Unspoken Bond update Saturday 20 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 20 August 2022: The Episode starts with Nandini coming to Vini. She cries. Darsh comes. Nandini says I m taking Vini with me, never meet us again. Vini runs to Darsh and hugs. She says I will stay with this family, my mum lied to me about teddy bear, I don’t want to talk to her, teddy bear is dead, be will never come back, my mum is a liar, I don’t want to stay with her. She takes Darsh. Nandini goes after Vini and says so sorry to hide this, I can’t see you sad, I don’t like it. Vini says you made me very sad, you didn’t tell me about Nanu. Rajvi comes. Vini says I will stay here with Darsh, you are really bad and a liar. Darsh says don’t say so, mum is never bad, I know you are getting angry on your mom, even I would have got angry on my mum if she lied to me, I know she can’t be wrong, your mom did this to protect you, don’t stay angry on her. Nandini says I will not hide anything from you, please. Vini asks Rajvi to ask Nandini to leave.

She says I don’t know how much she lied to me, I don’t want to go. Darsh asks Nandini to let Vini stay here. He says you can also stay here. Nandini scolds him. He says let her stay here until she gets fine. He asks Vini to stay with them, they will become her family. Vini thanks and hugs him. He takes her. Rajvi asks are you feeling scared, I m feeling much scared. Nandini says my fear reason isn’t a lie, I will go before Darsh knows my lie, I don’t like to stay between strangers, Vini should get fine soon. Charmy asks how will I lie to Darsh, he never touched me, we could have got away from this burden. Rajvi says I had lied, I will lie again, Nandini won’t come back, she told that she is happy to live as Ishani, she decided that she won’t come back, you also explained her, she didn’t agree, we were crying for her, she didn’t come, she won’t change her decision, we have to make this lie a truth now, you become Nandini forever now, you left the practice for your child, leave Charmy’s identity also, we all will keep you happy, I will always be thankful, think its Darsh and your child.

Charmy asks what will we tell Darsh. Rajvi says we will tell something, just agree now, please. She hugs Charmy.She says your baby is of Darsh Rawal now. Vipul comes and asks what, Darsh’s child. Rajvi worries. Vini asks Darsh to teach her swimming. He says sure. Nandini comes. Vini says don’t talk to me, I can take care of myself. Darsh says give her some time, she will be fine, how did you know that first aid box is in that drawer. Nandini asks how would I know, we keep it in dressing cabinet, so I guessed. He says fair enough, I thought you have stayed here before. Vini says there is everything here, but do you have a mixer to make banana shake. He says of course we have it. She asks more. Nandini answers. Darsh thinks how does Ishani know about our house, did she visited here when I was blind, that’s not possible, else family would have told me. Vini says I have to discuss something personal, come with me. Darsh signs Vini and goes. Nandini asks Kanha why are you doing this, make Vini fine, I will take her and leave.

Chetan asks what, Shobit’s child… Rajvi says sorry, I had hidden this matter, but Charmy’s child needed a dad’s name, we can’t let anyone call Rawal’s child illegitimate, Darsh should think she is Nandini. Vipul asks what nonsense, I will tell Darsh the truth. She shouts he can’t tolerate, he will lose his eyesight. He stops. Dada ji says who are we to decide right and wrong, maybe this is Lord’s wish. Parul asks what will we tell Darsh, he knows its not his child. Vini applies glue to the chair. Darsh comes. He gives her chocolate. She makes him sit and laughs. She says I m not really angry on mum, she has hidden this thinking I will cry, I m strong, if I do this acting, then she will stay here with me, she is lonely, I want her to stay here with this big family, I know anyone can’t stay in anyone’s house, if you give her something then she can stay here. He asks what. She gets mangalsutra. She says make her wear this. He asks what rubbish. She asks can’t you do this for me. He says no, I m already married. She says I don’t know that, you have to make my mum wear this. She laughs.

She says you got scared, don’t worry, I m not so stupid, I won’t give you this mangalsutra for Nandini. He says fine, but how did you get this idea. Vini recalls seeing Charmy with the mangalsutra. Charmy apologizes. Vini asks does everyone wear this mangalsutra. Charmy says married women wear it, husband and wife stay together after marriage. FB ends. Vini says I will get Nandini married, she will get a husband, I will get a dad, you have to help me in finding a husband for Nandini, someone really nice, tall, handsome and strong, not like you. He nods. Nandini comes. Vini signs him to stop. Nandini sits on the chair. Vini says I had put gum on the chair to make Darsh stuck there, why did you sit on the chair, its good you got stuck, else you would have beaten me. She runs. Nandini’s dress gets torn. Darsh says I will get water, maybe it helps. Her watch and his bracelet get stuck. Aapki nazron ne…..plays. Darsh thinking why do I feel I know her. He helps Nandini. Aapki nazron….plays… He frees the dress from the chair. He sees the mole on her back. He recalls Nandini having the mole on her back. FB shows their romantic moment.

He looks at her. He gets away. Nandini holds her dress. He says let me hide it, I will ask Nandini to arrange clothes for you. Charmy comes. She asks Nandini to come with her. Nandini says I will manage. She goes. Darsh looks at Charmy’s back shoulder. He thinks where did the mole go. Nandini cries. She argues with Kanha. She says Darsh gave my place to someone else, also my name, I can’t tolerate this, he has become of Charmy now. Darsh thinks. Charmy comes and says its time to put eyedrops in your eyes. He hugs her. He closes eyes and touches her back to find the mole. She gets away. He says your back… She asks what happened. He says nothing. She recalls his hug and smiles. She says I wanted this from my life, your love in your eyes and care, I asked for this, our relation started with a lie, but my feelings are right, am I falling in love with Darsh. Nandini says he didn’t identify me, how did he forget me. She cries.

Charmy says Darsh and Nandini’s love won’t end, he will identify her and go back to her. Rajvi says she won’t come back in his life. Charmy says if she changes her heart and comes back then. She feels pain. Rajvi asks her to sit. Charmy asks where will I go with this baby, you have to find a solution. Rajvi says there is one solution. Nandini asks did I pray for your eyesight for this day, that you forget me, you have to answer me today. Darsh comes to her. He asks why did your husband leave you, where is he, can’t your patchup happen. She scolds him. She asks why shall I answer you. He says Vini said she misses her dad, she wants to find a life partner for you. She says I m Vini’s mum, my daughter is my partner. He asks is your husband alive, sorry to ask. She says yes, he is alive, but I don’t want to keep any relation with him, his given pain is the sign of my marriage. Rajvi and Charmy come to talk. Rajvi says I want to get you and Nandini married again. Darsh asks what, but why. Nandini gets shocked. Rajvi says you didn’t see your first marriage, I want you to see it and keep memories forever. Charmy nods. Vini comes. Nandini takes her along. Darsh says sometimes Ishani behaves strange.

Darsh likes the sweets made by Rajvi. He asks how did you get this remarriage idea. She says I want you to see the marriage yourself. He says its fine. She says we will get a chance to celebrate. Shobit asks Nandini to tell Darsh, he is marrying Charmy. He says I spoke to Bansuri, she knew you are alive, everyone thinks she just got to know this, tell him that you are his Nandini. Rajvi says Nandini is excited for the marriage. Darsh says she didn’t tell me, it means she has forgiven me, when Ishani comes in front of me, I feel I know her, she had some relation with this house, how does she know, I never met JJ uncle’s daughter before, Shobit met her.

Shobit says I know Darsh made a big mistake, I m sorry from his side, he loves you a lot. Nandini says I won’t go back to your brother, leave from here. Rajvi says I met her twice, I hope her daughter gets fine, she is cute. Darsh says one more strange thing, anyways, leave it, I will get a good sleep now. He goes. Rajvi thinks I have to get Darsh and Charmy married. Darsh says I will see how I looked in my first marriage. He doesn’t find any marriage pics. He goes to ask Nandini. He sees Shobit with Nandini. He asks what’s Shobit talking with Ishani. Shobit says don’t punish Darsh, please. Darsh asks what. They see Darsh.

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