Unspoken Bond update Sunday 21 August 2022


Unspoken Bond 21 August 2022: The Episode starts with Darsh asking why did you come here. Shobit says JJ uncle told me about his business, so I came to meet Ishani. Nandini recalls everything. Darsh comes to help. He calls her out and stops. He asks why do you behave rudely with me, I have apologized to you for everything. She says strange, I didn’t know it. He stops her and says I did wrong to not identify you. She asks are you identifying me now. He says I feel you have some hidden meaning, what are you hiding from me, answer me. Charmy comes. She asks do you want something, you can ask me. Nandini leaves. Charmy asks what were you talking to Ishani.

He says I feel strange, she has some hidden meaning in her talks, I came here looking for you, I didn’t find any marriage pic. She says no one touches your laptop. He says so strange, just marriage pics are missing. Its morning, Rajvi talks to the pandit on call. Vipul comes. She asks him to support her, Nandini is still Darsh’s legal wife, she is staying in this house, it can cause some problem. Rajvi says no, I spoke to Nandini. Nandini gets shocked seeing the divorce papers. Chetan asks her to sign it. He asks for her old id proof of Nandini Rawal. She says yes, its saved in old email id. He asks her to forward it. He goes. She cries. She signs the form thinking of Darsh and her marriage. Vipul says fine, you can take Nandini’s sign, what about Darsh’s sign. Rajvi says I will take it some how. He asks what will you do when Darsh and Nandini have to appear in the court. She worries.

Vini asks Darsh to find a husband for her mum. Darsh says later. She gets upset. He thinks to make Ishani’s profile just to keep Vini’s heart. He asks her to tell everything about Ishani, he will make the profile. She asks how can I say, I met her one month back, she used to stay abroad. She asks what, you didn’t meet her before. Vini says yes. He hears about Rajvi and goes to see. Dada ji says pandit said there is some danger on you, so she got panicking. Vipul says your wife will apply this sindoor, then your danger can get aside. Rajvi says I m worried when its about you.Darsh goes and keeps the sindoor in the temple. He asks happy now. Rajvi smiles. He asks Nandini to apply the sindoor in her maang. He says call me when puja starts, I was doing some work. Nandini looks on. Darsh goes.

Charmy asks Rajvi not to worry, she will apply the sindoor. Dada ji stops Charmy and says we lie in front of people, not Lord, you aren’t Darsh’s wife yet. They look at Nandini. Nandini says I have no relation with Darsh. Rajvi says just do this to save Darsh from danger, I m asking this for the last time. Nandini goes and says I don’t want to do any drama by applying sindoor in front of you all, so I m taking it with me. She goes. Rajvi cries. Shobit says once I get this job, Gunjan’s mood will get better. He meets the lady, Rajvi’s friend. She taunts him. He leaves.Darsh and Charmy sit in the puja. He asks did you apply the sindoor. They do the puja. Nandini cries and thinks of Darsh. She says I love him, love isn’t any switch to stop. Darsh comes and takes the sindoor in his hand. He holds her close. She gets shocked. He says even if you don’t tell me, I can identify you, I always had your feeling with me, I can’t fill my name sindoor in someone else’s maang. He fills her maang. She looks at him.

Darsh filling sindoor in Nandini’s maang. He says I was waiting for you to end this drama, you are so stubborn, I did a mistake, shall I die, what shall I do. Nandini and Darsh smile. Her imagination ends. Vini comes running to Darsh. The oil falls down. She says sorry, your kurta got spoiled. He says its okay, why did you come running. She asks when will we do this work. He says tonight. He goes to clean the kurta. Nandini sees the sindoor. She cries and fills it in her maang. Darsh comes there and looks on. He recalls the sindoor box he kept in the temple.Nandini sees him behind. She goes and cleans the sindoor. She says Vini isn’t here. She leaves. He says what’s her secret, who is this girl. Rajvi says pandit ji, there is no one from the girl’s side, Dada ji will do the kanyadaan. Mrs. Patel comes home. She says wow, celebrations go on in Rawal house, but so sad, I wasn’t invited, I came here to tell you, Shobit came to my company to ask for a job, I got to know Darsh’s second marriage preparations are going on. She sees Charmy. She says so she will become Darsh’s new bride, what about old one.


Rajvi says get out. Mrs. Patel says I got to know something is fishy. Darsh comes and asks what do you mean to say. Mrs. Patel says oh wow, so you can see now, you got new eyes and now new marriage, not bad. He asks what nonsense, say it clearly. Mrs. Patel says I can see it clearly, you forgot that old girl, you are marrying this new girl. He asks are you mad. She says she isn’t the same girl, who your mum got you married before, did your mum change the girl after your eyesight came, you didn’t know. Darsh says shut up, I will not hear a word against my mum. Nandini comes and stands beside Charmy. He says Nandini is my wife, you say anything without seeing. Rajvi and everyone see Nandini with Charmy. Mrs. Patel says I think I made a mistake, but its true that Shobit came to me to ask for an ordinary job, I thought to inform Rajvi, don’t know if she is asking his welfare or not. Rajvi insults her. She makes her leave. Mrs. Patel gets angry. She says you wait and watch, you insulted me, you will pay for it.

Nandini recalls getting Shobit’s call. He says Mrs. Patel will come home to taunt mom about me. Nandini says she will know about Darsh and Charmy’s marriage. He says Darsh should know truth, but not from Mrs. Patel, do something. FB ends. Vini signs Darsh to come. Darsh says puja is done, I will do mywork. He goes with Darsh. Rajvi cries and thanks Nandini. Charmy also thanks her. She asks why did you come here suddenly, what’s going on in your mind, you said you will not come back in Darsh’s life, why did you come in our family puja, we can manage Darsh’s problems, what was the need to act great and save him. Rajvi stops Charmy. Nandini says no need to get insecure, Darsh and this family gave me much love before, I can never forget this, that’s why I can’t see him in trouble, its just that, I don’t want your husband instead my help, I will go, I have to attend online school function. She goes.

Darsh makes the profile. He says you said you met your mum one month back, you would have seen her pics before. Vini says no, Nanu said we lost the photo album, we had no pics. A servant keeps the fan and goes. Nandini recalls her marriage. Darsh looks at her. He thinks there is a big secret about Ishani, maybe she isn’t Ishani but someone else, what about the legal papers. Darsh says Vini stay here, I will finish my urgent work and come. Rajvi and everyone pray for all the children. The fan gets on. Nandini’s hair get spread. She propers the hair. Darsh comes and stops her. He sees the sindoor in her maang. He says this sindoor, I saw the sindoor box in your room, I never saw you with sindoor, are you hiding something, I feel I know you since long, I didn’t see you smiling, but I can visualize your laugh, I feel I know you closely, but I don’t know anything, I get confused, I m more confused seeing this sindoor. She says I have applied this for you. He asks what.

She says yes, I had to apply it, your marriage is in one hour, you are thinking of me, this sindoor is of someone else, I m someone else’s wife, you are going to marry someone else. He stops her. Charmy looks on. Darsh says Nandini was going to fill that sindoor, you applied the same sindoor. Charmy cries. He asks why did you apply Nandini’s sindoor.

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