Twist of fate update Tuesday 27 February 2024

Twist of fate 27 February 2024: The Episode starts with Manpreet asking Poorvi to give oil for the diya. Poorvi brings oil and says it will never be less when she is here. Prachi tells Ashok that the dupatta will look good on Poorvi. Ashok says yes. Kaka asks Poorvi to give something. Manpreet says we have hired you for cooking and asks Poorvi not to go.

They do the puja. Just then they hear someone calling Poorvi. Manpreet asks her to go. Vishaka asks Divya to seek some blessings for her daughter and says she needs Poorvi’s help to select even the bangles. Prachi and Ashok comes there. Vishaka asks Ashok if he brought Ganapati and Lakshmi ji’s impression on something. Prachi says they have brought a big vessel. Poorvi tells about Manpreet’s saying that silver or copper utensils are auspicious on Dhanteras. She says our kumkum bhagya catering runs due to it.

Poorvi asks them to see that Maa got Lakshmi and Ganapati ji’s photos made on the vessel. Vishaka says they should have brought silver coins with their photos on both sides. Manpreet tells that Kaka is calling Poorvi again and again. Poorvi goes. Vishaka tells that Divya’s daughter is not wise like Poorvi. Prachi praises her. The girl praises Prachi. Prachi goes. Manpreet says Prachi has taken care of us after Ashok and Mihika. Vishaka says we came for her here. She says we thought that we will run Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall, but we are running the catering. Ashok and Manpreet get emotional and tell that Prachi is their daughter. Later Prachi asks kaka to add kesar to the sweets as her daughter khushi and her sasural will come. She wits for her. Poorvi tells that Khushi has many responsibilities and she has to take care of her sasural and mayka also. Khushi comes there and Poorvi splashes water on her mistakenly, as she tries to dry the cloth. Khushi runs behind Poorvi. The aarti plate falls down. Manpreet says aarti plate fell down. Khushi tells that it was kept on the wrong side. Poorvi apologizes to her. Manpreet says this is the difference between Khushi and Poorvi.

Prachi apologizes to her on Khushi’s behalf. Khushi asks her not to apologize and says the plate was kept at the wrong side. She says she has come as poorvi called her. Manpreet says you didn’t do any favor on us, and tells that this is your house too. She says we have to complete the order of 500 people for Dhanteras. Poorvi says they got the order because of her. Vishaka comes there and hugs Khushi. She tells them that Khushi is not middle class like us and tells that if she wanted then she would have got profit from us, but she knows that her mother will not earn any profit. She says it would be good if they had given contract to someone else.

Manpreet tells her that she should have given contract to someone else like she said, but the food and sweets wouldn’t be tasty. She says your mother adds dry fruits and kesar in the food and sweets, so that your mother in law don’t taunt you. Khushi gets upset and goes from there. She tells Vishaka that she is right and tells that her mother is wrong and because of her, both Ranbir and Akshay died and Mihika bua is in mental asylum. Poorvi comes there and says our mother is not responsible. She cheers up Khushi and takes her out. Divya says only Poorvi can cheer her. Vishaka tells Divya that she loves Khushi a lot and sees Akshay and Mihika’s reflection in her. They come to know that the food stall order is cancelled at the pandal. Khushi calls her inlaws and comes to know that the Pandal arrangements had gone from their hands, and the contract went to RV group.

Everyone panics and thinks what to do? Manpreet says we have already made food of 500 people. Prachi says we will sell it somehow. Poorvi tells that they shall go to RV corp and shall talk to them to let them keep the food stall in the pandal. Prachi asks Vishaka to go with Poorvi. Pihu gives food samples to Poorvi.

RV is busy in a meeting with his employees, and the employee tells him about KK company which is leading. Rajvansh tells that he wants their company to lead everywhere. He is informed that some ladies want to meet him and is doing drama at the reception. Rajvansh hears about Kumkum Bhagya catering service and says nice name. Vishaka argues with the receptionist to let them meet RV as they had lost in the business. Poorvi asks Manager to understand and apologizes to her. Rajvansh comes there.

 Vishaka telling Manager that they want to meet RV.  Poorvi requests him that they want to meet him for the catering business. The manager says RV sir is not here. Vishaka asks him to call him. They are being thrown out of the office. RV comes there and hears slogan against him. Manager says some ladies had come and doesn’t tell more. RV says he will get publicity. Poorvi and Vishaka are walking on the road. Vishaka says what kind of people they are, and tells that they have taken their food bag also. She sees a lady and tells that she had come here for business meeting. Poorvi looks at the boy there. RV is talking on phone and asks the driver to increase the AC. Poorvi sees RV’s speedy car about to hit the boy, and saves the boy at the right time. Vishaka shouts Poorvi. The driver stops the car as the people stops her. Vishaka tells Driver that he has tried to kill her daughter, and asks him to give 1 lakh Rs. Poorvi says we don’t want any money. Vishaka tells her that this car is of RV corporation. Driver goes to RV and tells him something.

Poorvi cleans the mud from RV’s car window. Mitwa song plays…..He opens the window. Vishaka calls Poorvi. Poorvi’s dupatta falls on him, as she turns. Vishaka asks why did she clean his car. The lady thanks Poorvi for saving her son and says I will never forget your favor. Poorvi says no problem, just take care of him. RV hears her. The driver drives off. Vishaka tells Poorvi that RV is not a good guy and says nothing good will happen to him. She says he didn’t come when I called him and cursed him also. They come home. Manpreet and prachi tell them that they got call from RV’s manager, and they got the order back. Ashok says they told that an old lady shouting at them. Prachi says Manager had tasted the food left by you. Manpreet praises Poorvi to have all Prachi’s qualities. Poorvi goes to the inhouse temple and thanks God and then asks God to bless RV manager also.

A saint/fakhir baba comes to RV’s car. RV gives him money. The fakhir baba blesses him. He says he don’t believe in all this and goes. Fakhir baba says one day you will believe. Prachi gets hurt while keeping the plates. Poorvi comes there and takes her to do the first aid. Prachi reminisces Ranbir worrying for her the same way, and then applying her ointment saying it will have burning sensation, but it is necessary. Poorvi says the same and bandages her finger. She says I will get all the things loaded, and says love you, kisses on her cheeks. Prachi reminisces Ranbir doing the same, and stops Poorvi. She gets emotional and thinks Ranbir is not with him, but his daughter who is same as him, as with her. She hugs her. She then says she will get the things loaded. Poorvi thinks she has understood that RV likes fights.

Ashok makes Manpreet wear the mangalsutra. Prachi looks at them and goes. Manpreet senses Prachi’s emotions and loneliness. Prachi goes out and do the work. She thinks of Ranbir and reminisces her moments with him. Rula ke gaya ishq tera plays…..Manpreet asks Ashok why did he do this infront of Prachi. He asks what? Manpreet says you made me wear mangalsutra? She says Prachi is lonely since Ranbir left. Ashok feels bad too.

Prachi takes her mangalsutra out from the box and wishes Ranbir to be with him. She imagines Ranbir coming there and taking mangalsutra in his hand. He makes her sit and makes her wear it. Prachi cries. He kisses on her forehead and signs her not to cry. Song plays….He wipes her tears and holds her hands. Prachi smiles and closes her eyes.

RV meets the client and tells RV corp is the best. A guy is seen on the chair and laughing, on the video call. RV says I am serious about work, but seems like Mr. Kakkar is not serious about work, and tha’s why he is not here. Mr. Kakkar’s face is shown. He is Ranbir. Robert tells RV that Krishna Kakkar don’t like his insult. Krishna says it is ok and asks RV what he was telling about him.

Prachi says I know that your existence is impossible, but I wish it becomes possible and I wish you was alive. Krishna takes off his goggles. Ram Ram jai Shri Ram plays……


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