Sister Wives Zee world update Friday 5 April 2024

Sister Wives 5 April 2024: Dua tells Haider to stop being angry that girl. Haider says she spoiled my day. Dua says stop being angry, it’s not good for you.

Gazal leaves her house in an auto. The goon follows her.

Dua tells Haider that all my ways will reach to you only. She says let’s get ready. She brings her dupatta and asks him to put his handprints on it. Haider smiles and puts his handprints using haldi. Dua smiles at him. Ruhaan comes there and teases them. He says Haider was mesmerized by Dua right now. Haider takes him from there. Kaynaat tells Dua that he must be planning a surprise for you. Dua says I will wear that dupatta when he gives me my gift.

Gazal arrives at Haider’s house and is shocked to see a big celebration in a palace.

Haider tells Ruhaan to do everything as they planned.

The party starts, Dua and Haider enter the party together. All clap for them. Dua’s brother Ravi comes there and congratulates them. He calls Haider a sir. Dua says stop calling him that. Ravi says you might take me as a brother but he is still my boss professionally. Haider says you are so hardworking which is why we are succeeding in the business. Ravi says its Dua’s prayers too. Haider says businesses don’t work with prayers only. Dua looks on. Choti Ammi glares at them. Noori comes there and says what are you up to? Choti Ammi says I have prepared a gift for them. Choti Ammi comes to Abbu, Abbu tells his friend that I have a loving wife, she keeps me young. Bari ammi is hurt hearing that. Haider comes to her and says don’t be sad. She says my happiness is in you only. I just want you to show respect to Dua always.

Haider thanks all the guests for coming to the party. He smiles at Dua and says she has given me all the happiness. He says she is just like my mother, I can’t thank her enough for always being with me and turning this house into a heaven. Gazal enters the house and tries to see their faces. Haider tells Dua that I want to show my love to you today. Dua blushes. Haider sits on his knees and Ruhaan turns off the lights. Haider presents a diamond to her and closes his eyes. Gazal trips and pushes Dua out of the way. She mistakenly gets in front of a kneeling Haider.

Haider says this diamond can’t outshine you. Ruhaan sees Gazal there and says she is a real diamond but then realizes what happened. He turn the lights back on. Haider sees Gazal in front of him and says you? He rushes to Dua and picks her up. He asks if she is okay? She nods. Ruhaan slips and falls over Gazal. He says I am sorry. Gazal says you spilled my drink. Haider shouts at her, how dare you enter my house? Gazal says why are you here, who invited a driver here? Dua says what are you saying? he is my husband. Gazal is shocked and says what? Dua says this is Gazal, she met me in the dargah.

Haider shouts she is the same girl who broke my car mirror. She is illiterate. She spoiled my mood but you called her here? you should have asked for my permission. Gazal says isn’t she equal to you? why does she need your permission to call her friend here? you think you are above your wife? Haider says you are misbhaving in my house. Dadi says this girl must be here for free food. Gazal says you are right, I like free food but Dua didn’t invite me. Dadi says who called you here then? Gazal says you have weak memory babydoll.. Dadi says she used to call me that.. Gazal say yes, I am that girl. Dadi hugs her and says you have grown up. Haider says you know her? Dadi says yes, she is my old neighbor’s daughter. Haider says we used to pay her college fees right? Dadi says yes.

Dua comes to Gazal and says please forget everything that happened. Haider comes there and says sorry to Dua for getting angry at her. Dua says its okay, your anger was justified. Gazal says but that doesn’t mean he has a right to spit his anger at you. Haider says you have no right to talk between us. Gazal says yeah, Dua can’t even invite her friend so I must not talk also. Haider says you are blaming me for no reason. Gazal shouts that you have misconceptions too. Haider angrily leaves. Dua asks Ruhaan to take Gazal to her room for the bathroom. Choti Ammi sees all that and says this Gazal is spicy.

Gazal asks Ruhaan to show her Dua’s room. Ruhaan tries to flirt with her but she asks him to stop it.

Choti Ammi tells Abbu Rahat that I brought a gift for Haider-Dua. Rahat says you have such good thoughts. Bari ammi sees that and thinks she must be up to something.

Ruhaan brings Gazal to Dua’s room. She asks him to stay outside and locks the door. She looks at the room and says it’s a nice house but that man is so egoistic, how does she live with him. She looks at his shirt and punches it. She finds Dua’s dupatta there and wears it.

Dua asks Haider to calm down, Gazal is not that bad. Haider says you don’t understand, that girl is a mess, she wants to make us fight and separate. Dua says nbobody can separate us.

The goon comes outside Haider’s house and looks for Gazal.

Choti Ammi comes to Ruhaan and asks him to go away, she will bring Gazal there. Gazal comes out wearing Dua’s dupsatta. She sees Haider’s name written on it and makes her wear it on her head. Gazal is confused and says you? She says I am Ruhaan’s mother, Gazal greets her and leaves. Noori says Dua had to change to this dupatta. Choti Ammi says Haider will angry seeing Gazal wearing it now.

Haider tells Dua that the girl wants to make us fight. Dua says no one can come between us. Choti Ammi brings Gazal to the party while she is wearing Dua’s dupatta which has Haider’s name on it. The guests start making her video. Choti Ammi sees Rahat approaching the girl and says I have to stop him from seeing her. She takes Gazal away from him and asks to clean up her make up. Gazal leaves. Rahat brings a gift to Haider, he says we have bought watches for you both. Bari Ammi goes to Choti Ammi that you know Haider wouldn’t accept his gifts that’s why you asked me him right? Haider takes the gift from Rahat and says I want to show you something. He takes him from there. Dua tells Bari Ammi that Haider is angry, let’s go behind them. They leave. Dadi asks Ruhaan to come with her.

All family members come to a room. Haider tells Rahat that I want another gift from you, I will show you how to make memories special. Dua tries to stop him but he says this is between him and me. He brings all the gifts and says you have never wished or gifted my mother for 20 years. He shows all the gifts that Rahat had gifted him all these years, he says I wouldn’t accept your gifts till you don’t apologize to my mom for hurting her. Bari Ammi says I don’t want that. Haider says no, you have been waiting for him for 20 years. Choti Ammi Gulnaz says don’t insult him like that. She hugs Rahat and cries. Rahat tells Gulnaz that he has asked for one thing from me in years so I have to fulfill it. Haider asks him to give the gifts to Bari Ammi and apologize one by one.

Rahat gives the gifts to Bari Ammi that I am sorry for hurting you for years, for not being a responsible husband, for making you a single parent. Haider says now I accept your gift. Ravi comes there and says the guests are waiting downstairs. All leave. Haider tells Bari Ammi that don’t cry. She says you didn’t need to insult your father like that, I won’t get what I lost by doing all this. Haider says I know that but at least he must realize his mistake. Bari Ammi hugs him and says we don’t get what we want. Haider says I can’t compromise seeing my mother’s pain. Dua tries to leave but Haider stops her, he says you are part of our happiness and sadness. Bari Ammi hugs Haider, Dua and Kaynaat and thinks they are my family members for real. She asks them to stop crying, I am strong. She takes them from there.

Gazal is in the party, the guests gossip if Haider has married again as why that girl is wearing his dupatta. Gazal is confused and tries to leave but Gulnaz stops her. Gazal says people are gossiping about something while looking at me. Gulnaz says you are just pretty.

Dua goes to change to her dupatta but can’t find it in her room.

Haider comes to the party, a guest asks if he has married again? he says what? the guest says that girl is wearing your dupatta. Haider gets angry seeing Gazal wearing Dua’s dupatta. Dua comes there and sees them. Haider shouts how dare you wear this dupatta? Gazal says I liked this design. Haider shouts that this is Dua’s identity, she knit this dupatta. My name is written on it. Gazal says I can’t read urdu. Haider is about to take off the dupatta but Dua stops him and says she might be saying the truth. Dadi says do you even know who that girl is.. I mean she was our old neighbor. Haider says she is shameless. Ruhaan says its my mistake, I took her to Dua’s room. Gazal says I will leave. Dua says you can’t leave, I can share anything but I can’t share my husband. She takes her from there.

Gazal gives the dupatta back to Dua. Dua says this dupatta is my identity as it has Haider’s name and his handprints on it. She wears it and gives another dupatta to Gazal. Gazal says you think it was my mistake too? Dua says it was a misunderstanding, Haider is not that like that. Gazal says you are so nice, you just see niceness in anyone. Dua says no one can be like Haider. Gazal says you are very romantic.

Dua comes back to the party with Gazal. Haider tells Dua that why did you keep her here? Dua says she is innocent, it was just a dupatta. Haider says this girl is a bad news.

The goons enter the party and look for Gazal. A goon shows Gazal’s photo to the boss in which she was wearing Dua’s dupatta. They think Dua is Gazal.

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