Unfortunate love update Monday 29 May 2023

Unfortunate love 29 May 2023: Rishi says it has gotten really late so if all her planning and plotting has ended so can they turn off the lights because he needs to sleep, he even requests if she can do a single favor by returning the bottle which she took, she apologizes saying that she went to give Dadi her medicine but he says he forgot to bring it back, Rishi starts smiling explaining that he is back as tomorrow is finally going away from all the anger and frustration of the family which happened because of Lakshmi.

Lakshmi while walking bumps into Malishka so she immediately apologizes, Malishka replies she should say it more often as it seems nice, Lakshmi replies she would also consider this to be her winning and not her good manners while it doesnot seem nice to teach her when she has gotten older, Malishka replies that she has already warned Lakshmi to not say such things but Lakshmi replies whenever she thinks of not saying anything wrong to her but she always tends to do such things that ruin her reputation even more when she thinks of her, Malishka questions how did she dare talk to her like this, questioning who is she to which Lakshmi replies Malishka very well knows who she is and she is not thinking high of herself but knows how to keep her feet on the ground which is why she is contended.

Malishka is the one who is instigating Sonia and everyone else to ruin the relationship between Lakshmi and Rishi, Malishka replies she has not done anything like it, Lakshmi questions why did she send Karishma bua to the kitchen and she mixed both the dishes, she could have told it to Mummi jee in the hall but this is such a heinous act which she did not feel like telling, as it proved beneficial for them since Rishi also liked her lunch and even kissed her hands but she knows the reason Malishka is doing this because she is afraid he is getting close to her, Malishka warns her to never take out such words ever again as she hates this word, Lakshmi asks her to hate the reason behind it as she knows the reason is Rishi because she is his wife and his life is with her. Malishka replies she believes in another definition of marriage which is when two people love eachother. Malishka explains she is going with him to Mahabalveshar with him and is grateful that they both would get rid of her.

Lakshmi questions how can she go with him because she is the wife of Rishi and will be the one to go with him, Malishka replies that she will be the one to go since he wants to go without her so why is she not understanding, Lakshmi replies she is his wife so must go with him and leaves when Malishka mentions now they must wait till the morning to see who goes with Rishi to Mahabalveshar.

Rishi in the night wakes up thinking of drinking water, when he recalls how Lakshmi apologized saying that she will bring it when Rishi thinks why is his belongings not where he needs them because Lakshmi has ruined the entire room, he goes to talk with Sumo exclaiming he is glad that Sumo is still a bachelor and he knows they feel like marrying after reaching a specific age but after that everything is ruined however he is glad since tomorrow he is going to Mahabalevshar where he would get the water by just one call and he sometimes feels to hit Lakshmi with Sumo but doesnot do it because he is first a good person and the second he doesnot want to waste his energy on such people. Rishi wonders why is he talking to Sumo and must sleep otherwise would get mad because of Lakshmi, he goes to lie down on the bed thinking he will tease Lakshmi even more, he hears her voice asking the reason so he replies he is going to snore a lot.

Rishi sits up questioning how did Sumo talk in the voice of a girl, Lakshmi enters explaining she is the one who said it when he demands the water, she reveals she wants to come with him to Mahabalevshar but Rishi suddenly throws the entire water on the bed, asking her to stay at a one arm distance from him. He refuses to take her with him even when she is requesting, Lakshmi sits on the sofa thinking of taking the advice from Shalu but she doesnot even reply when Lakshmi thinks how Pandit jee warned her to always stay by his side, he once again warns how she must not even think of coming with him and for the last time must turn off the lights, he leans to turn them off when she also hurries agreeing to close them, she lies down on the sofa and is really tensed.
Malishka is showing the dress to Sonia who asks if she brought it from London, Malishka replies that even Rishi loved it a lot as he complimented her like ten times on the same day.

Sonia asks how was his reaction when she told him but Malishka replies that she did not tell him as it will be a surprise when she informs him in the morning that she is also coming with him, Sonia replies now Lakshmi will understand since she will know Malishka will stay with bhai, Malishka replies now she will know who does Rishi love and take with him to the destination, when the second slap would be when she throws her bag out of the car signaling her good bye.In the morning Lakshmi wakes up when she sees Rishi packing his bags in an untidy manner when she once again starts requesting him to take her with him but he refuses, she explains that even wives can go with them to the business trips when Rishi questions who told this, Lakshmi replies she found out about this after talking with Malishka when Rishi says he would have to talk with her, she warns him to not talk with her but Rishi asks her to not act like a typical wife. She is insisting but he rejects so goes to sit on the sofa when she sees that Shalu called her three times so wonders why she would called, rishi replies she would have called to tell about the color of the clothes of the neighbor, Lakshmi questions why is he talking like this when she did not ask him, he asks then was she asking Sumo who cannot talk so will not be able to reply.

She asks how did he get to know about his feelings, Rishi starts saying because he is his childhood friend, so he is able to understand what is Sumo thinking, she leans trying to smell asking if he has had a drink in the morning, but he replies who does drink early when she asks then why is he talking such strange things, she goes to open the door when he says if he drinks then becomes a devil, Shalu replies he must not drink then, Rishi replies he doesnot drink but her sister tends to irritate him but need something now, he says he wants coffee and even asks Shalu who agrees to take tea, Lakshmi also requests to have one however he refuses leaving he is only going to order for himself and Shalu, Lakshmi doesnot understand the meaning of FYI, when Shalu reveals the meaning. She is looking at something but Lakshmi asks what is she looking at and she replies he is really cute, Shalu questions why did Lakshmi call her in the night, Lakshmi explains that she wanted to ask what must she do because Rishi doesnot want to take her with him to Mahabalevshar and his bad time is about to start.

Shalu replies then she must go with him because this is the best. Lakshmi explains even Malishka is eager to go with him but Shalu replies she can never let it happen as this is not right. Shalu asks how would she be able to stop Malishka when Lakshmi replies she has an easy way by threatening her of the court, Shalu suggest she say the same to Rishi who would be forced to take her with him, Rishi immediately enters when he asks why did they both stopped talking, he asks if they were talking about him when they both nod in a different context, he gets suspicious, Shalu leaves after handing the tea to Lakshmi.

Malishka stops the car and is really excited, she takes out the bag from the trunk and even thinks if she is able to place it in the car of Rishi then it will be an even bigger surprise for him since Lakshmi will not be with them.Rishi is packing his bags, Lakshmi immediately comes to him when he explains he knows that she would be thinking why is he taking all of his belongings when they are present in the hotel, she replies she doesnot know since she has never been to one, he asks if she forgot when he took her to Shimla. Lakshmi explains she only went for a single time with him while before used to live in the village and after that came to his uncles house. Lakshmi mentions she has only heard about the beautiful valleys of Mahabalevshar so wants to see them, she requests if he can take her but he immediately refuses to take her, listening to which she gets tensed.

Malishka enters the house while Sonia hugs her running down the stairs, Dadi asks if they both are cats because they are showing their happiness as if they were electrocuted, Malishka exclaims they can hear everything, Dadi says she said it to make them hear everything otherwise could have said it in his ears, Dadi asks if they can show how both of them were meeting, they are dancing when Karishma also comes saying she can see how they are so happy, Dadi mentions even she is happy. Neelam comes questioning about Rishi, Shalu exclaims he is still packing.

Rishi is eagerly searching for something, Lakshmi questions what is he looking for her, he mentions he is searching for his underwear, she tries to help him but he keeps on saying Nah, she replies this has become his best word as he keeps on saying it, Rishi replies he even says yes when she asks him to allow her to come with him, he turns towards the wardrobe saying he cannot allow her, Lakshmi mentions she is going to insist on being with him but he replies she is really strange as he cannot find his underwear and will leave this house even if he has to die, Lakshmi thinks when pandit jee warned her to protect her husband, she starts ordering saying that she will surely go with him as this is the order of the court and they both have to live with eachother as husband and wife, she replies this is what she is saying because for her the house is where her husband is living and if they are together then only will the love spread between them both, she corrects herself exclaiming she means this is the only thing which will bring them closer but she wants to follow the orders of the court and if he cannot understand, she is going to call the judge, he exclaims he is not scared of anyone but then Lakshmi says he must not tell her what punishment did she give him.

Lakshmi calls Shalu making him believe as if she called the judge, Rishi at once asks her to come with him since he did not stop her, he in anger closes the suitcase when Lakshmi is still laughing.Shalu is sitting on the sofa, while she is served the tea and Malishka comes mentioning it is really sad as she is forced to have tea all by herself, she explains there is nothing to be worried about since her sister is surely going to come be with her very soon after which they can have the Langer from the Gurdwara, as Rishi would not have enough time for either of them, Shalu immediately stands seeing Rishi walking down the stairs with Lakshmi. Malishka questions what is going on when Rishi mentions he is going to take Lakshmi with him, she asks if this is a joke but he insists that she is going to come with him.

Neelam replies she can go with him but not that Lakshmi, Dadi also asks Lakshmi to take her suitcase as this is the order of Neelam and if she is refusing her then everything is going to be wrong, Rishi thinking about the threat insists that Lakshmi is going to go with him, hearing this Neelam gets angry and turns away.Rishi stops Neelam mentioning he has to bear Lakshmi for the next three months; Neelam asks if he is not happy with her but Rishi replies he thought that he would be able to stay away from Lakshmi but this would be against the orders of the court and he cannot allow this otherwise she knows the result. Neelam apologizes as she is scolding him a lot these days. Rishi assures he is going to correct everything.

Malishka asks Lakshmi to stop all this drama and stay in her limits, Lakshmi replies she is the one who is crossing her limits as the court doesnot know the entire truth but she knows it so must not come between her and Rishi, Shalu questions why is she talking like this as she has the number of the judge, Lakshmi questions why does she have so much problem because she should have said it before she was getting married to Rishi, she said that everyone knew about it before, but now that she has applied the Sindoor of Rishi then they donot have any boundaries, as whatever belongs to her is of Rishi and the other way, She says she should thank Malishka because she is going with Rishi because of her, she informs Shalu that she never thought of going with rishi but only made it when Malishka insisted on going with her so now this is why she had decided to go with him, Malishka tries to confront her but Karishma stops her.

Shalu whispers how it seems as if Rishi is coming to her leaving everyone else when Lakshmi explains she has come to make this family a whole and not ruin it.Rishi asks Lakshmi to not smile and signals her to leave but she first takes the blessing of Neelam and then Dadi who blesses them with good future and children which irritates everyone, she replies she says it as a habit.Lakshmi and rishi walk out when he pushes the suitcase asking her to put it in the car as this is the least, she can do, he is shocked to see how she is not able to put it in the car when he helps her but then she starts smiling which irritates her. Shalu comes to hug Lakshmi asking her to spend a good honey moon with Rishi, hearing this she gets angry so is about to hit her but Shalu replies this is not what she meant as they would be able to tell what they have in their heart without any interference, she would be able to know what she did not know till now so what did she think, Lakshmi asks her to not talk hearing which she gets emotional, Lakshmi hugs her exclaiming she did not scold her so much but Shalu replies she never felt it, they both have smile when Lakshmi says she will call Shalu, she must also take care of Bani to which Shalu replies she will irritate her but then agrees to take care of her. Lakshmi sits with Rishi in the car who is angry.

Shalu hears Malishka who says how she had selected each and every dress so she looks the best but now is not able to go with Rishi, Shalu runs to Lakshmi asking her to come out, she after hugging informs Lakshmi that Malishka has placed her bags in the trunk of the car, Lakshmi goes to take them out while Rishi yells at her to hurry her, she sits in the car when he questions what took her so long, she explains that Malishka had placed her bags in the car but he doesnot believe.

Shalu says that now Malishka will have a lot of time since Lakshmi went with Rishi and now she would have a lot of time to have tea with her. Malishka is really angry but Karishma stops her saying that she is the sister of Lakshmi and ill mannered, so must come inside but Malishka explains that she will not allow them both to become as one as she is also going to follow them, Sonia questions what is she doing but Karishma exclaims she doesnot have any other choice.

Karishma and Sonia enter the room while Dadi is waiting for them, Karishma questions what is she doing in the room of Sonia to which Dadi replies she has come to clarify why did she bless Lakshmi, she explains this is what they were taught since their childhood that this is the blessing which should be given to a wife, and she feels that Lakshmi is really clever now since she managed to defeat Malishka. Sonia also agrees saying she was not like this before as she used to be scared of them all, Dadi responds that she has judged them all and managed to control their actions, she stood against all of them and won without even uttering a single word, Sonia doesnot understand, Dadi explains Lakshmi made Rishi say that he is taking her with him to Mahabalveshar so they all were not able to do anything, she has been named Lakshmi so Bhagwan always helps her. Dadi mentions she was not made wrong in front of everyone yet fought the battle and won it without raising the sword, Karishma gets tensed.

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