Unfortunate love update Sunday 1 January 2023

Unfortunate love 1 January 2023: The Episode starts with Malishka telling unconscious Rishi, how he doesn’t know how much she loves him. She kisses on his forehead asking him to wake up. She then says why am I doing this, if he wakes up, then he will get up and will leave. She asks him to stay with her like this, sleeping. She rests her head on his shoulder and keeps his hand on her waist. She says I wish you could be with me like this in conscious state. Lakshmi comes there, slaps Malishka and says today you have crossed all limits. She asks if this is your love? Malishka asks her to be quiet in her house. Lakshmi asks her to keep her mouth closed and says I am slapping you as you have done this.

She asks her to leave and tries to wake up Rishi. Rishi gains consciousness and asks foe water. Lakshmi asks him to get up. She asks what do you think that I will leave my husband and will lose trust on him. She says Rishi can never do this with anyone and says his trust will break from you, he will not look at you and will not think you as suitable to hatred. She insults Malishka and takes Rishi away. It was Malishka’s imagination. She thinks if Rishi comes to know then she had faint him, then? She gets Sonal’s call and asks what you are making me to do. Sonal says Lakshmi left from her home and asks her to show for what she is coming, and says just do it.

Malishka says I want my Rishi and thinks Sonal is right, I will not get this chance again. She gets closer to Rishi and starts kissing him. She keeps his hand on her waist. Lakshmi recalls Sonal’s words and thinks don’t know what Malishka is going to do, and thinks she will not let anything happen to Rishi. Sonal is following Lakshmi and thinks stupid fool, didn’t think before leaving. She says today’s plan will not fail, as it is mine, you will be gone away from Rishi forever. Malishka kisses him desparately and says she is very happy and peaceful than she thought. She says I wish you will be closer to me even in conscious state, but this is enough for now. She says I will kick out Lakshmi from our lives.

Lakshmi reaches there. Malishka removes Rishi’s jacket and throws it far. She removes his shirt and applies lipstick to her lips and kisses on his hands. She makes nail marks. She then wears gown. Lakshmi enters, while the guard tries to stop her. Lakshmi says not today. Malishka removes the outer gown and lies closer to Rishi. Lakshmi comes inside Malishka’s house. Malishka keeps Rishi’s hand on her, as if he is hugging her, and says Lakshmi shall come now, come Lakshmi come, I am waiting for you, with my Rishi, in his embrace. Lakshmi comes there and opens the door. She sees Rishi and Malishka on the bed, hugging each other and sleeping.

She finds lipstick marks on him. Malishk pretends to be sleeping.Lakshmi gets shocked and goes from there, closing the door. Malishka thinks yes, wow Sonal, what a game. She says I have won my life and my game. Lakshmi sits shockingly and says it was a dream, I didn’t see. She wipes her tears and says I didn’t see anything wrong.Malishka gets up and says Lakshmi has seen how close we are, as if we are husband and wife. She sees Lakshmi opening the door and pretends to be sleeping again with Rishi. Lakshmi sees them again and cries badly. She runs out of the house and falls down on the road. She recalls his words and cries. She gets up and goes home. She reaches home and cries. Malishka thinks very soon I will be with you on the bed. Sonal comes there.

Malishka gets up and hugs Sonal. She says finally, Lakshmi has seen everything. Sonal says yes and hugs her. Malishka says Lakshmi must be broken into many pieces that she can’t gather them. She says tomorrow is their divorce. Sonal says tomorrow they will get divorced, and Lakshmi will forever mourn. Lakshmi asks why did you do this Rishi? The photo frame falls down and breaks.

Lakshmi crying and asking why did you do this Rishi? She recalls his words that he can guarantee that he will not leave her. She recalls their moments and continues to cry. Malishka and Sonal drink wine after cheering for the new beginning. Malishka asks how we will tell Rishi? Sonal says don’t tell him enough, your fake tears are enough and asks her to shed crocodile tears at the right time and asks her to practice. Malishka says it will happen and says Lakshmi has made me shed real tears, and now it is her turn to cry. She says it will be morning for everyone and darkness in Lakshmi’s life. Dadi comes to the inhouse temple and sees diya not lighted by Lakshmi, and thinks she must be upset, as Neelam told the verdict before court, that Lakshmi has to leave today.

Dadi asks God why did he give so much pain to Lakshmi and asks him to do something so that her life gets filled with happiness. Malishka comes to Rishi and kisses him. Rishi gains consciousness in the morning and stops her, asking what is she doing? He asks where is Lakshmi? Malishka says you are with me, on my bedroom. Rishi says you have given me tablet. Malishka says you had headache and that’s why you said that you will sleep here. Rishi asks did I say? He says Lakshmi must be worried, I shall go home. He wears his tee and clothes. He asks where is my phone? He says bye. Malishka asks him for the goodmorning kiss and acts shyly. Rishi asks what? Malishka says you have taken so many kisses from me in the night and asks him to look at his face once. He gets shocked and asks about it.

Malishka asks him to look at his shoulder and back, and says it is our love sign. She asks him to check his neck. He sees it and asks what is all this?Mukesh thinks what to do, Lakshmi Bhabhi haven’t come till now. Neelam comes there and asks what happened? Mukesh says Lakshmi tells me everyday what to do? Neelam thinks very strange, she didn’t stop acting till now. She tells Mukesh that she will tell him and says today is last day for Lakshmi. Rishi tells Malishka that it is enough of joke. Malishka says you held my face and says I loved you, though you are married, but you can’t forgive me. He asks did I say this? Malishka says excuse me and asks if I shall be happy or feel guilty with whatever you did.

He asks what happened? Malishka says yesterday night, you and me…and says she is feeling ashamed. Rishi says I have never crossed my limits with you. Malishka says till yesterday and says it happens between the people who are in love, such weak moments come, just like you forced me. Rishi refuses to believe. Malishka says it was my first night and I was very happy with you. Rishi says I used to love you, and never did this thing with you. He says now I am married, so how can I do this with you. Malishka says why you was not leaving me, and you held me and forced me to remember our moments etc. Rishi doesn’t remember, as she is telling all fake story. She says suddenly I saw different Rishi, we did all that what we could do after our marriage.

Malishka says I could stop you, but you forced me and I forgot all that as I love you. She says you told me once that you want to get me, and I surrender myself to me, without any thoughts. He says he doesn’t remember and wipes the lipstick marks from his face. She says it is our memories and asks what you are doing? Rishi asks what are you doing? Malishka says ok forget it, just I know it. She says it was special for me, I got you for a night, I got your love. Rishi says I never do this in reality. He breaks glass pieces on his hand and says don’t touch me. He falls for her trapping words. Malishka says you completed me yesterday, a girl’s respect is important for her, I will not ruin it. She says you know how much I love you and sheds fake tears.

Shalu and Bani pray to Baba ji for Lakshmi. Rishi apologizes to Malishka for the mistake which he has done. Malishka says it was our love Rishi, and love can’t be wrong. She then accuses him of trapping her, and asks if it was love or trap. Rishi says don’t ask me anything. She says I can’t hurt you and says let it be mistake for you, I have forgiven you so you can go. Rishi is about to go. Malishka hugs him and says I love you and I know that you can’t hurt me. She says don’t betray me after taking my everything. She says I know you are married to Lakshmi, but you don’t have husband and wife relation with her, but it happened with me as we have love.

She says you knows your Malishka, don’t betray me, I don’t like to bend down infront of everyone, I begged infront of you and asks her not to leave him. Rishi says Lakshmi, and runs away from there. Malishka says job done, and says now my dream will be fulfilled.Rishi is driving the car and stops the car just before hitting the wall. A pandit ji looks at him. Rishi worries how did he do this? Virender thinks Rishi and Lakshmi haven’t come out of their room, and thinks if they went out. He thinks today Judge will declare that their divorce can’t happen. Ayush sees him and asks where did he go, everyone was searching him. He sees tilak on his forehead and asks if you have gone to temple.

Fb is shown, A Pandit ji comes to Rishi and tells him that he got saved from a big trouble, because of his wife, who is his big shield etc. He says she will always save you. fb ends.

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