Rajjo starlife update Saturday 27 May 2023

Rajjo 27 May 2023: The Episode starts with Jhilmil and Madhu scolding Rajjo. Arjun says I m doing this to punish Rajjo. Pushkar thinks Rajjo can do anything. Arjun asks Urvashi to give her necklace. He asks Madhu to call the jeweller. He taunts Rajjo. Urvashi gives the necklace. Jewellery checks the necklace and says its fake. Everyone is shocked. He says nothing is fake, its all real. They get relieved. Rajjo cries. Arjun thanks him. Urvashi’s dad signs her. Rajjo thinks how did this happen, they changed the necklace in front of me. Arjun says sorry Urvashi. She says its okay, I can do anything for you. Urvashi thinks dad has set the jeweller, we need more money to give him. Arjun asks Rajjo to get out. Pushkar scolds her. Madhu insults her.

Arjun thinks just go away. Rajjo thinks this time, its my turn to save you. Mannu is worried. She says don’t know what’s happening there.Pushkar and everyone blame Rajjo, and ask inspector to take her away. Rajjo gets arrested. She thinks someone can stop me here to save Arjun. She recalls Gudiya’s words about the marriage video. She says leave me, I will give you a proof. She shows the video to them. Arjun and his family are shocked.

Rajjo asks who is a liar, tell me. Inspector says Pushkar ji, we can’t arrest her, solve the matter at home, else you can come to the police station. Dada ji says we can see in the video that Arjun is accepting Rajjo as his wife, we can’t neglect the marriage. Pratap says Arjun did that as per the situation. Kartik says villagers have accepted his marriage. Kalindi and Jhilmil say we are in trouble. Pushkar says I will manage, just make this girl out. Mukund says no, everyone will know about it. Chirag says we have to believe this marriage as valid. Pratap says you mean we have to postpone Arjun and Urvashi’s marriage now. Kartik says yes, Arjun and Rajjo have to stay together for a few days. Arjun thinks Lord did injustice with me. Rajjo thinks Lord did justice, Arjun will know the truth in some days. Madhu asks are you all in senses, its about Arjun’s life, why don’t you think of it. She scolds Kartik and Jhilmil. She cries and says you all are making a fun of Arjun’s life, you all are wrong, Arjun did a lot for that girl, he broke my promise, she broke his trust in return, she won’t go after few days.

Madhu says Rajjo always saw Arjun and the money, she won’t go away, I don’t know, I will not accept her, no means no, find some other way. She asks Rajjo what does she want, take money and property, but spare Arjun. She begs Rajjo and apologizes to her. Arjun stops Madhu. Pushkar says I know who to talk to make her right. Madhu says I told you, she will ruin everything, she ruined your happiness. Urvashi goes crying. Arjun takes Madhu. Rajjo thinks I can’t leave Arjun midway, I have to fight this battle. Arjun knocks the door and asks Urvashi to open the door. He says sorry, listen to me. She gets angry. She says go away, leave me alone. He says please open the door. She says I asked you not to run after Rajjo, she insulted me and my parents, I feel you cheated me. He asks how can you think this, I promise you, I will make Rajjo cry and not let her win, listen to me. He hears Madhu crying. She asks him to go to Madhu. He goes to Madhu. Madhu cries. Pratap is also angry. Arjun says I have taken a decision for Rajjo.

Pratap asking Arjun to see, how did Rajjo defame them. Arjun says sorry dad, I got that trouble home, I will make you rid of her. Rajjo cries and talks to Mannu. Mannu says they will hate you more. Rajjo says I had drank the poison like Mahadev did to save the world, I did this to save Arjun, he will listen to me, I won’t leave from here until I make Urvashi away. Mannu says you are alone. Rajjo says I m adamant, I will win. Mannu says I m at the bus stop, come and meet me. Rajjo says I m coming. Arjun recalls everything and gets angry. Rajjo recalls his words and cries. Hamari adhuri kahani…plays… Arjun comes to Rajjo and scolds her. He gives her a blank cheque. He says loot me, but no need to tell anyone that you are my fake wife, just get lost, go away even from my memories.

She cries. He says I m giving a price to you for becoming my bride, take this and leave. He shuts the door. She cries and leaves. She runs to meet Mannu.
Pushkar comes to Mannu and says this time, I have come to ruin you, I won’t leave you. They argue. He says everyone got against Rajjo, even Arjun can’t save her now. Arjun goes to his room and removes his sherwani. He gets angry. Naino ki mat maaniyon re…. plays… He gets Rajjo’s dupatta. He angrily beats the punching bag. Pushkar says Vicky got caught, he was my puppet, he got caught, but I will not fail in my next move. Mannu says I will kill you. He smiles. She says you tried to sell my daughter, you fell so low. He says you know how low I can stoop, I didn’t know about Vicky’s business, even if I knew, I would have not stopped him. She scolds him. She says I will support Rajjo in exposing Urvashi. He says you have no strength, why do you want to repeat the history, just go away, Rajjo won’t get Arjun, but she can get an illegitimate child from Arjun. Mannu pushes him away.

She says you will fall down from this big height, you will get much hurt. Arjun cries and asks what wrong did I do that you did this, you cheated me, now I will doubt on everyone who seeks help, I won’t trust any helpless person, they will remind me of you, I will curse you from my heart, that you also face the same cheat, I will never forgive you, Rajjo. He throws her dupatta over a candle and burns it.

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