The Rules of Love update Friday 17 May 2024

The rules of love 17 may 2024: Jhumki is invited by Maitree and Nandini to meet her uncle. Suwarnamani believes she murdered the actual Jhumki and that if she approaches Jhumki’s uncle, her true identity will be revealed.

She considers ending it. Nandini informs Maitree that her plot to trap Naagin was successful. Naagin won’t be coming out for a while, according to Maitree, so I’ll take advantage of the delay and meet Nageshwar Baba. Om and Kusum speak with Jhumki’s uncle.

To learn more about Nagesgwar Baba, Maitree departs for the Ashram. Maitree is not home, as Suwarnamani can see. Nandini keeps an eye on Naagin’s actions. Maitree visits the Ashram and inquires about Naageshwar with Trikal’s cronies. They claim they are unaware about Naageshwar.

One of the accomplices requests Maitree to search Trikaal’s chamber for Naageshwar-related hints. To get away from Jhumki’s Uncle, Suwarnamani locks herself in a room.In Trikaal’s room, Maitree discovers some Bean that was concealed. She inquires about the knowledge of this hidden bean among Trikal’s students. They claim not to know. In the bean, Maitree notices a map. The environment is altered. Suwarnamani is aware that something is being done to hurt her. She makes a decision to act.

Maitree inquires about the map with Trikaal’s henchmen. They claim to be unaware of it. On the map, Maitree notices the Shiv Ling. Suwarna Mani attempts to jump out the window, but it is not opened. When Nandini notices it, she is reminded of how Maitree blocked all exits for Naagin from the house.Sywarnamani is aware that Nandini and Maitree blocked any exits she may have had from the house. In order to discover Maitree’s strategy, she chooses to look for a means to exit her house.

Maitree navigates the map till she arrives in the jungle. She asks God to lend a hand. Someone’s voice can be heard by her. A snake with five heads appears in front of her. Snake is informed by Maitree that she is present to save her family, and Maitree begs Snake not to hinder her.

Snake departs from that location in the manner indicated on the map. Maitree salutes Om Namashivaya and moves in snake’s direction. She notices that Naageshwar has a snake coiled around his neck. I am aware that you are my Shiv and Naageshwar, says Maitree. She begs him to assist her. Nageshwar vanishes from that location.

Jhumki is asked by Maama to open the door. Suwarnmani unlocks the entrance. Where is Jhumki, he inquires. Jhumki’s uncle is taken inside by Suwarnabhanu, who renders him comatose. Nandini urges Jhumki to unlock the door after noticing that Jhumki’s uncle is not in the hallway. Suwarnamani makes the decision to track down Maitree.

Maitree begs Nageshwar to aid her in escaping Naagin with her family and husband. When Maitree opens her eyes, she discovers that the baba is not there. She checks to see if she’s dreaming. She realises that she actually saw Naageshwar and that it wasn’t her imagination when she notices his footprints on a rock. Mamaji is unconscious when Nandini enters the space, so she tries to rouse him. Nandini is bit by Jhumki. Nandini becomes unconscious. Maitree notices a Baba-themed fabric. She accepts it, believing it to be Baba’s blessing. Jhumki phones the family to inform them that Nandini had been bitten by a large snake. Om and Kusum are concerned after viewing Nandini’s condition. Nandini’s mouth produces foam.

Harsh gives Maitree a call. She finds out that Nandini was bitten by a snake. She lets Harsh know that she’s on her way home. To save her companion, she makes a prayer to Naageswar Baba. Kusum observes a decline in Nandini’s condition. God, please save her daughter-in-law, she prays. Jhumki accepts every phone.

Jhumki is there when Maitree gets home. Goes to Nandini is Maitree. Kusum informs Maitree that Nandini has passed away. Maitree promises to help her pal. Maitree uses the holy cloth to massage Nandini’s leg. Maitree notices that Nandini is being cleansed of the venom by the holy cloth.

Kusum and Om are asked by Harsh if the doctor has arrived. Harsh is informed by Jhumki that Nandi has passed away. Harsh is startled at hearingNandini hears Maitree tell her that she was going to leave. According to Nandini, Maitree would never let her go. A promise is made by Maitree and Nandini regarding their friendship.

Harsh arrives to find Nandini in good condition. How did Maitree save Nandini, asks Harsh? Maitree does not speak. Maitree conceals the holy garment.

Jhumki welcomes Maitree. In front of Maitree, Jhumki breaks down in tears and displays her sadness at Nandini’s departure. Jhumki is told by Maitree not to cry and that Nandini is doing good. Jhumki informs Om and Kusum that she believes Maitree has become insane. Om and Kusum do not speak. Jhumki notices Nandini is doing well. According to Maitree, Bholenath himself saved Nandini, as she tells her family. It truly is a miracle, Om tells Maitree. Jhumki gives God praise.

This sacred robe, according to Maitree, is what removed the poison from Nandini’s body. Since it goes against science, Nandini wonders how it is possible. Maitree tells them that the situation they are in is also anti-scientific. Nageswar Baba, according to Maitree, gave her this. Maitree ponders why Nageswar Baba gave her this. When Maitree notices that Jhumki is listening in on their chat, she hides the sacred fabric.

Sacred fabric that Nageswar Baba handed to Maitree has something in it since it saved your life, Maitree tells Nandini. Maitree claims she doesn’t know why Nageswar Baba handed her this. When Maitree notices that Jhumki is listening in on their chat, she hides the sacred fabric. Jhumki is questioned by Maitree as to why she is there. Jhumki claims she is there to inquire about Nandini’s health. She claims that because of the bad weather, there is a potential of accidentally wandering into a wild animal’s den, therefore it is best to exercise caution.

Later, Harsh confronts Maitree over her behaviour change. He asks Maitree to reveal what she is trying to conceal. When Maitree sees Jhumki, she stops herself from responding to him. After giving milk, Jhumki departs. Harsh is already dozing off, as Maitree observes. Rapid weather changes occur. Tiwari Sadan welcomes Nageshwar Baba. Closed by Maitree are all the windows. She is about to close when she notices Nageshwar Baba there and is startled. Maitree is made to enter the storage area by Nageshwar Baba.

Maitree looks through the warehouse. She discovers a box containing a sizable Rudraksha. She considers how it ends up in the storeroom. As Jhumki awakens. What sign does Maitree believe Nageshwar Baba is giving? There, Maitree notices Snane Skin. Maitree is aware that Jhumki is the rightful owner. If Maitree is dozing off or planning anything against her, Jhumki decides to find out. When Jhumki walks inside the Maitree’s room, she discovers that she is absent.

Rudraksha, according to Maitree, has just one opening. She looks inside the hole and recognises the Shiv Ling from the jungle. She makes the decision to return to the Shiv Ling to seek clarification. Maitree leaves the space. Swift challenges Maitree. The following day, Maitree resolves to visit the Shiv Ling to learn more about Naagin’s tale.

Nandini is instructed by Maitree to visit the Shiv Ling in order to discover more about Naagin’s tale. When Jhumki overhears their chat, she realises that Maitree and Nandini found out the truth. She makes the decision to find out which Shiv Ling Maitree is referring about.

When Maitree notices that Harsh is upset with her, she attempts to cheer him up. Maitree is thrown a box by Jhumki in Naagin form, but she manages to get away from it. Later, Jhumki attempts to stop her and offers Prashad. Maitree believes that nobody can prevent her from discovering the truth.

Om, Kusum, and the children attempt to leave in a car, but when Om notices the snake on the steering, the automobile loses control. Luckily, Ok brakes the car in time. What has happened, Maitree queries the Children. As per Nandish, they observed a snake. When Maitree notices Jhumki close by, she wonders why he is acting in that way.

Maitree is later taken with Nandish after he informs her that Harsh is in danger. Harsh is attempting to jump into the well when Maitree discovers him standing on it. Harsh is informed by Maitree that she is prepared to explain what transpired. Without listening to Nandini, Nd tells Harsh everything. Jhumki listens in on everything.



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