Strings of love Starlife update Thursday 11 January 2024

Strings of love 11 January 2024: Sahiba prays god to get Angad well soon and says she will step out of the hospital only with Angad. Akaal asks Manveer to go home and rest as doctor advised her to rest. Seerat asks her not to worry about Angad as he will be fine soon. Jasleen tells Garry that Seerat knows to play her cards well. Manveer seeing Angad’s condition feels dizzy. Inder holds her. Akaal asks Inder to take Manveer home. Seerat says Akaal is right as Manveer’s condition is not right.

Manveer one who troubles them is showing fake concern for her. Jasleen says she should keep her personal differences aside during these tough times and asks her to go home. Nurse informs them that visiting hours are over and only 2 people can stay at the hospital.

Jasleen says Sahiba and Garry will stay with Angad tonight. Manveer opposes. Jasleen says then the only option is to let Sahiba stay with Angad. Manveer says impossible and accepts Jasleen’s suggestion. Akaal asks her to make sure Sahiba doesn’t come near Angad. Seerat promises him. They all take Manveer out on a wheelchair and notice Sahiba there. Jasleen asks if she didn’t go from here yet. Sahiba says she will not until Angad gets well. Akaal yells at Sahiba and walks away with family. Seerat looks at Angad and thihnks her husband is so rude to her wile Angad risked his life to save his wife’s life.

Garry rudely asks keep staring at Angad and once he regains consciousness, she can inform him and he will return back. He leaves from there.

Nurse notices Sahiba and asks if she didn’t go yet. Sahiba asks about Angad. Nurse says his condition is still critical, but when he has a caring wife’s prayers with him, he will be well soon. Keerat walks to Sahiba. Sahiba describes how the shopkeepers attacked her and her shop and how Angad got injured trying to save her. She breaks down. keerat comforts her. Angad regains consciousness, sees Sahiba holding her hadn, and asks about her shop and Ajith. Sahiba asks him not to think about it. Angad says he wants to tell her something that whatever happened at her shop.

He gets into his senses and notices its Seerat instead. Seerat says she is here since last night. Angad asks about Sahiba. Seerat says she is not here as Akaal didnt’ let her come here as she is responsible for his accident. Angad searches for his mobile and insists to speak to Sahiba. Seerat says he is still weak but is worried about sahiba.

Garry walks in and tells Angad that he and Seerat are with him since last night and he went out to make a call just now. Doctor walks in and asks Angad how is he feeling now. Angad says he feels weak. Doctor says that’s due to excessive blood loss and insists to talk to Sahiba as she is the one who brought Angad here and saved his life. Seerat goes out to inform good news to family. Garry snatches phone from her and says he will inform family and increase his numbers. Sahiba walks in. Seerat stops her and says she can’t meet Angad.

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