Guddan Zee world update Monday 2 January 2022


Guddan 2 January 2023: Revati keeps calling angat. Guddan says are you okay? She says angat isn’t picking his phone. We had to meet but didn’t decide the place. Can you ask AJ please? Angat never does that. Guddan calls AJ. Dadi says she shouldn’t be worried. Guddan says is everything okay there? She says Revati wants to talk to angat. AJ says he is asleep. There was a lot of work today. He hangs out. Guddan says Angat is asleep. He was tired. Revati says thank God. Guddan says something isn’t right. AJ is lying or something. We can’t go there. I can’t but you can. go and check if Angat is there.Angat says if AJ gets to know I am here he would kill you. Thugs come in. Angat says who are they? Antra says your brother can never find you.

She says I will bury you in the wall. You will be anarkali. she laughs. Angat says let me go. My brother will kill you.Bhushan says to Guddan why are you denying his love? You can’t see what your parents can. Your eyes could always tell me what do you want. You are all grown up but your eyes are the same. Eyes never lie. I know you have love for him in your heart. Don’t let that love go away from your life. Guddan cries. Guddan says I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I can do this. Bhushan says you always said you can’t do this but I always said you can. Guddan says I remember. Bhushan says trust your dad again. Close your eyes and ask your heart. You will have your answer. You can do this.

Angat says let me out. Angat is burried beyond a wall. His face is out. Antra says you are my pawn. Angat says you are crazy. She says you will suffer because of your brother. Now thing game would become more interesting. This oxygen cylinder has less oxygen only. And then I decide when you die. she closes the wall. Antra says good bye.Revati says angat went to hospital alone? Why didn’t anyone go with him? AJ says he was not that ill. AJ gets a call and goes upstairs. Dadi and Durga go to kitchen and say let us get you something. Revati calls Guddan and says something is wrong here. Everyone looks worried. And there is a box with nail and blood in it. Please come.

AJ says let me talk to angt. antra says you do what I ask. Come here. If you get late, I will cut Angat’s fingers. AJ says I will kill you. Kishor says we should tell police. AJ says no. He rushes out. Revati says what are you hiding? Where is angat? Durga says everything is fine. Daid says yes. Guddan says dadi put hand on my head and tell me there isn’t anything wrong. Durga says noting is right in this house. Guddan says what.AJ comes to the temple. Antra is there as the bride. She says pandit ji groom is here. We have to get married. AJ says are you crazy? You think I would marry you? Antra says you ave nothing to decide. You choose Guddan over your brother? Let me call my thugs and ask them to behead angat.

AJ says you won’t do anything to him.Antra says come inside then. AJ sits with antra. Antra says start the wedding.Guddan says did AJ tell anything where is he going? Dadi says Antra called him and he left. Guddan says he never tells anyone. Where would we find him and angat.Antra is getting married to AJ.Guddan says laxmi track AJ’s phone. We have to find him. Antra says this game would be fun. AJ says Antra I will kill you if you harm Guddan or Angat. Revati says no one knows where angat is. I want him back. Antra calls guddan. antra says where are you? Guddan says don’t play this dirty game. Tell me where is angat and where is AJ. You are coward. You showed your reality. Antra says let’s play from front. I know where your AJ and Angat are. I would give you their address.


I am marrying AJ in the temple right now. And your Angat is right opposite to it. He has only oxygen of 30 minutes left. You can either save Angat or stop this wedding. The interesting game right? If you bring anyone else, you would lose both. Revati says we have to call police. Guddan says no. Revati says I will kill myself. Dadi says we can’t tell police. Revati says we can’t let Angat die. Durga says if anyone goes, Angat’s life is in danger. Revati says I would go. Guddan says you have to trust me. Revati says you can’t save both of them. Guddan slaps Revati and says I will bring Angat back. I promise. You have to stay here. You going there can risk Angat’s life. Guddan says I have t go. Dadi says God will help you.

Guddan runs on the road. She says there isn’t time left. What way should I go towards. Guddan closes eyes and says I know where to go.Bhushan says Revati please calm down. revati says I have to go. Bhushan says trust Guddan. She would save both of them.Antra makes AJ wear garland. she says you feel helpless right? We could be celebrating right now. AJ says you can’t defeat my Gudan. She would come and she would stop this wedding. antra says how would she be at two places? AJ says she would do both and shatter your ego. Guddan is hidden. there. She says I know you want me to save your brother.

Guddan comes where Angat is. There are thus outside. Guddan throws her gold bangle towards them. They all run to it. Guddan throws another thing. While they collect gold, Guddan sneaks in. Guddan says anat where are you. Angat is fainting. Guddan sees the wall.A woman comes to temple and says you are AJ right? You are married to Guddan. ANtra says go from here. AJ says everyone knows my wife is Guddan. You can’t take Guddan’s place. Antra shoves the old woman.
Guddan breaks the wall. she gets Angat out. She says we have to get home.AJ picks up the woman. He says why did you
do this?Angat says bhabhi please go save AJ. I will go home myself.

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