Twist of fate update Wednesday 28 February 2024

Twist of fate 28 February 2024: The Episode starts with Prachi recalling Vishaka receiving the call about Ranbir’s death in an accident. Prachi and Ashok reach there and see the police bringing the dead body.

The Police officer says they have found chain and wallet with the dead body. Prachi opens the chain’s pendant and sees Khushi and her pic in it. She is about to see the dead body’s face, but the Inspector tells that the face is completed ruined and she can’t see. Prachi cries. Fb ends. Prachi says Ranbir…I couldn’t forget you even for a moment, if these kids were not with me, then I would have come to you.

Purvi comes there and says we will get late, and asks her to come. She asks if everything is fine? Prachi says yes.

RV tells Krishna that his era is over, and now it is their turn. Krishna tells that he has 235 companies in all around the countries. He says he doesn’t have 4-5 small companies like him. RV says very soon, our company will open many branches. Krishna says until you reach 235, we will reach 2000 companies. He asks Robert to think with whom he wants to do business. RV says I can do anything and asks if I shall give example.

Krishna says he don’t like it and says you are over confident. Robert asks them not to fight as it will affect his business. Krishna says he don’t want to waste his time and energy on small fish and that’s why wants Robert to work with you. He says inexperienced person like you, will ruin Robert’s business in few months. He says you will be flop as you don’t have many resources like me, and the launch date will be postponed, and then Robert will come to me and will be forced to give me double price. He says this is called Doom’s day, kayamath ka day and tells that he will use it to get double profit for his company.

Robert asks them not to fight and says he will tell after talking to his CEO. The video call is ended. Krishna tells his manager that he wants the flight tickets to Mumbai asap. He says RV is not like others and will try to get the contract. He says I will go there and will get the contract, and if I get time then I will see Diwali also.

Ashok and Vishaka keep their stall in the Dussehra Pandal. RV friend or brother that Krishna was calm and was making him angry. RV tells that he will snatch the contract from KK from under his nose.

His brother says I had a doubt. RV stops the car and asks him to ask the tempo guy to move the tempo to side. His brother/friend asks if I will go? RV asks him to go. His brother goes to Poorvi and asks her to hurry up and move the tempo fast, as sponsor RV’s car is waiting. Poorvi asks the guy to help her keep the boxes in their stall. The guy agrees to help them. Soon the boxes are taken out of tempo. RV sees Poorvi and recalls seeing her before also. Song plays…Diya tells the guy that he is a good worker and asks if he can help them in cooking. Vishaka sees his clothes and asks from where he got such nice clothes. She asks him to give the hammer. The guy gives her hammer. Diya says even Badi Maa thought you as labour. She introduces him as labour to Prachi. The guy asks for 10000 Rs. Prachi gives him money. The guy tells Diya that he is Yug and says tells Poorvi and her name. Diya asks how did he know? Yug says everyone knows. Ashutosh/Poorvi’s fiancé comes there. Diya says you should have come long back. Prachi says it is good that he came. Diya tells Poorvi that she will go and see RV. Poorvi thinks why Diya is interested to see him. Diya sees RV from behind and thinks why Yug is getting so much attention. She sees a guy getting down from his jeep and getting inside the pandal. She runs inside. The guy asks who inaugurated the Pandal, and asks guard to call someone. The guard says he is with the sponsor.

Poorvi asks Ashutosh to do something. Ashutosh helps her. Diya tells Poorvi that Jasbir is here. Poorvi gets tensed. Vishaka is about to taste the pani puri, but Manpreet teases and stops her. Jasbir learns from someone that the food stall is of old caterers. Jasbir recalls teasing Poorvi and says Poorvi Kohli.

 Jassi asking RV’s employee about the caterer. The guy says old caterers kumkum Bhagya catering service. Jassi reminisces Poorvi slapping him. He tells Pandit that no event happens without him, and asks him to ask Sponsor to wait for himn. Pandit ji asks the guy to announce that the aarti will guest. The guy says first RV sir shall be here, then the diya shall be light with firetorch and then aarti will happen. Pandit ji asks him to announce for aarti and tells all about the event’s programs. Diya tells that that they shall go and block the place to see aarti. She asks everyone to come. Vishaka says she won’t let us work and asks everyone to come. Ashok asks Ashutosh to come. The chef tells that he wants kitchen stuff. Poorvi says I will bring it. Prachi says she will bring. Poorvi insists. Diya asks everyone to come fast and says last time, they couldn’t see aarti. Ashutosh goes with guard to move his scooty.

RV tells Yug that the pandal is good and says why don’t I invest in it before. Yug says you have others things to see. Diya comes there. Yug tells RV that the girl thought him as labour and made him work.

Prachi says sorry and says I heard what my daughters have done with RV’s special man. RV says he is my cousin brother. Vishaka says so you are RV. She reminds him that she had come to his office with Poorvi and had said hai hai..RV tells Yug that if Poorvi made him work as labor. He asks if Poorvi manages this business. Vishaka says this is our family business, Kumkum Bhagya catering services. RV’s employee announce that the aarti will start.

Jassi looks at Poorvi talking to Chef. Chef says he wants Nitrogen dioxide to make the food fast. Poorvi tells that she will check and goes to the storeroom of the pandal. Jassi follows her. Poorvi thinks where is Nitrogen dioxide? Jassi comes there and switches off the light. He then says ting tong and says people go for candle light dinner, but I have brought the mashaal/firetorch. He says your beauty never diminishes, and says you was beautiful then and now also. He asks if you will not answer. Poorvi asks did you ask something? Jassi asks how are you? Poorvi says I am fine. Jassi says I have to go to maharaj ji for important work. He says I heard that your roka is done with some teacher. He asks teacher? He then reminds that she has slapped him hard in the market, and asks what was his mistake, as he was only smelling her dupatta. He says I couldn’t forget it and tells that he had sent alliance for her, but her mother told that she is studying now, and they will think about marriage later. He says he was in jail for few years and when he came out, her mother said that she (poorvi) is already engaged. Poorvi asks him to let her go. He says you shall go and call off the roka. He says you have slapped me hard and says you insulted me, MLA’s son. He asks her to announce Jasbir/Jassi weds Poorvi. He says go and announce that you are calling off alliance with that guy and getting related to me.

RV tells Yug that he has to do this inauguration fast, and tells that he thought to give proposal to Robert tomorrow, but he heard that KK is coming. Yug says KK is an old player. RV says he shall retire.

Krishna/Ranbir is in the plane, and hears Prachi’s name. He recalls coming to Tandon house after his accident, and finds the prayer meeting happening. A lady tells Prachi that she loved Akshay so much and that’s why kept prayer meet after 45 days, and says your Jodi with him was made for each other. She says Mata Rani shall give you strength to forget Akshay. Ranbir misunderstands Prachi and goes from there. He recalls Mihika telling that Prachi is badly affected with Akshay’s death and was telling in sleep that she loves him a lot. Ranbir says Prachi loves me and I love her. Mihika asks then where is Prachi? I am here, but not Prachi. Fb ends. Ranbir thinks what I am doing, I am going to India, I might reach there and see Prachi. Prachi senses strange feeling. Pandit ji brings the Kumkum plate and the Kumkum falls on Prachi’s forehead due to the fan wind. Vishaka asks what did you do? Pandit ji tells that her husband will have a long life.

Ranbir thinks Prachi is a betrayal and tells that he don’t want to see her face. He thinks she is in Delhi with Tandons, and thinks she will not be in Mumbai. Yug teases Diya. Diya thinks to complain to Poorvi about him. Poorvi asks Jasbir to let her go, else she will shout loudly.

He asks her to shout and use all her energy, but nobody will hear her. Poorvi says I don’t like you. Jassi says whom you choose and says Ashutosh doesn’t have good looks and says he will say ABC with you. Poorvi says my family has selected him for me. Jassi tells that she looks like a heroine and says what was her name. Poorvi tries to run, but he holds her. He says he is MLA’s son and he is not a goon, but decent and suitable for her. He says if I was goon, then wouldn’t have come to you with the alliance. He asks did I kidnap you? Poorvi asks him to let her go. He says I will let you go on a condition, if you call off your roka. He says you are mine. She shouts No.

RV looks on. Pandit ji asks him to inaugurate. RV says they are in a hurry and will inaugurate. The guy says we shall lit it with the match stick. RV asks where is the firetorch. The guy says it is with Jasbir.

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