The Evil Eye Starlife update Friday 5 April 2024

The evil eye 5 April 2024: Scene 1Naman reads that Chalayan witch stays on person’s shoulder, she makes family with him and end his family, her hair starts turning black as she sucks powers from person.

Chalayan witch is sitting on Shekhar. Nobody can see her. Shekhar is eating fast. Vedsheree says he must be hungry. Avi asks him to eat slowly. Witch is sucking energy from him.

Naman says to Saanvi that I read a lot. Saanvi says we didnt find anything about creature. Nishant says we cant take out that girl from there, we can stop creature from going to that girl.

Ruby thanks Ansh and says I will leave soon, I was trapped by Mohana, she says sorry to Piya and leaves. Piya says she is not bad. Ansh says witches are dangerous.

Ruby looks at Munna and says dont call me aunty, please be safe. He holds her finer, she says I am sorry but I have to leave. She starts leaving but finds white hair hanging on a pillar.Nishant says sorry to creature’s mother. She says she doesnt have manners. Nishant says I am sorry on her behave. Naman throws some powder there. Ganga says brother is out of house. Nishant says its okay. Flashback shows how Nishant said that we will lock creature in his house, we will throw burning powder there so he cant leave.

Ruby shows white hair to family, she says there is some bad power here. Ansh says what do you want to say? Ruby says let me stay here for safety of people, I want to protect Munna. Ansh says only you are bad power here, he leaves. Ruby asks Vedsheree to trust her, there is something bad here. She says to Piya that Munna held her hand too.

Scene 2Naman says to Nishant that Chalayan is an interesting witch. Saanvi says if you are done then lets leave.Ans says to Piya that Ruby is fooling us. Piya says how can white hair come here? Ruby is right. Ansh says dont force your decisions on me. Munna starts crying. Ansh and Piya argue. Munna cries more. They say sorry to each other. Munna smiles. Ansh says he likes when papa doesnt fight with mama.

Shekhar is eating in kitchen. Vedsheree says you are eating again? She says whole food gone. Shekhar says I was hungry. Shekhar says let me eat. Vedsheree takes him from there.Nishant stops car and says girl will be safe.Girl leaves basement. Creature tries to leave house but cant.

Ruby sees white hair turning black and says there is chalayan in this house. She is feeding off someone. She sees Shekhar bowing down and says something is wrong. Vedsheree puts Shekhar on bed and sees mark on his neck.Nishant gets to know that girl is gone, we have to find her. Saanvi says we can distract him, I can keep his focus to me. Naman asks how? She shows his nail to them.

Vedsheree tells family that Shekhar is acting weirdly, he has some marks on his body. Ansh says he must be ill. Vedsheree says she keeps eating, what if there is really a bad power here? Ansh says dont trust Ruby.

Ruby puts food in lounge and says Chalayan will want to eat it and I will know whose shoulder she is using. Shekhar comes there and starts eating messily but suddenly Ruby throws water at him, he screams. All come there. Ruby says there is a witch here. Ansh says stop it. Vedsheree says only Ruby is bad power here. Ruby says no. Vedsheree says we did a mistake by calling you here, Shekhar is behaving weirdly because of you. Ruby says I want to help, there is a witch on him. Piya says you were attacking him. Ansh says only bad power is Ruby here, he asks Ruby to get lost. She

says please.. He shouts at her. She says if you dont trust me then I will leave. Ruby starts leaving.Creature comes to a girl but its Saanvi.Ansh asks Vedsheree how is Shekhar? She says dont know. Chitali asys its good that Ruby left. Shekhar keeps eating, all are tensed.Nishant is with priest. Nishant says Saanvi left our circle, he came here. They see it burning.

Ansh says what has happened to Shekhar? Avi tries to stop him but Chalayan jumps on Avi’s shoulder. Avi starts eating messily too. All are stunned. There are two Chalayan now.

Naman says to Nishant that I will keep an on girl. Creature calls Nishant and says if you want to save Saanvi then bring girl to me. Naman says what to do now? Nishant gets call again. Ruby comes there and says I want to tell you something.

Avi and Shekhar are eating because of Chalayan.Nishant says to Ruby that you tried to kill my daughter. Ruby says you know it was because of Mohana, I want to tell you that Ansh’s family is in danger because.. Nishant says enough, leave. She leaves.

Piya says to Ansh that maybe Ruby was right, there is something bad here.

Naman comes to Ruby and says they are eating too much in house? Ruby says yes. Naman says there is Chalayan there. Ruby says how you know? Naman says I researched on Chalayan, they take power from person and their hair turn black and then another Chalayan is born. He shows her powder which can be used against them. Ruby calls Piya and Ansh. Naman tells them about Chalayan and says they will build a family in house, you have to stop them from eating.

Ansh takes food away from Avi and Shekhar, they try to snatch it. Another Chalayan is born and falls on Vedsheree.



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