Unfortunate love update Wednesday 10 January 2024

Unfortunate love 10 January 2024: Rishi tells Lakshmi she is crossing the limits but she asks him to understand how she is feeling the same as she feels whenever he gets in any trouble but Rishi asks her to calm down. Malishka while driving the truck thinks today both Rishi and lakshmi are going to die. Rishi informs Lakshmi that he is going to drive carefully and knows she is still in shock, he says that he needs to leave because they would otherwise miss their flight.

Virender enters the room instructing the person to send the details of the meetings and even that Aayush would perform the meetings that Rishi used to do as he has gone for a holiday. Neelam enters the room when Virender informs her that Rishi has gone for his honeymoon, Neelam says if she has asked about his whereabouts so why is he telling her, Virender replies he forgot that she threw him out of the house, Neelam replies he has left with his own desire, Virender replies she has forced him when Neelam mentions he knows very well who has forced the other, Virender explains they both would always disagree on this so he is leaving for his meeting, Neelam stops him saying he must not talk about Rishi in front of her as she wants to forget him, Virender questions if she would be able to do it since he is her son and will she be able to do it, Neelam says that she would surely get the habit living without him, Virender says then even she should never ask him to chose either her or his son, Neelam replies she will never put him in this condition as he has shown her worth when he went to attend the wedding of Rishi, Virender informs that she knows what is her worth in his life as they have been married for a lot of years, he leaves telling Neelam that Rishi never stops him from talking about Neelam but instead advises how he must always care for her.

Sonal is waiting in the room when Kiran comes calling Malishka, she asks Sonal who is not able to say anything when Kiran questions her to tell it right now, She is worried if Malishka has gone to take her life when Sonal replies that this time Malishka has gone to take the life of both Rishi and Lakshmi, Kiran gets worried wondering who is going to forgive her as she will suffer by the hands of both Neelam and the law, Kiran gets worried questioning why did Sonal not stop her so Sonal replies that she had tried a lot to stop her but she was really furious, Kiran calls Malishka demanding that she must come back home and not harm Rishi, Malishka replies that she is going to kill Rishi and Lakshmi as they are going for their honeymoon, Kiran asks Sonal if she knows where is Rishi going when Sonal says they would be going to the airport, Kiran immediately leaves so Sonal also follows her. Malishka wonders why did Sonal revealed the truth to her mother, she thinks she has to even take care of her so she learns a lesson.

Sonal while driving the car asks Kiran what is she planning to do when Kiran mentions that there is only one way and she has to warn Rishi, Kiran tries calling Rishi.

Rishi is driving the car when Lakshmi asks him to stop the car, she immediately gets out of the car when Rishi asks what has happened so she says it is not about her superstition but she surely believes that something wrong is about to happen, Malishka wonders why did Rishi and Lakshmi step out of the car and thinks if her mother has reveled the truth.

Kiran tells Sonal that Rishi is not answering the call when Sonal says that he might be ignoring her, Kiran gets worried thinking about the reaction of Neelam if she finds out that Malishka has harmed Rishi, as she is hating her own son who left with lakshmi, Sonal asks her to not be worried as they wills top Malishka.

Lakshmi says she is not wrong and something has surely happened, Rishi asks if anything has happened right now so Lakshmi replies not right now but the problem can be very close to them, Rishi says he is not able to see anything so takes the Mangal Sutur in his hand, and after repairing it once again makes Lakshmi wear it, he says this is why she was worried so asks her to calm down. Lakshmi replies it is not the case, Rishi says he knows she is nervous and even he isa bit nervous as they are starting a new part of their life, he feels they should just enjoy their life together without any problem. Rishi forces Lakshmi to sit in the car explaining they will get late for their flight, Rishi sits in the car informing how Lakshmi always says that they are good so nothing bad would happen to them and now that they are a couple, they will always live a happy life. Malishka thinks that they would not live and die that too together as a married couple.

Shalu and Bani are very glad saying that both Lakshmi di and Rishi jiju are going to spend some quality time together, Bani mentions they are going for their honeymoon when Shalu says even she knows it but they cannot talk like this.

Rishi and lakshmi are in the car when Sonal while driving sees the car of Rishi so informs Kiran and they signal him to stop, Rishi wonders how did Sonal get here and why is she signaling them to stop, Rishi and lakshmi get out when Kiran gets a call from Malishka who warns her to not try and stop Rishi because if she does this then she would surely kill Rishi some other day and then also commit suicide, Kiran thinks that Malishka is surely hiding here, Rishi asks Kiran what has happened so Kiran says that she feels like she must apologize to them both because she has unknowingly caused a lot of problem in their life when Rishi says that she should not be worried as she never did anything wrong. Sonal wonders what is Kiran aunti saying so they leave.

Malishka calls Kiran asking if she has told the truth to Rishi but Kiran replies she did not say anything but Malishka must also come back, however she says that everything has changed for her and she will surely do what she desires. Kiran informs Sonal that Malishka was watching them, Sonal realizes this is why she did not reveal the truth.

Rishi says he is glad that Kiran aunti understood her but Lakshmi replies that she feels that Kiran aunti was trying to say something else, Rishi however says that he knows Kiran aunti has loved him like her own son since his childhood, the road is closed when Rishi turns to the other road however Lakshmi asks him to stop the car, telling that they should not go anywhere as she is not feeling right but Rishi mentions both Dad and Dadi would get tensed as they have planned it all.

The biker comes and throws a letter in the car, Rishi after reading it gets furious but Lakshmi tris to calm him down saying that he should not get angry however Rishi says that if it was about him then he would not have said anything but how can he bear when they say something about her, Rishi starts following the biker with all his abilities. The biker suddenly comes in front of the car and starts drifting the bike. Rishi and lakshmi both are shocked seeing the blocked road while Malishka is standing behind them in the truck, Rishi is shocked seeing that the road is closed and even Lakshmi gets really worried, Rishi wonders how did they get here and why is there a cliff. Lakshmi says it is all planned, Rishi wonders who could have done it, Malishka starts driving the tuck towards the car and hits the back of the car with it, she starts pushing the car towards the cliff, Rishi asks Lakshmi to jump from the car, they both get worried when Lakshmi tried to look at the driver of the truck, Rishi forces lakshmi to jump from the car while it falls from the cliff into the river, Malishka smiles thinking that now both Rishi and Lakshmi has finally been thrown into the river, she wishes them both happy honeymoon.

Rishi asking Lakshmi to jump off from the car. Their car is fallen in the valley from the cliff. Kiran says don’t know what Malishka is going to do? Sonal says from where Malishka was watching you. She then realizes and tells Kiran that Malishka was in the lorry, behind Rishi and Lakshmi’s car. Kiran says there was nobody there. Sonal says Malishka was hidden and then called you. Kiran says Malishka was about to hit Rishi’s car with the lorry and is shocked. Malishka says Rishi and Lakshmi’s story have ended, and tells that she don’t repent even a bit, and tells that if Rishi had come to her then they would have lived a happy life, now he shall die with her and celebrate their honeymoon. He says that biker was my man, who had challenged Rishi, and he didn’t know.

She recalls giving money to the biker, to challenge Rishi and take him to the cliff. She then asks him not to tell anyone. He says he is professional and forgets the person and the work he has done. He says even if you come infront of me then also I will not identify you. Malishka says Rishi and Lakshmi’s story will end. Fb ends.

Malishka says Rishi and Lakshmi shall die a painful death and tells that in next birth, Rishi shall marry her. He says I told you that you shall stay with me, and Lakshmi can just give you death, and she gave you death. She says I never thought that I will do this, and says everything is fair in love and war, and here, it is both. She drives the lorry near the cliff and finds the brakes failed, but the lorry stops just as it is about to fall.

Rishi and Lakshmi are hanging holding the stones. Rishi asks Lakshmi not to worry and says he will not let anything happen to her. Lakshmi asks him to save himself. He promises that he will not let anything happen to her. Lakshmi says she can’t hold the stone for long.

Malishka thinks she can’t die and thinks to call Sonal. She searches for the network. She hears Lakshmi shouting for help and her phone falls out from the lorry. She says inauspicious Lakshmi’s inauspicious voice, so that means she is alive. She gets worried for her own lorry and the lorry is about to fall. She asks herself to think positive, and thinks Rishi is dead and Lakshmi is alive. She says how can my plan fail, both have to die.

Rishi asks Lakshmi not to shout and says there is nobody here. He says I will come to you and asks her to hold the branch. Malishka hears Lakshmi shouting Rishi’s name and says both are safe. She thinks she has to try to come out, but the lorry is about to fall still. She thinks to take the lorry reverse.

Lakshmi is about to fall down, when Rishi holds her hand. Dadi thinks Rishi and Lakshmi are married, and they have to bring them back. Virender asks Dadi, if she is thinking about Rishi and Lakshmi’s return and tells her that he has made plan, and Neelam will welcome them. Dadi asks what is his plan? Virender says he will call Doctor first as he is part of his plan. Dadi asks him to bring them back home as soon as possible. Virender says yes, I will call Doctor.

Employee calls Ayush and tells that Rishi sir didn’t reach by now. Ayush says Rishi Bhai must be busy in traffic, and will come there, as he can only handle the traffic. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she can’t come up. Rishi pulls her up. Malishka takes the lorry behind to safety happily. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will not fall down, and says until you are with me, nothing will happen to me, and tells that they will go to their home, and says nothing will happen to them, and they have to live their lives.

Virender comes to his room and thinks where is Neelam? Neelam comes there. He complains of chest pain and tells that he is feeling breathing problem. Neelam calls Doctor. Virender thinks everything will be fine, due to this drama. Rishi tells Lakshmi that they have to see the way out, and asks her to see to the left, and asks her to climb up. Lakshmi tries to climb up. Rishi thinks once Lakshmi gets up, she will save me, and thinks he can’t hold on the tree branch for long time. Malishka gets down from the lorry.

Neelam tells Karishma that Virender is feeling chest pain. Karishma says if it is serious. Neelam says don’t say this. Doctor comes and checks him. Virender signs him. Doctor checks and tells that he has a mild heart, which he bear somehow. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she is about to get up and will save him. Malishka sees Lakshmi coming up.

 Malishka seeing Lakshmi climbing up. Lakshmi sees Malishka and says you tried to kill us. Malishka says yes. Doctor says I will give him some medicines, and tells that he shall not have any tension, and nothing shall be talked infront of him. Neelam asks Doctor, if he got heart attack. Doctor says yes, he bear it as he is strong and tells that he shall not have any tension. He asks Virender to be happy and do as he wants. Karishma tells that she will get medicines for him. Neelam asks Virender not to take tension. Virender says he wants to rest. Malishka tells Lakshmi that yes, you are right. I tried to kill you and Rishi and nobody will be saved. She tries to smash Lakshmi’s hands with her heels, but Lakshmi holds her foot shocking her. Virender says thank god, Neelam

didn’t doubt me. Karishma says what must be bothering him. Neelam tells that they will talk once he gets better. Mukesh comes there and asks Karishma if Virender is fine. Karishma says he got mild attack and asks him to make soup for him. Neelam asks Virender to have medicine. Virender thinks Doctor knows everything and will give him just vitamins. He takes the medicines. Dadi comes there and acts, asking them to take him to hospital. Neelam and Karishma asks her not to worry. Dadi says don’t know what tension, he has that he got heart attack. Virender coughs. Dadi overacts and says his worry shall be relieved. Neelam says Doctor said that he is fine. Dadi says heart attack can come again, and this is happening due to worries and tension. She says my son doesn’t share his pain with anyone, but shares happiness with everyone.

Lakshmi tells Malishka that she will not let anything happen to Rishi. Malishka says if you die then? Lakshmi asks have you gone mad? Malishka says you have snatched my Rishi, and now he can’t be of anyone, specially you. Lakshmi says Rishi will not die, and you will pull me up and save me. Malishka says I will kill you, and asks her to leave her foot. She thinks she has to kill Lakshmi, else she will save Rishi. Shalu is happy that they are going to honeymoon. Bani asks her to call Ayush. Malishka sits down as Lakshmi tries to climb up holding her foot. She looks at the stone, takes it and hits on her hands repeatedly. Rishi says sorry Lakshmi, I can’t hold it for long time. Malishka says you are inauspicious for me, Rishi and everyone. She says now you will die, you want to know how? She hits the stone on her head and makes her fall down. Rishi sees Lakshmi falling and holds her hand. Lakshmi asks him to leave her hand and save himself. She says I am sorry Rishi and leaves his hand. Rishi shouts Lakshmi and leaves the branch, and falls…He holds Lakshmi while they are falling. Lakshmi asks what did you do? Rishi says if you are not there, then even I will not be there. He asks her to say three magical words. They recall their moments. Rishi asks her to say.

Ayush thinks Rishi must be in flight and that’s why phone is off. He says he might have switched off the phone. He calls the employee, who tells that Rishi didn’t reach there at the airport. Shalu calls Ayush and tells that Di’s phone is off, and tells that even his phone is off. She says something is wrong and they are in trouble. She says she is worried. Ayush says even he is worried. Malishka is sitting there holding the stone. Kiran tells Sonal that Malishka has ruined her own life, and says she is finished. Sonal asks her to calm down. Kiran says Malishka tried to kill Lakshmi many times, but this time she has killed them both. Sonal says I wanted Malishka to get her Rishi. Kiran says but she killed Rishi and says if Malishka is caught then she will get hang punishment. She says it is worst than death, for a mother.

Ayush reaches the place and thinks where is Rishi Bhai and Bhabhi? Shalu and Bani also come there. They are worried, thinking where did they go? Ayush asks what to do? Bani says we shall search them. Ayush says first we shall go to Chachi’s house, and take the route to go to the airport. They sit in car.

Rishi asks Lakshmi to say I love you. Lakshmi faints and falls on him. Rishi says what your tongue couldn’t say, your heart beat is saying and shouts saying I love you Lakshmi, and hugs her. He gets hit by the stone twice and they fall in the lake. Malishka hears Rishi’s voice and asks him to die. She tells God that she has sent Rishi and Lakshmi to him.

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