalls Anjali being hurt. He says I hope you will forgive me.Adi says say something please. I think I have to understand your silence.

I know you want to talk or you would have cut the call. I know you feel for me.Sid comes in. Adi says whom were you talking to? Adi says I have so many girls. Sid says not interested.Vani recalls Nandani had pooja in house. She recalls everything. Sid comes in. He says mama I think she is in trouble we should help her. Vani says enough. She hid her reality from me. She faked all this. She is clever. Don’t talk about her again.

Sartak and Adi enter the class. All the boys clap. Sartak says what is this? He says this is for the best fest you guys gave us. Anjali comes in too. Adi recalls he said on call wear green if its a yes. She is wearing green. Sartak recalls he heard this on call. He says in heart so Adi was talking to her?Her classmate says it was purple day. Anjali says I had to change something spilled on it. Adi whispers to anjali so you wore green. You look good in it. If you wore any other color it would have hurt me. Anjali smiles. Sartak looks at them. He is shocked and hurt. Anjali goes with her friend.

Scene 2Sid is working with Vani. He says nandani was working on this case. She says I know you were close to her but the fact is that she is granddaughter of the man who hates us for no reason. She will be alright. Don’t worry about her.Sid calls nandani again. Her phone is off.Sid gets s call from her number. Its a video call. He says hoow are you? She says I am locked in this room. I connected from this laptop it doesn’t have much charge either. I think this is my last call to you. He says don’t say that. If you are in trouble. I would come to pick you.

She says I miss working with you there. I don’t want to miss working there. Sid says whatever you decide I am with you. She smiles. Her mom comes in. She says were you talking to someone? Nandani says I don’t have phone. She says you won’t get the phone. Nandani says I won’t eat until they let me work with Vani. Please let me. Her mom says you know everything.

Scene 3Parkash welcomes his guests at house. He asks Rani to bring tea. Bijli says Rani has gone to market. parkash says give me a minute. He says to Bijli they are my special guests. Make really good refreshments for them. Ajay overhears this.Mishti and Rani are in market.Rani and Mishti eat the ice cream in the market. Mishit says dadi is so devil.

Ajay says to Bijli rani would come don’t worry. He helps her in making tea.Parkash deals with his guests.Bijli can’t work well. Parkash says bijli bring the tea. Ajay says sorry for the delay. He serves everyone tea and coffee. Guest say Mr. Parkash you have amazing cook. Kaviya come and says papa why are you doing all this. The guests are dazed. Parkash says meet my brother and daughter. My brother likes working on his own. The guests say thats such a good act. Vani comes home.Parkash introduces them to Vani.

Adi and Sartak come home too. Parkash shouts at ajay. He says why do you want to insult me every time? you are such a suffer. Why did you have to come like a servant? They were so important to me. Why did you have to hang this mop on your shoulder? You want to show the world that I keep you as my servant. You want bad word to roam around about me. Saartak says papa doesn’t want anything like that. And you can’t talk to him like that because he is not your servant. Parkash says ask your dad who is what. Everyone is dazed. Kaviya says enough dad. You have no manners how to talk. Ajay says no Kaviya. Kaviya says enough is enough. He did what is not his work so that his guests don’t go without refreshments. Your standards are so double. You were being so sweet in front of them and nnow you behave this way. Parkash says kaviya please. She says no. I was here all the time. your guests went so happy from here. You are the one who ruin papa’s image. Papa fixed your machines instead of saying thanks you insulted them in front of whole company. Rani and Mishti come in too. Rani is in tears.

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