Rajjo starlife update Saturday 29 July 2023

Rajjo 29 July 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun and Rajjo arguing. He says I will do whatever you say. She asks him to sign the divorce papers, she will also do it. Kalindi and Niharika smile. Arjun and Rajjo cry and go away. They cry. Kalindi says your one strike broke their relation. Madhu says feed these gond laddoos for Swara, its good for baby. The lady says doctor has come to do her checkup. Rajjo spills the oil in worry. Madhu scolds her. Rajjo says sorry, I was taking the oil for Mannu. Jhilmil asks why so much oil. Rajjo says her hair are long. Madhu says don’t spill the oil now. Rajjo goes. Madhu asks Jhilmil to call Swara. Jhilmil asks Swara to come downstairs. Rajjo signs Swara to come. Swara worries. Mannu looks on. Jhilmil shouts. Madhu asks her not to shout.

Rajjo says Swara, don’t worry, Mannu is there. Swara acts to fall down the stairs. Madhu and Jhilmil run to see. They see the blood. Madhu says someone call a doctor. Rajjo prays for Swara. Arjun and Mukund come, and see Swara. Mukund cries. Madhu says this happened because of Rajjo, I asked her not to spill the oil. Madhu scolds her.

Everyone takes Swara to the room. Mannu asks Rajjo why did you stay here if you decided to leave the family, they insult you a lot. Rajjo says I m doing this for Swara, she needs my help. Mannu says I feel hurt seeing all this. Rajjo says we will talk later. She takes a bucket of water for Swara. She falls. Arjun holds her. They both fall down. He asks are you hurt. She says sorry doesn’t fix things.

He says I want to ask about Swara, what was all that. Rajjo says right, you have lost all rights to question me, it was my mistake, I m also sorry, I didn’t do that intentionally. He says lie, I was wrong to not support you, I know you well, you understand others’ pain, why are you taking this blame. She says you lost the right to ask me, there is no use to blindly trust me, when I needed you, you didn’t trust me, I don’t need you now. Doctor checks Swara. Mukund worries for the baby. Madhu says trust God. Swara prays and waits for Rajjo. Rajjo says doctor asked me to get water. Madhu says I will take it. Rajjo says no, you can’t take this heavy bucket. Madhu says leave it.

Doctor says this isn’t blood, but food colour, what’s happening here. Swara says listen to me first, I will tell you the truth. Doctor says I have to tell the truth to your husband. Arjun asks Madhu to let Rajjo go inside. Mukund asks Arjun to get Rajjo outside. Rajjo asks doctor to listen to her once. Mukund argues with Arjun. Madhu asks the doctor about Swara. Doctor says I m sorry, Swara had a miscarriage because of the fall. Swara gets relieved. Rajjo recalls explaining the doctor about Swara’s problem. Arjun says don’t know whose bad sight caught my family. Niharika comes to meet him. He says I wanted to talk to you, Rajjo didn’t listen to me, I should have apologized to you also. She says its fine, I didn’t know you feel like that for me. He says no, you are just my friend, nothing more than that.

Arjun saying I don’t remember anything. He apologizes to her. She says don’t embarrass me please, I m not blaming you. He thanks her for understanding this. He asks her to take the car, he will come. She says no, I have to tell something. She gives him the divorce papers. She recalls faking the thumb impression on the papers. Arjun gets shocked seeing it. Niharika says Rajjo didn’t give it to me, I got these papers in my gym bag, Rajjo wanted me to give these papers to you, sorry, your relation is break because of me. Kalindi asks Swara are you okay. Mukund scolds Swara.

Rajjo holds Swara. Swara says I slipped. He asks how did you slip like that, are you a little girl. She cries. Rajjo says you would have slipped too, its my mistake. Madhu scolds her. She says Mukund,don’t curse Swara, Rajjo is the real culprit, she is unlucky, after so many years, Swara was getting happiness but you couldn’t see. Chirag says she made a mistake, she didn’t do this intentionally. Jhilmil says I won’t get fooled by you, you planned this, you are after Swara. Mannu says leave her. Madhu says its enough, we lost our peace and happiness, she has to leave the house now. She asks Swara not to lose hope, she can conceive again. Rajjo thinks they will take care of Swara. She smiles. Madhu scolds her.

She asks Rajjo to leave the house. She pushes Rajjo. Arjun comes and holds her. Niharika comes. Rajjo sees her and gets away. Arjun asks who are you all to make her leave the house, she has bound all our relations, she saved my life. He says she is leaving you think I m wrong, I also believe so, I have signed the papers, you are free, you can go now. Madhu smiles. Chirag asks what happened, you can’t break the marriage. Arjun says I tried hard to keep the marriage, Rajjo doesn’t want to keep it, I m doing what she wants. Rajjo says we would be not here if I didn’t want this, you made fun of my love and faith. Madhu says good, she got senses, she isn’t deserving of Arjun, she will go, his life will get happiness.

Chirag asks her to look at Arjun’s face, is he happy, he loves Rajjo. Madhu says I know what’s right for him. Mannu says don’t say anything if you don’t know it. She argues with them. Chirag supports Rajjo. Everyone shouts at each other. Rajjo shouts stop it everyone. She asks them not to fight. She says its my last night in this house, I will go from here tomorrow morning, we won’t meet again. She goes and packs her bags. Arjun cries. Mannu consoles Rajjo. Rajjo says he cheated me, he didn’t value my love. She feels upset. Mannu says I m with your decision, I know Arjun is your weakness, you will break down getting away from him. Rajjo says no, I will decide for my life, I will start a new life, Arjun and I will not patch up this time.


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