Unfortunate love update Saturday 29 July 2023

Unfortunate love 29 July 2023: The Episode starts with Guddu asking Balwinder what is he doing? Balwinder says tomorrow is Ravan dahan. Guddu asks if he has gone mad and tells that if Malishka comes to know then she will take his life, as she loves Rishi. Balwinder says he can do anything for his Lakshmi. Guddu says Malishka will blow you alive. Balwinder says he knows whatever happens in Oberoi house, during Ravan dahan and says he will do rishi’s dahan also who took his lakshmi. Guddu says Malishka will burn your lanka. Balwinder says Malishka and her father will never know. He asks Guddu to help him as his Lakshman and says you will see Dussehra with your brother.

Ayush asks Suppu, how to set the Ravan’s idol. Suppu says this is my work, why you are reminding me. Balwinder is also there in disguise.Sonia likes the dress and thanks Neelam, says your choice is like me. Neelam asks why are you thanking me? Sonia says for the dress. Neelam says I didn’t bring it and says Karishma would have brought it. Sonia says Bua haven’t brought it, I know who has brought it. She takes the dress and goes out.Lakshmi asks Dadi what she would like to eat before medicine. Dadi asks her to ask directly what she would like to have? Lakshmi asks what? Rishi comes there. Dadi asks if he is ready to do ravan dahan. He says yes. Dadi prays that all the evil affects go away from the house. Sonia brings the dress to Lakshmi and asks if she brought it. Dadi says it is good.

Sonia says I know why you have brought it, to remind me if that road side incident. She says she bear the insult. Rishi says what is she saying? Sonia says she felt the insult and knows why Lakshmi is doing this. She tells that no need to do ravan dahan, just throw Lakshmi out of the house as she is inauspicious. Rishi shouts at Sonia and asks her to shut up. He says you will not say any wrong word for Lakshmi. Sonia says she knows and that’s why saying. Rishi says to understand Lakshmi, you have to become someone which you are not. He asks her not to say anything against Lakshmi. Sonia says Lakshmi doesn’t have the value of 5 Rs also and asks him to give some money so that her 5 generations use that money. Rishi shouts asking her to stop it. Sonia argues. Dadi asks her to be quiet and says today we are celebrating Lakshmi’s first Dussehra. Sonia says first and last. Rishi gets angry.

Lakshmi stops Rishi. Dadi says you are calling her bad and will not wear this dress. Sonia says I will not wear and tries to burn the dress. Rishi sets off the match stick. Sonia kicks the dress and goes. Neelam says Mummy ji. Dadi asks what? She says Sonia was speaking her words from her mouth and says you didn’t say, and that’s why I have to say. Neelam says I will not say anything. Dadi asks Lakshmi why she lets others say such things. Lakshmi says today is festival and she don’t want such things to happen. Dadi says others shall understand that happiness come in the house due to her. She says I will show you Lakshmi’s avatar daily, and will be with you always. Rishi says even me. Lakshmi smiles. Neelam is upset.

Bani tells Shalu that she is looking good. Shalu says you are also looking good. Neha makes her earring’s clip fall down, and asks Shalu to give her earrings. She says it will look good on my small face. Shalu says only I will wear this earrings. Neha shouts calling Rano and says I want this earrings. Rano asks her to wear some other earrings and asks if she is owl. Neha takes her to side and says Shalu is looking beautiful and might snatch Ayush. Rano says no, this can’t happen. She asks Shalu to give her earrings to Neha. She says if she doesn’t give then Neha will not go and will not let me go. She asks her to give. Shalu gives her earrings and wears Shalu’s earrings. She says she is looking beautiful and asks her to take off the bad sight off from her. Shalu gets teary eyes. They go out. Shalu says she don’t want to wear any earrings and asks Bani to search the keys.

Lakshmi brings tea for the workers. Ayush says he will drink tea made by her. Subbu thanks Lakshmi. Rishi says workers play an important role. Lakshmi asks Ayush to take his tea. Rishi asks where is my tea? Lakshmi says yours. Rishi says you brought tea for Ayush too. Lakshmi says she has brought tea for him also. Rishi asks if she is giving her tea. Lakshmi says my everything is yours. Balwinder thinks Rishi is enjoying Lakshmi’s love which is his, and says I have cut your ticket to hell. Rishi tastes the tea and says it is very good. Lakshmi thanks him for praising her. Malishka and Kiran come there. Malishka puts mirror glare on Rishi, to get his attention. Lakshmi notices it. Balwinder thinks even Malishka is looking good today. He thinks Rishi is a big goon than him, wants Malishka and Lakshmi both. Rishi goes to Malishka and hugs her. He then hugs Kiran. Kiran says Malishka couldn’t stay without you. Malishka says she had decided not to celebrate the festival until he comes home. She says we will enjoy like last year. Rishi says ofcourse. They remind each other about their moments and hug each other. Rishi gets Virender’s call and asks Lakshmi to come home with him. Lakshmi asks him to go with Malishka and gets upset with him for hugging her. Rishi says he was doing casual hug. Lakshmi says she is bearing him, but others couldn’t. She asks Ayush to come with him. Shalu comes home and asks Rishi about Lakshmi. Rishi says Lakshmi is upset with me. Shalu says there can be only one reason.

Shalu telling Rishi that girls don’t have insecurities generally, but sometimes they have insecurities for small things. Rishi asks with whom she has insecurities? Shalu says you shall think about it. She asks him to apologize to Lakshmi, then everything will be fine like before. Rishi asks if our friendship will be like before. Shalu says whatever you both have, will be fine. Rishi says why shall I apologize, when I didn’t do any mistake. Shalu says a person becomes great if apologizes. Rishi asks if she will forgive me? Shalu says you knows di more than me and you are in her heart. She asks him to apologize to her.

Rishi says ok and goes. Shalu thinks how he will realize that he loves Lakshmi di so much. Rishi practices to apologize to Lakshmi and thinks she will forgive me. He bends down on his knees and closes his eyes, says please forgive me Lakshmi, I have done wrong with you, please forgive me. Ayush thinks Rishi is apologizing to him and says he has forgiven him. Rishi gets up. Ayush says you don’t need to apologize to me. Rishi says I was practicing to apologize to Lakshmi, sitting downstairs. Ayush asks what did you do? Rishi says I was talking to Malishka and that’s why Lakshmi was upset. Ayush says where there is jealousy, there is love. Rishi says there is nothing like that and tells that Shalu is more understanding than him (Ayush) and gave this idea to him. Ayush says Shalu kachalu…He says when girls are jealous, they take out all their feelings. He says may be her feelings changed after divorce scene, she might haven’t told, but you might have felt. Rishi asks what are you saying?Ayush asks him to go to Lakshmi and make her jealous, then everything will come out, and all the jealousy will end. Rishi says you are right, and tells that he will make Lakshmi jealous. He goes. Ayush says make her jealous fully. He thinks Rishi shall tell his feelings.

Rishi comes to room. Lakshmi starts setting her bedsheet on the bed. Rishi asks if you are ignoring me, and tells that there are many girls who want to give me attention. He says Malishka is inside the house, but there are many girls outside. Lakshmi says there are no girls other than Malishka. He says I don’t show my girlfriends to you else you will feel bad. He pretends to talk to a girl and tells that he is alone in his room. He says come to my hotel to spend some time, and asks what did you say that handsome dude. He says some people don’t think that I am handsome. He says what if I am married, I don’t care. Just then his phone rings. Lakshmi laughs aloud. Rishi says phone got disconnected. Lakshmi says your phone is strange to ring even in silent mode, and calls him handsome dude.

She says I understood that you are lying, and was talking like this. She mimics him and laughs. Rishi smiles seeing her laughing. He asks if she is upset with him. Lakshmi looks on..Balwinder sprays chloroform on the bouquet. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he knows that she was acting to laugh, but was jealous inside. She asks how do you know? Rishi says we have heart to heart connection and says even you can’t lie like me. Lakshmi whispers if he knows how to read eyes, then there won’t be any problem. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he wanted to make her jealous, it was Ayush’s idea, and he told that she will confess her something. Lakshmi asks him to tell what is he feeling, so that she tells him. Rishi says I will talk in my style. Shalu hopes Lakshmi forgives Rishi. Ayush asks Shalu what suggestion, she had given to Rishi. She says if Lakshmi gets angry more. Ayush says I didn’t think. Shalu says let them understand each other. Ayush says yes, and says you are really understanding and calls her BB. He says beauty will brains and asks what she thought.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that he wanted to make her jealous, but don’t want her to be upset. He says we will be happy and will not let anyone come between us, and tells that he is sorry, and says Shalu asked him to apologize. Lakshmi thinks he couldn’t bear to see me sad, and asking everyone how to cheer me. Rishi asks her not to be sad. Lakshmi thinks she couldn’t see his sad face. Rishi says I am sad and asks her to smile. Lakshmi thinks she shall not think anything, else he will know. Rishi asks her not to think anything and just smile.

Neha comes there and tells Ayush that she is MBBS, More beauty with brains and smartness. Ayush says she is TB, tremendous beauty. Neha says we both are looking good. Ayush says you both are beautiful and I am handsome. Shalu tells Ayush that Neha is saying that they are good as a couple. Ayush says I am not handsome. Shalu calls him Bandar. He says no. Neha says we are friends. Ayush asks Shalu if she didn’t wear earrings. Shalu says Neha. He asks if Neha took your earrings. Shalu says she didn’t buy. Ayush says lets go outside. Neha holds his hand and goes.

Rishi asks Lakshmi to smile, and says we will smile together. They laugh. Lakshmi thinks today they are happy and thinks if Rishi does any mischief then I will get upset again. She says you are very mischievous. Rishi says but you like me. Lakshmi nods her head in approval.


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