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GUlnaaz says I didn’t do anything. Gazal trapped me. He packs her bags. Gulnaaz says you can’t let me go. I can’t let you go. He says I have only word for you after what you did, divorce. She’s shocked. She says what did you say/ Will you divorce me? He says I am stuck because of Ruhaan and Nnoor. you will stay here as their mother.

You’re dead for me. She says don’t do this. I love you a lot. She hugs him and says I love you. He says the only thread is our kids. Don’t break that either. Gulnaaz says no I will die without you. He shoves her. Gulnaaz looks at him. He goes to Hina’s room. Hina asks what happened? he says I’ve left my mistake behind. Can I get someplace in your room? She says your place in this room and heart will always stay. You can stay here.

His kurta is on the bed. Rahat says what is this? She says your presence in this room. I stayed for 25 years with the hope that you will come to me. This room waited for you for 12 years. He wipes her tears and hugs her. Gulnaaz cries outside. She says I made him mine and he’s going back to her today. My life is ruined.

Scene 2

Qainat says to Dua Gulnaaz that is wrong but she’s our mom. Dua says she was helping Gazal in breaking this house. I only feel sympathy for Ruhan. Not her. She hugs Dadi and says I am really worried for Ruhan. He will be shattered when he finds out the reality. Gazal did engagement with him. Qainat says exactly. Dua points at the door. She opens the door, it’s Ravi.

Gulnaaz says everything is gone from my hands. I wanted to take everything from China and I lost it all. She looks at the stairs. Gazla comes to her. Gulnaa says I won’t leave you. She is about to fall. Gazal holds her. Gulnaaz says don’t save me you witch. Ravi says I ruined our plan. Dua says if we recorded it we could kick Gazal outside. But we’re not like her. Ravi says we have won half of the battle. We should take Gulnaaz as our team. She can help us understand her. Dua says no she can’t be trusted. No one would trust her. Gulnaaz throws things at Gazal and says I will kill you. I lost my husband because of you. She throws things at her and says you witch. Gazal tries to run from her. She says you trapped me in all this. She hits Gazal. She says I will kill you. Gazal says leave me. She shoves her and says I will get you kicked out of this house. I don’t need you. Don’t you dare to go against me or I will get you kicked out. No one will trust you.

Dua says she can be of no use to us. Ravi says but we can’t kick Gazal out now either. Dua says it’s Nikkah in 2 days. No one should know about our plan. Haider comes in. He says, Dua? I know everything that you guys are planning. You guys are planning for the haldi. Rashi says yes that’s what we were preparing. Dua goes with Haider. Gulnaaz is angry. She says I will take my revenge.

Haider brings Dua to the kitchen and shows her Hina cooking. Dua says she could have asked me if she needed anything. Haider says don’t go there, she is very happy today. They both see Hina making milk for Rahat. She gives it to him, they both smile at each other. Haider and Dua hide, they see them together. Dua says Rahat went to her room. Haider gets emotional and says I am so happy to see my mother happy after years.. I have never seen her smiling like this. I have got my happy mother back, I am so happy that I have got my father back and my mother has got her husband back.. you have made all this possible. Dua says please don’t cry. Haider says let me cry today. Dua says I can’t see you cry, we should celebrate this moment. Haider picks her up and says you are right, lets celebrate. Gazal hides and sees that.

Haider brings Dua to their room and starts dancing funnily. Dua starts dancing with him. They both fall on the bed. Gazal sees it through the window and says I can’t see him close to Dua, he is mine. She finds a candle there and pulls a curtain from their room. She burns it and says this will burn Dua’s happiness. Dua sees the room getting caught in fire and screams. They both try to leave but the room is covered in fire. Gazal is outside their room and Dua sees her. Haider shouts at her to help them.. he asks her to call someone.

Gazal screams and says their room caught on fire. All come there and are shocked. Ruhaan tries to break the door. He breaks it. Haider says don’t come inside. He hugs Dua. Gulnaz comes there and says what’s going on? She looks at Gazal and says I am sure she must be behind this. Rahat and Ruhaan start throwing water to doze off the fire. Haider tells Dua that we have to get out of here. He tries to open the window but a pillar is about to fall over him. Dua rushes to him to save him. Gazal sees that and screams for Haider.. Hina stops her while she is screaming for him.

Ruhaan notices her concern and is shocked. Dua pulls Haider back and hugs him tightly. She says what is going on? Haider goes in the washroom and brings a wet towel, he covers them. Ruhaan brings a fire extinguisher and is able to bring Dua and Haider out of the room. Hina says thank God you both are okay. Gazal hugs Haider tightly and says thank God you are okey. All look on. Gazal hugs Dua and says thank God you are both okay. Dua says my husband is with me so I am okay. Haider says the fire started suddenly and we found Gazal outside the room.

Hina asks Gazal if she knows how the fire started? Gazal is scared. Haider says she was standing outside the room and did nothing even when the fire broke out. Gazal says I lost my mind. Dua says do you know how the fire started? Gazal says there was a candle near the curtain so it must have started from there. Hina says this Momo.. Dua says she doesn’t work here anymore. Hina says thank God Gazal called us all. Gulnaz tells her that the real fire is Gazal who will burn this whole house down. This girl should be thrown out of the house. Hina asks her to stop blaming her. Tomorrow will be Ruhaan and Gazal’s haldi ceremony so don’t try to spoil the plans.

Gulnaz says you don’t know her real plans, I know of them and they are very bad. Hina asks her to shut up, we all saw what you have done. You should stop picking on others. Gulnaz says I just wanted to warn you all, she leaves from there. Hina hugs Haider and Dua. Noor says their room is destroyed, how will haldi ceremony happen now? Hina says Dua will take care of everything. Gazal glares at her and thinks Dua won’t be saved tomorrow.

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