Vani Rani update Friday 5 April 2024

Vani Rani 5 April 2024: Scene 1Rani says where are you both going? Prabha says where are you going? Why don’t you stop him Rani. Sartak says got ready himself ma didn’t ask him. Prabha says yes he goes and gets beaten. Why? Vani says let it go.

Parkash says but stop him from going to college. Vani says yes adi you need rest. Adi says I am fine and i can take care of myself. Vani says if you wanna go you can but no issues in college. I am sending Nakul and his family orders from court. No one will ever meet them.Parkash says to Rani I want to talk to you I will talk when I come home. Prabha says to Rani make tea for me.

Sid sees Nandani’s diary. He smiles. Both Rani and Vano notice him. He is about to fall. Rani says what is wrong with you. He says I am fine ma. Vani and sid leave.

Scene 2In college, Nandani sees adi coming back and meeting everyone. She looks at him and smiles. Sartak looks at her. He says are you okay? She says I just feel bad. I didn’t want to do all this. He says its not your fault. She says I never knew your intentions either.

Nandani says to Sid how can we hurt someone we love? Be it any relationship? He says some people don’t understand that.Sartak says you are getting me wrong. You never asked me. She says don’t cover up. You were my friend. We liked each other. You weren’t like Adi. I thought you are my good friend and you hurt me like this. She is leaving. She says don’t talk to me. Sartak says I am sorry.

Sid says I dont like to lie not matter what it is. She says so deep and laughs. She says my dada ji never listen to anyone. Peon comes and says vani madam is calling you. Nandani says go but come back early. You are interesting.The fest starts. Anjali is worried. Sartak says I know you don’t wanna talk to me anjali but we have to dance to save this fest. Will you dance with me? he extends his hand. Anjali holds his hand. The fest has started.Sartak and Anjali dance together. Adi enjoys from audience. Anjali looks at Adi. He imagines himself instead of Sartak. Every one applauds them.

Anjali is in dressing room. She recalls insulting and fighting with Adi. Adi comes there.Nandani is going on her scooty. it is in’t starting. Sid says let me try. He tries to start it. Nandani says how you always come to help me? he says I get to know. He smiles.Radhay and Manhor come to court. Nandani has her back against them.

Anjali says you.. He says wanted to congratulate you for your performance. It was beautiful just like you. She is leaving, her dupatta gets stuck in his shirt. he plucks it.nandani says you were saying something. He says I will tell you later. She says suspense? I like it. He says I think we will have to call mechanic. She says that would be late. He says I will drop you. She says I will go in auto. He says I can drop you no worries.

Adi says I really like you Anjali. She is shy.Nandani says won’t your mom be mad if you come to home late? he says I have two moms. Rani ma and Vani mama. She says Vani is your mom? She is dazed. Radhay comes and says Nandani what are you doing with him. you know who he is. Sid says how do you know? She says thats my dad and my granddad. Sid is dazed.Adi says I don’t have answers to your questions. You are the first girl I fell for seriously. Fighting you makes me happy. I look for your face everywhere in college. I don’t know when I started liking you in all these fights. She nods.

Scene 2Rani comes to baba. He says there are trouble coming soon. Sid is in trouble.Radahay says stay away from my daughter. I will kill you otherwise. Vani comes there. She says how dare you threaten my son.Anjali picks her dupatta. He says this smile on your face.. He caresses her face. He gives her earring back. Adi comes out. His friends ask what happened? He says I played well. his friends say well done. Sartak overhears this.

Vani says this is not your house. I can get you arrested in a second. My intern would do that. i won’t even have to come to court. Nandani is shocked. Radhay says Nandani you work with my enemy you are my daughter in law. Vani is dazed.

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