Vani Rani update Friday 17 May 2024

Vani Rani 17 May 2024: Episode highlight: The girl is with Vidisha. She gets his arrested for raping her.

Scene 1Sid says to Sartak go from here. Adi says what do you think? Ma and mama will be so proud of you? Sartak says yes I am like that. I am with Vidi. Only she does justice to me. She isn’t selfish like you all. Vidi is in balcony. Sartak says you both want me to mbe your servant. Look at these papers. I am the owner of this factory. I will destroy this business.

And Kaviya why are you with these enemies. You are my sister. You have time come on my side. Kaviya walks towards sartak. She says never. I am not selfish like you. You are all my brothers. I can’t be selfish like you. I can’t leave them alone. Sartak says okay then you are my enemy as well. He leaves.

Sartak comes to Vidi and says please sign these papers. She says I am so proud of you. You have made me proud. She gives him money. She says I will get all this property of company on my name, She says get the papers ready I will sign them.Adi sees Vidi talking a girl. She gives her money. Adi says hey you.. The girl runs. Adi says is she the same woman?

Sid says I won’t leave her. Nandani stops him. He says don’t dare touching me. Adhi tells Sid about that girl and Vidisha. The girl comes in with police. She says he is the one. He raped me. Everyone is dazed. Adi says what are you saying. This girl attacked my brother. Inspector says he is a rapist. he will be in jail all his life. Prabha faints. Police arrests Sid and take him with them. Prabh says he can never do this. SHe is lying. Sid says I dont even know her. Inspector says we ae here with arrest warrants. Don’t save a rapist. Sid says I never met her before. Inspector says say all that in court. She raised her voice and she will get justice. Nandani says do you have any proof? Inspector says yes we have proof witness and arrest warrant. She gave her medical report. Sid raped her. They take Sid with them. Everyone is dazed.Nandani is crying.

Scene 2In police stattion the girl comes and says I went to his office for a job. She says Sid was alone there. There was no one else in the house. He touched me wrongly. I felt uncomfortable. He tried to come close to me. When I tried to run but he got mad. He raped me.

Sid says she is lying. I never met her before. I can never do this. Inspector syas you ruined her life. People like you are stains on society. The girl says if you leave him he might ruin lives of other girls as well.

nandani comes to vid and says what dirty game is this? Vidi says you don’t talk about all this.. You area a liar as well. You never loved your husband either. Nandai says you are right. It was my mistake I never understood him. Now I know what he means to me. I can bring my husband back, I will save him from you. Vidi says go and save him. I will see what you can do. He will rot in jail all his life. Nandani leaves.

Anjali and Adi call many lawyers. Anjali says no one is ready to take her case. Adi says don’t worry. I will talk to a friend of mine. He is a lawyer. Anjali gives her water and says don’t worry. He will come back. we are all with you. Nandani says I deserve this. I always wanted to ruiin this family. never knew sid would get in trouble. He loves me so much but I could never understand him. Anjali says let by gones be by gones. We have to fight to get sid back.

Scene 2Bhaskar pisses on the floor. Vidi says what did you do. She calls Prabha and says clean it. Prabha says what? Vidi says if you want to get sid out clean it. Prabha takes the duster.

Prabha looks at the floor and is about to clean. Nandani comes and says stop dadi. you don’t need to clean this dirt. I will clean this dirt nnow. Nandani says you can’t do all this dadi. Vidi says what do you mean? Nandani says I will kick the dirt out of this house and you are that dirt. NNow you see how I kick you out. She throws that duster on her. Vidi says okay I will see as well what can you do. But don’t forget I sent your husband to jail. I might send her to hell. Nandani takes Prabha with her. Prabha says I could clean it. She will get angry. Nandani says we can’t let you do all this. She wont leave sid this way. Anjali says nandani is right. We can’t give up. We have to think about getting sick back home.

Adi says I can’t find a way to get sid out. I spoke to all lawyers no one wants to get hands in this. Nandani says I will fight this case. I am a lawyer too.SArtak comes to Vidi and says chotuma. These are Kaviya instruction papers. These can be named after your name, We have lost a tender as well. Please sign these papers. These people will be complete destroyed. She says I am so proud of you. You hate them as much as I do. Sartak says they took my mom from me as well. Sartak takes signatures from her. He leaves. Vidi calls someone and says yes I will be there on time.

Nandani comes to Sid and says I brought food. Please pardon me. I know I did wrong. I realize my mistake now. I got late in knowing how good my husband is. I always got you wrong. Please pardon me. Please forgive me.

Nandani comes to Sid and says please give me one more chance. Please listen to me. Sid says I did so much for you I gave you everythihng and you did this in return? You have disrespected the relationship of marriage. Go from here. Leave. Nandani leaves. Nandani recalls their moments together. She walks out.

Vidi gives money to lawyer and says you have to say no. He says takes it and says okay.Dadi does Abi’s arti. She says good luck. The lawyer comes in. He says I want to tell you something. i can’t take this case I am sorry. Everyone is dazed. Prabha drops the arti plate. Adi syas please don’t do this. My brother is being trapped. Please take this case. He says sorry i can’t. Prabha says where will we go if you leave. He says please don’t say all this. he says there is nothing in this case. If I take this case I will lose. I am sorry. He leaves. Nandani says I beg you please save my husband. You can’t leave Sid like this. He says I am sorry. he leaves. everyone sits down upset. Prabha says what will we do now? Kaviya says what will we do now? We have lost the last hope? Adi says we can’t give up like this. Vidi says but thats all you can do. You can sit home only. The only lawyer said now as well. She laughs. She gives them tissue and says swipe your tears.

She says no one will take this case now. What will you do?Nandani says a woman like you can never understand what a wife can do for her husband. You think you can harm him? My mangalsutra protects him. You can’t even dream of harming him till I am here. I will save my husband from you. Vidi laughs and says court needs proofs not lectures. Proofs show your husband is a rapist. Change it if you can. No one can save him. Vidi laughs.


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