Unfortunate love update Sunday 28 May 2023


Unfortunate love 28 May 2023: Malishka says he let her fall and was not able to save her, Rishi asks if Lakshmi is trying to make them both fight, she replies she is not but then he leaves in a hurry after Malishka, he is constantly trying to call her but Malishka walks after her, he thinks what is going on blaming it is happening because of Lakshmi, Malishka also turns thinking he left and did not come after her when he used to come and convince her but since he ahs changed now she is also going to involve other people in her matters especially Neelam aunti who is the one who can order Rishi.

Rishi enters the office questioning if she is happy, Lakshmi replies she desires to be happy but needs something, he asks her to stop this acting as everyone knows the real face, she enjoys irritating him when Lakshmi asks why will she enjoy it, Rishi replies that Malishka went from his office after seeing them and it is all because of her, she asks him to say it once again, Rishi replies that Malishka went from the office, Lakshmi in anger says that she is the one who should be angry because he left after Malishka, Rishi blames that he and Malishka are fighting because of her, Rishi asks her to stop it all when she replies she did not do anything and it is his fault, he replies she also has a part in the mistake because if she could have walked properly then he would not have to catch him, seeing which Malishka would not have gotten angry, Lakshmi in a state of confusion asks if Malishka went because he caught her, Lakshmi questions even then it is his problem so why did he catch her, he replies he was helping her so she doesnot feel, but instead of being grateful she is just complaining.

It was a reaction of an action, she asks who does he care for most when he replies he cares for her, because if she fell then would be hurt, Lakshmi questions why is he caring when he doesnot even love her and is mad at him however Rishi replies he must take care of her for the next three months otherwise she would go and complain to the judge, Lakshmi agrees, she sits down turning on the laptop when Rishi in anger asks if she even knows how to operate it, he sits down while they both are looking at each other smiling.

Aayush comes asking if they are ready to leave, Lakshmi immediately replies she is ready but he says he is talking to Rishi, Lakshmi questions if they are not bored working from such a small office, Rishi questions if she is not bored in the house, she replies it is really big when Rishi this is a hotel and is really big so they are not bored, she replies he can say it politely but he says he doesnot want to, Rishi asks them both to leave while he will come back later, she says she will come with Rishi however he insists on coming alone, Lakshmi replies even she has some work which she needs to finish when Aayush getting frustrated with them both leaves mentioning she can leave with Virender uncle, Rishi also mentions that his work has finished when both of them leave.

Karishma requests Neelam that she must work to end it otherwise things will get out of hand, the doorbell rings when Malishka is about to open it however Neelam stops her saying she will check it, she opens it to see both Rishi and Lakshmi standing together, she rushes inside when Lakshmi asks why did she come back, she replies she will talk with her later but for now needs to talk with her son but Lakshmi doesnot leave, she asks if she has to ask her to leave when Karishma also questions if she is not understanding that Neelam doesnot want to talk in front of her. Lakshmi questions if it is about what happened at the hotel, Neelam questions what happened however Rishi says it is nothing important when Malishka questions if she is mental because he doesnot help her but just protects Lakshmi.

Neelam replies that it is because of his behavior that the divorce was not finalized and she knows he had no idea that Lakshmi will come to live with them in the house, Rishi doesnot understand what is she saying when Karishma questions if he kissed her hands, Rishi accepts that he did but tries to clarify that it did not mean anything as he only kissed her hands because she made really delicious lunch, Karishma blames that Lakshmi is making him do whatever she desires. Lakshmi asks why is she talking like this since Rishi does whatever he wishes and has even hung sumo in the room, Neelam doesnot understand, Rishi replies she is calling the boxing bag Sumo, Lakshmi explains he is the one who hung it and has even not listened to anything which she ever tried to tell him, she is also about to tell what he did to her in the bathroom, Rishi questions if she doesnot have any shame as she is going to talk about their private matter, Lakshmi explains what is to be ashamed off and clarifies that he placed a fake lizard in the bathroom and then even cut the connection to the shower.

Malishka gets really mad hearing this so questions if this is how Rishi is going to handle it by fighting like a couple, Neelam asks if she is not understanding that she said she wants to talk to her son so why is she not leaving, Rishi replies she could have left if she understood it, Lakshmi leaves when Neelam asks what is he doing because if keeps on talking to her like this then she will not leave him for the next three generations. Neelam explains she knows he lives with her in the same room but must try to maintain distance from her.

Virender also walks in the house with Aayush but Neelam immediately questions why did he not stop Lakshmi from coming to the office, he replies he did not know anything about it because frankly he doesnot care as this will end in just three months. Neelam replies she knows they as parents must worry but this is getting out of hands, he must ask Rishi to not be so nice with Lakshmi. Virender explains that Rishi is a nice person which is why he acted the way he did at the court, Neelam says so he will not talk to him however Virender assures he will just for her sake, Aayush comes back after getting a call, he reveals he has to leave for Mahavirenishvar, Virender questions but he says he is a single person however everyone looks to him so he says that he has to leave because of the resort, Neelam leaves after Virender, Karishma replies she knows Neelam is thinking of something and will make sure it happens.

Lakshmi coming apologizes to Rishi since he is angry with her but she is just trying to be a good wife, he asks if this is how she becomes a good wife by ordering him, while he is the one who has to hear everything and those who are about to get the divorce are not like this as they must both sleep on different places while they are sleeping on the same bed and she explains that it is nothing to be worries about, he says that he would not listen to any order, as everyone thinks she is the one making him do everything but this is not the case, Lakshmi explains that she just cares for him, Rishi in anger asks who did ask her to care for him as he did not give her this permission, she gets stunned hearing this and turns to leave but he stops her asking why is she not replying, Lakshmi thinks how Neelam asked her to leave but Pandit Badrinath said that she must always stay beside Rishi as her Kundali can help end the Markeshdosh.

Rishi comes close to Lakshmi asking if she is not feeling anything but she keeps on refusing even when he holds her hand and walks close to her, yet she still keeps refusing she has felt anything when he asks if she is not feeling the heart beats and says even, he is not feeling anything, they both look each other in the eyes when someone knocks on the door, they both leave each other correcting themselves. Aayush is standing there, he gets stunned but then Rishi leaves.Virender is standing in the room, Neelam comes to the door when he asks what happened, she says that Rishi can also do what Aayush has been trying as he can lave to finalize the deal as then he would have some time to end the tension, Virender agrees when Neelam thinks that if Lakshmi is away from Rishi then would not be able to instigate him.

Aayush is following Rishi asking why was he so tensed asking if he fought with Lakshmi, Rishi replies it is not that but he feels some problem is coming his way, Aayush questions what other problem can come other than Lakshmi, Rishi questions if he came for something, Aayush mentions he is going to finalize the location for the resort so would not be able to attend the meeting, Rishi enters the room of Aayush to rest, he wonders why did he feel it after going close to Lakshmi when there is nothing between them, he thinks it is all wrong. Lakshmi also wonders what if Rishi finds out what she felt when he came close to her, she thinks he must never find out the truth while Rishi wonders why does Lakshmi not feel anything when they are close, he doesnot know how he would be able to correct the current situation but would have to find a way, they both are really tensed.


Rishi is really angry when there is a knock on the door, Aayush immediately is about to hug Rishi but he doesnot allow him, Aayush explains he was thrown out of his own room and so Rishi says that he will not go anywhere when Aayush questions why would he not go there because he loves the winter, Aayush sees Virender standing and asks him to explain that the project is really small so he can handle it but Rishi replies even if it is small the project is really expensive, Aayush asks his uncle who says that this time he is with Rishi, they both leave.

Malishka and Sonia are both standing when she questions what does she think, Sonia asks what is she saying when Malishka mentions she is talking about Lakshmi and who else, Sonia replies she cannot think anything because of how she is walking,Sonia reveals she is saying they need to show her the real place, Malishka replies this time Lakshmi is not the same and even she is not the one but has even planned something revealing she will ask Karishma aunti to invite all of her friends at the kitty party when in front of them all she is going to treat her like a servant, Lakshmi hearing their conversation thinks that she will not stoop so low as Malishka and not do anything wrong. Malishka vows to make Lakshmi what she can do.

Virender is with Rishi saying that he must go to Mahabalveshar, Rishi replies he knew that it is a big project but Virender replies the project is small, Rishi questions then why does he want him to go when Virender replies that there are two reason one that his mother wants him to leave and second that he heard Rishi also wants to go by himself. Virender explains that he knows Rishi really loved Malishka but even then, he fought with her for Lakshmi, he even went against his mother for Shalu but Neelam did not like it all, he desired that she start to like Lakshmi which she did but when he went against her, she got really angry. Rishi requests him to say it clearly, Virender replies that he thought when he would say that Rishi loved Malishka and he thought Rishi would stop him but he did not.

Dadi is sitting on the bed when there is someone at the door, Lakshmi enters and coming to sit beside her asks her to have the medicine when Dadi replies she can take them when she feels like, the worker also enters the room when Dadi starts scolding her, Lakshmi mentions she will not leave until she has them, Lakshmi threatens saying she will go and tell Neelam that Dadi has been throwing the medicine out of the house since the past four days, Dadi once again refuses when Lakshmi calls Neelam so Dadi eats them, Lakshmi explains she found out why she feels that Rishi is cute sometimes and it is because he is just like her, she leaves advising the worker to not leave until Dadi takes her medicine.

Rishi explains he did not stop him because he was talking and he loves Malishka even now, Virender replies he did not mean anything but is always going to stand by him since he is his Bau jee, he corrects himself saying how his thoughts have changed, he used to think that someone can be happy if his wife is a traditional and follows the ritual but he wonders if there are any girls in this world, Virender leaves when Rishi thinks he just wants to lave Lakshmi for now and go away from her.

Lakshmi enters the room, she talking with Sumo exclaims she cannot understand why is Rishi behaving with her in this way, but she will not be irritated so easily, she seeing the call of the Pandit jee wishes him asking if everything is fine, pandit jee replies why would he have called her, he explains that the bad time of Rishi is about to start from tomorrow and all the winds are going to flow but she must stay with him every second of the way, he exclaims he is so helpless and cannot even tell this to Neelam who understands the seriousness of this issue, but she has blamed him to be greedy, Lakshmi asks him to not feel bad as Neelam only trusts the person she likes and she is listening to Malishka today, Pandit jee explains Neelam doesnot know how lucky she is to have a daughter in law like Lakshmi, she asks if she can perform any pooja when pandit jee says that he can do it all, Lakshmi is about to end the call when Pandit jee warns her explaining there is a problem since while trying to save Rishi she will also get hurt after it passes from him so she must be ready to not only protect Rishi but also herself.

Karishma informs Neelam she has always judged the problem before they arrive and she is doing the same as she asked Virender to talk with Rishi. Neelam mentions that she only thought Lakshmi has importance in his life till the time she was his protector but now things have turned and she is not good for them all, Karishma questions what can be more problematic than this, Neelam says that the thing which is problematic is how she is trying to control him and she doesnot like it at all. Virender enters the room when Neelam asks if he talked with Rishi and did he agree to go, Virender replies he was already planning to leave and was trying to convince Aayush that it is a big deal when it is not, Karishma mentions this means he is going to leave Lakshmi tomorrow.

Lakshmi is anxiously waiting for Rishi, he enters the room when she bumps into him apologizing, he says he wants to sleep she suggests him to only sleep on the bed. Rishi asks if he can request something but she refuses saying it doesnot seem like a request, he replies he would have ordered it otherwise but he says he forgot, she accepts saying it is fine, he gets frustrated saying this is what angers him, Lakshmi apologizes saying that it is fine. Rishi mentions he sometimes feels she has come just for the sake of money while the other times he feels she came just for him, so will she tell him the real reason, the lights go out and she tries to leave when he stops her but she says that everyone would be worried, he asks her to first give the answer when she says he would not believe her, she explains that she has come here just for him, he says he knew it all but Lakshmi reveals she did not want the divorce or the court and came here for him, Rishi explains he is also feeling something but it is wrong between them both so they both cannot live in the same room but Lakshmi replies that this cannot happen at all, he asks the reason but she doesnot have any answer, he mentions that he knows she wants to stay with him but he doesnot want to live and is going to leave for the destination tomorrow morning.

Malishka and Sonia are standing when Karishma enters explaining that Rishi himself wants to go away from Lakshmi but they were wrong to blame him as he himself wants to leave Lakshmi, they all are really excited when Karishma exclaims now for the great plan saying that she feels Malishka should leave with him hearing this she gets really excited exclaiming that now the bad times are going to end as she will be with him alone at the resort.

Lakshmi gets really tensed requesting Rishi to not leave, he replies that it is a business meeting and he will have to go since when the divorce is finalized then he would have to pay her a lot of money but she replies she means he must not leave now and can postpone it for next week, Rishi replies that if he knew she would act like this after hearing the news, he would have left a while ago. Lakshmi is really tensed wondering what can she do as Pandit jee warned her that the bad times are going to start from tomorrow, she came here just to protect Rishi but he is leaving her, she is really worried for Rishi.

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