My desire update Sunday 21 August 2022

My desire 21 August 2022: During dandiya function, Kirti complements Rudra’s dress and says he is looking dashing. Rudra thanks him back and says after all it is her choice. Saransh asks Rudra why didn’t he wear his brought dress, he is angry on him. Rudra says it was a torn dress, reminiscing angrily tearing dress when he sees Vanraj’s call on Preesha’s mobile. Saransh says it is a new dress. Rudra says people fool others. Kirti asks Rudra to be her dance partner. He says he will be her partner from hereon and dances with her on Kamariya…song.. Preesha sadly stands aside. Kirti tells Rudra that after Preesha insulted her, she doesn’t respect her anymore, in fact even he should kick Preesha out of his life as she doesn’t leave a person in her life or world after he/she gives her pain.

Rudra says she is right. Yuvraj takes Preesha aside and informs that Kirti is really mentally ill and escaped from mental asylum 1 year ago, she wants to kill Khurana family. Preesha says she will inform Balraj about Kirti. Yuvraj stops her. Preesha asks him to find out more about Kirti.Rudra feels sad and stops dancing with Kirti. Kirti says she can see his attention is somewhere else, so its okay. He asks her back for dance. Saransh walks to Rudra and asks why is he dancing with Kirti instead of dancing with mamma and insists him and Preesha for a dance. Rudra agrees and dances with Preesha on Nachenge Sari Sari Ahana and Mishka get jealous seeing their dance.

Rudra hits Preesha’s hand by mistake and gets concerned. Preesha says he wanted to hurt her purposefully. He says he didn’t. Preesha walks away to apply pain balm when Yuvraj informs her that he found out that Kirti’s mental asylum is just 47 km away from here and they should go right now and check. Preesha says they need to go on musical concert tour in the morning. Yuvraj says they need to find out about Kirti first. Preesha agrees and leaves with him in his car.

GPS gets worried for Preesha. Vasu says she is fine and is busy in tours, but seeing his worry calls Preesha. Preesha thinks amma shouldn’t find out that she is with Yuvraj and doesn’t pick call. Vasu then calls Rudra. Saransh picks call and speaks to her. Vasu asks about Preesha. Saransh says mamma is fine and somewhere around, he will inform her to call her back. He searches Preesha. Rudra asks him to go back to Sharda while he searches Preesha. Kirti says she will find out Preesha’s location via her friend and asks him to send Preesha’s number. He does, and she forwards it to her friend. Preesha with Yuvraj reaches mental assylum and meets manager who informs that Kirti is very dangerous and aggressive, she was admitted after her mom’s death and tortured many patients and doctors, she tried multiple times to escape and finally did, her father told he will handle her and did admit her back. Preesha gets worried.

Kirti informs Rudra that her friend found Preesha and Yuvraj’s location and they both are together. Rudra stands fuming in anger.Kirti informs Rudra that his friend replied and has tracked Preesha and Yuvraj’s location, they both are together 45 km away from here in Nadiad. Rudra fumes that Preesha always betrays him and proves that he is nothing for her. Kirti gets tensed seeing MJ Mental Hospital’s location and realizes that they must have gone to get her info to get her truth out, but she will not let Preesha expose her truth. In Mental Hospital, manager informs Preesha and Yuvraj that Kavya is very dangerous and is a threat to people wherever she goes. Preesha thinks she will protect Rudra and his family from Kirti.

Rudra asks Kirti to accompany him to Preesha’s location. Kirti says Preesha is with her boyfriend, so he shouldn’t go there and go with her to a club and party instead. Rudra hesitates, but agrees. Vanraj tells Preesha that they need to rush to stop Kirti. Preesha asks manager if there is any personal info about Kirti about from this official one. Manager says she went to a night club from hospital and club’s manager Monty is her good friend. Yuvraj takes club’s address, and they both rush towards club.

Rudra drives car towards night club and reminiscing his and Preesha quality moments and then her betrayal thinks why this always happens to him. Yuvraj with Preesha reaches night club. Bouncers stop him saying only couples can enter. Yuvraj says Preesha is his girlfriend and holding her insists to accompany him to club. Rudra with Kirti reaches there and gets angry seeing that. Preesha notices him and feels sad. Yuvraj takes her in and asks waiter about Monty. Waiter says boss has not come yet. Yuvraj asks waiter to inform Monty that his best friend Pillai has come to meet him whenever he comes. He insists Preesha for a dance, else people will doubt them. Preesha agrees hesitantly and dances with him. Kirti thinks they were in mental hospital and must have come here to meet Monty, she should stop them.

Rudra fumes seeing Preesha dancing with Yuvraj. Yuvraj enjoys his jealousy and keeps his hand on Preesha’s waist. Kirti provokes Rudra. Rudra walks to Preesha and yells that she shows her characterlessness always and is romancing her boyfriend here even after being married to him. Preesha says it applies to even him, he came with Kirti and crossed limits first, if he can do that, even she can. She returns to Yuvraj and dances again. Yuvraj angrily breaks liquor glass in his hand. Preesha worried rushes to him and says why don’t he understand that he has misunderstanding. Rudra yells that he catches her with Yuvraj always and now everything is finished. He walks away with Kirti burning in anger. Yuvraj provokes Preesha saying Rudra never trusts her, but he does.

Saransh misses Preesha and Rudra and asks Sharda when will they come. Sharda says they will soon. She gets Balraj’s message and leaves. Kirti takes Rudra to her room and serves him alcohol mixed with sedative thinking Preesha reached Monty, but she will not let her expose truth, now Rudra will listen to only her. She requests Rudra to walk on terrace. Rudra says he doesn’t want to but agrees on her insistence. They reach terrace. Kirti asks him why don’t he leave Preesha as Preesha has already left him for Yuvraj. Rudra continues gulping alcohol and says its easy said than done, he tried many times, but he cannot. Kirti says he has golden heart and should give it to her.

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