The Rules of Love update Saturday 6 April 2024

The Rules of Love 6 April 2024: Maitree and her father are returning home. Maitree recognises her mother and embraces her. Sadhna summons Maitree and informs her that they have decorated her room, and she requests Dinesh and Sachin to deliver the luggage.

Maitree notices that her room has not changed. Sadhna claims they made no changes. She urges Maitree to relax before going to cook dinner. Maitree hangs a portrait of herself and Nandish in the room.

Nandini notices Nandish engaged in the game. She approaches Nandish and asks if she can play the snake and ladder game with him. Nandish advises you to relax because your health is deteriorating. He makes the bed and tells Nandini to sleep. He puts Nandini to sleep by massaging her scalp. He inquires as to her well-being. Nandini responds that she is OK and inquires as to who informed him that she is ill. Nandish refers to Maitree. Mom said you’re sick, and I had to look after you like Maitree does after her mother. Nandini manages her rage. Ashish observes everything and believes these are the values bestowed upon him by Maitree.

Sadhna tells Dinesh and Sachin that she is unsure how to approach Maitree. Dinesh requests that Sadhna allow her some time with Maitree. Sachin notices Maitree approaching and attempts to divert the subject. Maitree appears and says, “I know you’re wondering why I came so suddenly.” She says it was always my plan, but I arrived late, and I used to treasure friendship, but now I will live for my family, and my family will be my strength.

The following day, Maitree and Sachin disagree. Sadhna intervenes. She tells Maitree that they want to look for mates for her since she wants to start a new life. Maitree requests that they give her some space because she needs to focus on her company right now.

Sona fixes her gaze on Maitree’s business board. Nandini observes it when she arrives with tea. Sadhna reminds Maitree that her office is in Tiwari’s house and asks whether she plans on returning there. Maitree says she will consider it. Sona is given tea by Nandini. Sona thinks it’s a good thing Maitree’s office is nearby so we can meet her. Nandini believes she will not allow Maitree to return. Nandini requests that someone destroy Maitree’s office. Ashish arrives and confronts Nandini about it. Nandini thinks it’s necessary for Maitree to progress, therefore we must assist her. Ashish says Maitree is our buddy and that we should keep in touch with her. Nandini says we will, and you’re a responsible buddy, so be a good spouse and return home soon. Ashish agrees.

Sona and Kusum notice individuals approaching their house in the tempo. They inquire as to who they are. Nandini informs them that they are here to remove the office and persuades them that it is beneficial to Maitree. Nandini instructs workers to begin work and informs them that she has called them. Maitree emerges from the vehicle and requests that her office be dismantled without causing any damage. With their words, Maitree and Nandini indirectly mock each other. Sona tells Nandini that Maitree is wise. Maitree becomes emotional as she sees Sadhna’s events board. Kusum informs Maitree that they are in a terrible mood. Maitree adds that while things are changing, our bond will remain the same. She walks away quickly.

Maitree demonstrating how to set up her office to the workers. Dinesh and Sadhana provide their thoughts. Sadhana tells Maitree that she has to start an office and asks if they can rent one. Maitree says she’s taking it one step at a time and that she’s expecting a huge event soon. She will also have her own office.

Outside the house, Ashish notices that there is no Maitree office board. Ashish confirms that Maitree’s office has also been abandoned. Ashish inquires of Nandini as to why Maitree’s office is unoccupied. Nandini said Maitree arrived in a tempo vehicle and left her office. Sona and Kusum both express the same sentiment. Ashish tells his family that they should assist Maitree as much as they can because she has sacrificed so much for them over the last six years. From there, Ashish departs.

Dinesh praises Maitree, promising her that everything wonderful will come her way from now on. Maitree scans her laptop and becomes concerned.Vasundhara reminds Nandini of what she stated as Maitree demonstrates how much she sacrificed for them. Nandini tells Vasundhara that she doesn’t need to be reminded of anything and that she is going to end Maitree’s new existence.

Dinesh inquires of Maitree as to what transpired. Maitree claims that her six years of labour have vanished, and that all of her client data and presentations up to this point have been erased from her laptop. Maitree considers how she will give a presentation tomorrow because she has a meeting. Maitree is encouraged by Sachin and Dinesh, who think she can make a presentation in one night. Maitree concurs. Sachin assures Maitree that he will retrieve the data using powerful technologies. Maitree concurs. Dinesh and Sadhna request Maitree’s assistance.

Nandini delivers a personal message to Maitree’s clientele in order to destroy her job. Maitree enlists the assistance of her family to prepare a presentation for her next day’s meeting. The next day, Maitree departs for her presentation with her parents’ approval. On the other hand, Nandini requests that Ashish take the tiffin, but Ashish receives a call and rushes away. Nandish wonders who produces food this spicy. He refuses to consume the food. Nandini claims that it is his wish. Nandish has leaves. Nandini enters the kitchen and says she will prepare another thing. Sona thinks it’s quite hot. Nandini, according to Kusum, will find out shortly.Maitree approaches Receptionist and informs her that she will be meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Oberoi. The meeting has been cancelled, according to the receptionist. Maitree wonders how they do it and declares that she will not go until she sees one of them. According to the receptionist, they are very busy and conduct meetings till late at night. Maitree states that she will wait. Nandini walks inside Oberoi’s office and decides to see what Maitree is up to. She looks in the mirror and notices Maitree waiting for her turn. Maitree is about to meet Nandini, but Nandini hides, and the vase falls. Maitree and the receptionist come out to investigate the noise. They notice a vase on the floor. The receptionist claims that it will not fall owing to air pressure and that someone may be present. Nandini ducks behind a pillar.

Nandini notices Maitree waiting for her turn in the mirror. Maitree is about to meet Nandini when she hides, and the vase falls. Maitree and the receptionist arrive to investigate the noise.

The rules of love 6 April 2024

They come across a vase on the floor. According to the receptionist, the vase will not fall due to air pressure and that someone may be present. Nandini takes cover behind a pillar. Maitree wonders who will play hide and seek here, and it could be because of the cat. Guard is asked to repair the vase by the receptionist. They enter the house. Nandini seems at ease. She considers why Maitree is waiting here and devises another ruse against her.

Radhika notices Maitree on CCTV waiting for them. Maitree, according to Vivek, would not go until she meets us, therefore let’s meet. Radhika says she can’t after

learning the truth about Maitree. According to Vivek, it could be our misunderstanding as well, so let’s give Maitree one more chance to explain things up. Radika agrees. Vivek phones the Receptionist and requests that Maitree be sent to their cabin. The receptionist requests that Maitree meet Radhika and Vivek. Radhika receives mail. She takes it out and shows it to Vivek. She threatens Vivek that if he offers the project to Maitree, she will resign.Vivek says they need to inform Maitree that they would be delegating this job to another event organiser. Maitree shows up. She questions Karishma and Vivek about why they cancelled her appointment after she arrived on time.

Maitree inquires of the Oberois as to why her appointment was cancelled. Radhika claims that they exclusively invite persons with a good reputation in society to their gatherings. Radhika displays images of Ashish and Maitree, claiming that they knew he was her best friend’s spouse and accusing Maitree of stealing her best friend’s husband. Vivek encourages Radhika to stop and informs her that Maitree has received her reply. Radhika says she doesn’t want to miss class by talking to Maitree and begs her to leave.

Maitree declares that she will not go until she is given an explanation. She tells Radhiks that someone is inciting them against her in order to harm her career. She wants Vivek to help her because they have worked together for 6 years and are friends.

Vivek requests that Radhika listen to Maitree just once. Radhika inquires of Maitree whether she, like Ashish, has captured her husband. She claims you may have inherited this trapping skill from your relatives. Maitree says her family is her pride and asks her not to evaluate anyone’s character only on photographs. Radhika requests that Maitree get lost. Maitree claims she is unable to communicate with those who think negatively. Radhika becomes irritated and summons security. Maitree says she’ll leave on her own. Security arrives and kicks Maitree out of the office. Nandini adores watching Maitree be humiliated.

Maitree gathers her belongings and departs. Maitree notices a car alarm. Nandini runs away from Maitree when she notices her approaching. Maitree arrives and notices that there is no one else besides the car. Nandini smiles to herself, a long distance away from Maitree. Maitree then departs.

Nandini brings gifts for everyone and distributes them to them. Sona questions Nandini on why she gives gifts to everyone. Nandini claims she simply wanted to do something kind for her family, so she purchased gifts. Nandini inquires of Sona about the whereabouts of Ashish. Sona believes Ashish is in his room. Nandini approaches Ashish and Nandish.

It is shown that Dinesh greets Maitree with his homemade tea. Maitree recounts the events. Dinesh and Sadhana inquire about the encounter with Maitree. Maitree enters her room without saying anything to them. Dinesh tells Sadhana that the meeting did not go well. Maitree reflects on Radhika’s remarks.

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