Unfortunate love update Monday 2 January 2022

Unfortunate love 2 January 2023: The Episode starts with Virender asking Rishi what happened, and asks where is Lakshmi? Rishi says I had gone alone, Lakshmi must be in room. Virender says he is in tension. Ayush says court date is today and he don’t want to lose bhabhi. Virender says they will be together always. Rishi goes to his room and thinks how will I seeface Lakshmi? He looks for her, and sits on the bed. He sees Lakshmi sitting on the floor and comes to her. He sees injuries on her forehead and hand. He takes ointment and applies on her hand. He is about to apply it on her face when she sees him and brushes off his hand, recallings seeing Malishka and him on the bed. Rishi asks Lakshmi what happened? Lakshmi asks him to stay far from her.

She asks him to say. Rishi recalls Malishka’s words. Lakshmi asks do you want to say something. Rishi says actually I….Lakshmi gets teary eyes. She sees his hand injured and asks how did you get injury? She holds his hand and cleans it. He thinks you are taking care of my injury and I hurt you unintentionally. He says Lakshmi, I was coming….Lakshmi asks where was he all night? Rishi hesitates and says actually. Sonal comes to Malishka. Malishka says you are genuis and hugs her. She says I will give you grand party after Rishi and my marriage. Sonal says you shall marry lavishly after Rishi’s divorce. She teases her for being with him and asks what must be happening there. Malishka says a storm. She says I really wish that I could see that, as I was seeing their lovey dovey scenes till now, and says today they will sacrifice each other.

Sonal says Lakshmi will be sacrificed just. Malishka smiles widely and says yes, I mean that only. Sonal laughs. Kiran looks at them.Rishi tells Lakshmi that he went to Malishka’s house and then….Lakshmi says how you can tell your wife that you betrayed her. Rishi says how do you know? Lakshmi says I have seen with my eyes and I felt like I am dead. She says I felt so much pain, that I broke, shattered and died. She grabs his collar and asks why did you do this? Lakshmi says I came to save you there, but I didn’t know that I will be betrayed there. She asks Rishi, why did he do this? She says she can bear anything, but not betrayal. She says I am dead, I told that my identity is because of you, you have ended it in that one moment.

She asks why did you do this? She says if you would have told me once that you wanted to stay with Malishka, then I would have gone away from you both. Rishi says even I don’t know how did this happen. Lakshmi says you will clarify me about this. She says if I had done such mistake then will you accept my clarification. Rishi says you never does such mistake. Lakshmi says whenever I see you, I will remember your mistake and betrayal. Rishi says I am really sorry from my heart. Lakshmi asks if our relation, trust and love will get intact like before. She says you have betrayed Malishka also.

She worries for Malishka and says what she might be going through. Sonal whispers to Malishka asking if Aunty heard. Malishka whispers lets see. Kiran asks Sonal why she didn’t go yet.Lakshmi asks how can he do this? Rishi says I don’t know, trust me. Lakshmi says I trusted you and fought with the world with the trust that my husband will never leave me, even if the world leaves me. She says you have betrayed me big. Rishi apologizes to her and bends down on his knees, and says I don’t know if I deserve forgiveness or not, I am angry on myself. He says punish me, but don’t say that I broke your trust. He says I didn’t do it intentionally and says I will never do it. He asks her to trust him. Lakshmi says I trusted you more than myself.

Kiran asks Sonal to leave and asks Malishka to be in her limits else she will tell everything to Rishi. Malishka gets shocked. Sonal tells Malishka that your Mom will not support you like before. Malishka says if Mom tells everything to Rishi then he can’t be mine. Rishi asks Lakshmi to punish and beat him. He slaps himself holding her hand, and says I can’t compensate for your pain, punish me, I will bear it, but can’t bear your hatred. He keeps his head on her head and cries. He hugs her and says I will bear any punishment, but don’t hate me. Lakshmi says we give punishment to those on whom we have some right, but I have no rights on you, everything is over.

Ayush coming to Rishi and Lakshmi’s room and asks why they didn’t get ready till now. He says lets’ face this day, you both shall face it. He says the court and Judge can’t do anything and says whoever wants divorce, takes it. He asks them to tell in the court that they don’t want divorce, and says neelam Mami wants to throw Lakshmi out, but they shall be adamant not to ask for divorce. He says I am younger than you both, but have to make you understand. He asks them to get ready and come to hall. Lakshmi cries. Rishi takes his clothes from the cupboard and goes to change. Tujhse juda hua plays….He goes to washroom and cries, rubbing lipstick marks from his body. Lakshmi looks at the sindoor on her hand.

Rishi asks himself, why did he betray Lakshmi and break her trust, and ended everything. Kareeb se song plays….Lakshmi thinks of calling herself lucky.Karishma tells Neelam that everything depends on Rishi. Neelam says Rishi has given me swear and now divorce will happen. Virender says they will take a decision and asks Neelam not to interfere. Neelam says my son has given me sworn. Virender and Neelam argue. Dadi says we don’t have to become the reason who gets the kids divorced, and says they shall be such a family that makes the family differentiate between right and wrong. Virender says you said right. Karishma thinks how divorce will happen if Bhabhi stays silent. She says get the divorce done, please.

Rishi looks at Lakshmi and his marriage pic and cries. He thinks don’t hate me, Lakshmi, you can punish me. He cries. Lakshmi comes there and looks at Rishi. Rishi gets teary eyes and the tears fall down from his eyes. Lakshmi and Rishi come downstairs. Dadi gives them flowers in their hands and asks them to look at it to get strength to say the truth. Karishma says Judge is there and asks Dadi not to do any drama. Dadi says no power of the world can separate them. Neelam says nobody can keep them together if they are destined to separate. Ayush asks Dadi to tell what is flower funda. Dadi says they might tell each other what is in their hearts? Ayush asks what is it, which they didn’t tell. Dadi says Ayush. Ayush says I love you. Rishi and Lakshmi are in the car.

Malishka tells Sonal that Rishi must be upset due to his divorce, so I want to go to him and make him realize. Sonal says Rishi doesn’t love Lakshmi, but she had trapped him. Malishka says when you have any pet, and when it goes, it is painful. Sonal says yes, but there is no comparison between Malishka and Lakshmi. She says now I will see them divorcing.Rano says if this divorce happens, then how the second daughter will go there. Shalu asks Ayush if everything is fine. Ayush says Dadi blessed them to express their love to each other. Shalu says really and gets happy. Rano says you will be Rishi’s suhagan for forever. Peon comes and says Rishi and Lakshmi’s case is going to start.

Dadi asks Lakshmi not to think anything. Malishka comes there with Sonal. Lakshmi recalls seeing Malishka and Rishi. Malishka tells Lakshmi that her maid told that she had come to her house last night and says I will forget whatever happened, and asks her not to let the case affected by her. She says I will see if I shall lie or die, I will handle and asks them to take their own decisions.Rishi and Lakshmi come to the Judge and all the family members too come there. Judge says welcome and says we have come for final verdict. She says it seems you have cleared all the differences and trying to save your relation. Ayush tells that Lakshmi had saved Rishi in court during terrorist attack and Rishi taking blame on himself for Lakshmi. Judge says I want your opinion to take the decision.

Dadi asking Judge why she wants to ask them. Judge says you are family and understands the problems between them. She says she wants their opinion and asks Neelam to say. Neelam says this girl Lakshmi has put Rishi in trouble and Rishi has always overlooked her problems. Virender says Lakshmi had saved Rishi everytime. Rano says yes, she thinks about others before herself, it is good destiny to get such a bahu. Karishma says she is inauspicious. Dadi scolds her. Neelam says now you have understood what we think about her. Virender says even our opinion. Neelam asks Rishi not to forget the promise, which he made to her. Ayush asks Rishi to say I love you, then marriage and love is assured. Dadi asks Lakshmi to say the truth as she has blessings flower with her. Judge asks if I shall know? Dadi says you will know. Everyone leaves.

Judge asks Rishi and Lakshmi if they want to take divorce even now. Virender gets upset with Karishma to telling lakshmi as inauspicious and unlucky.Judge comes out after sometime. Dadi says Judge Saheb, you have given your verdict so early. Judge asks what you all are doing here, they have gone long back. Virender asks what did you give verdict. Rishi and lakshmi are in the car. Their heads collide with each other. Neelam asks if the divorce is done, if Rishi asked for divorce. Virender asks Judge what she has decided. Judge says I am a Judge and has done what they wanted, I agreed and stamped their decision. Neelam asks if divorce happened or not. She tells Karishma that he has promised her. Judge says I wanted to know from them that they don’t want divorce, and that’s why I asked them.

A fb is shown, Judge asks them to tell what they have decided, after spending so many days with each other, after knowing each other etc. Rishi says what Lakshmi wants and lakshmi says what Rishi wants. Judge asks them to tell clearly. Rishi thinks of his promise made to Neelam. Lakshmi thinks about seeing him with Malishka. They say divorce at the same time. Judge asks if I heard right, are you sure? She asks if this decision is final. Rishi and Lakshmi are teary eyes and say yes. Judge says ok. She asks Lakshmi if she wanted alimony. Lakshmi says she doesn’t need anything and says she asked from God, but this was written in destiny. Judge says I agree, but you can ask. She asks Lakshmi to stay in the same house until she makes arrangements for her stay.

Rishi says it is her house, she can stay there, I will take care of everything. Judge says you are saying this after divorcing her. Rishi says he is divorcing her for her wish. fb ends. Judge informs them that they had decided for divorce so I have to finalized it, I have to grant it. Malishka hugs Sonal happily. Neelam smiles with her mouth wide. karishma congrats her. Dadi says how did this happen? Ayush asks Dadi to ask Rishi and Lakshmi. Dadi says I will ask. All the evils smile.Rishi asks Lakshmi if they can’t change their decision. He says I know that I broke your trust and betrayed you, but I can’t live without you. He says I will win your trust again.

Lakshmi asks if you can wipe that betrayal of that night and says she can’t live being betrayed. He says don’t separate me from you. Lakshmi says don’t make me remember that night, everything is over. He asks will you forgive me. Lakshmi wipes her tears.Malishka is driving the car and tells Sonal that finally they demanded divorce, I am so happy. Sonal says we need to celebrate and have party. Malishka says main drama will happen, they have to tell at home, why they wanted divorce.

Sonal says all the credit goes to me, else you would have been with Balwinder and bursting small crackers. She says what I did, a big blast and Rishi and Lakshmi are separated. She says Rishi will tell else Lakshmi will say. Malishka says Lakshmi will not say. Sonal says then we will say, who has locked our mouth.Lakshmi comes back home with Rishi. She thinks of Rishi’s promise to her that they will never separate. Dori tutgayya plays. Rishi comes there and cries seeing her crying. He couldn’t bear and goes to washroom. He recalls their moments. Rishi cries and wipes his tears. He recalls Lakshmi’s words and cries more.

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