Twist of fate update Thursday 29 February 2024

Twist of fate 29 February 2024: The Episode starts with the guy telling that firetorch is taken by Jasbir. RV says I am the sponsor, why did he take it. He gets down to go there and take firetorch from him. Poorvi asks Jasbir to leave him. Jasbir says now you are feeling bad, but will thank me later, as I will keep you very happy.

Poorvi pushes him and asks him not to come near her. Jasbir says you are looking like statue of liberty, with firetorch in your hand, and says if you are tigress then I am tiger. His goon comes there and asks what is happening here? Jasbir says it is personal thing between your Bhai and Bhabhi.

Poorvi tries to run. Jasbir comes there and tells Poorvi that he is her would be husband and asks who hits him like this. She pushes him. He says you have beaten me so much. Poorvi asks him to leave her and shouts for help. RV comes there and hears her scream for help. He looks at Jasbir and Poorvi through the window. The body guard says his boss is busy. RV says it seems he is busy without her consent. He comes to the door. The body guard tries to stop him. RV hits him. Bodyguard goes. Jasbir opens the door. RV asks where is the fire touch. Jasbir says it is with the girl there, and asks him to move, and let him go. RV pushes him and gets inside.

He comes inside and asks Poorvi to give the firetorch. She says I can’t give. RV tells her that he understand and tells that he will handle that joker in 2 mins, and then he will not trouble you. Poorvi asks really? He says yes. She turns to him and they look at each other. RV holds the firetorch and feels the current. He asks if you feel anything. Poorvi says no. He takes the firetorch in her hand and asks if you haven’t felt that what you are talking about. She asks him what feeling, he is talking about? RV says just give 2 mins and goes out.

RV’s guards hold Jasbir. Jasbir asks them to leave him. RV asks him to go to his Dad’s house and do whatever he wants and tells that he don’t want this dirt here, and asks them to throw him out. Jasbir says you are doing wrong, you don’t know who am I? Poorvi comes out after 2 mins. Jasbir tells the guards that they don’t know what will happen with them. The guards throw Jasbir on the ground. Jasbir says RV has to suffer and he has done a big mistake. RV walks towards the idol for the puja. Manpreet tells Prachi that they have to get back to stall after the puja. Diya tells Prachi that Jasbir is here. Prachi says you would have told me. Poorvi comes there and thinks she shall not tell her as she will get worried.

She says she had gone to bring stuff for Maharaj ji. Ashutosh comes and tells that he was allowed to park his scooty for 10 mins, then they will park his scooty somewhere else. He says they were impressed with him and offered him tea. Pandit ji plays the shank and the puja starts. RK does the aarti. Ashok takes it and does the aarti. Manpreet, Prachi and others come to do aarti. Poorvi does the aarti. RV sees her it with difficulty and holds the aarti.

He does aarti with her again. Diya comes to do aarti, and yug holds it. They do the aarti. Prachi senses someone’s presence and thinks what is happening to her.

At the airport, Ranbir sees a lady wearing red saree and walks towards her. Song plays…..He goes to her and calls her Prachi, but the lady is someone else. He says I am sorry, I am mistaken. Driver comes there and asks what happened Sir. Ranbir says why did I come here, the thing happened for what I was afraid for. He thinks to take the contract and leave.

Ashutosh comes to Prachi and tells that Poorvi went to the kids. Khushi asks the lady to make the kids ready in good clothes and asks her to buy better outfit for them, and take money from her tomorrow.

The boy comes there. Khushi says he is looking lovely. She senses someone is keeping eye on her and turns, but there is nobody. A lady calls her and gives her earrings. Khushi wears it and goes.

Jasbir comes to the pandal with Sword, but the guards stop him. Jasbir says he will not leave RV. The guard tells that everyone is praising RV even the kids for organizing 3 days pandal.

 Jassi scolding his goons for not stopping RV when he hit him. He then makes plan to cut the Ravan’s legs so that when it burns then it will fall on the pandal and then everything will be burnt into ashes. RV tells that everything was organized well, and tells that he has to leave for the business meeting. He sees the guy wearing the blind fold and headphone, and throwing knife on the archery board.

RV asks if it is not risky. His employee says no, and tells that he is doing this since years and asks him to stay back and see. Poorvi comes there and stands near the archery board. The blindfolded guy throw the knife on the board. Poorvi saves a boy coming there and hugs him. The boy’s mother comes there and thanks her. Poorvi says no need of thanks. The blind folded showing the stunt looks at them.

RV looks at Poorvi and smiles. Song plays ishq ka rog lagaya. A celebrity is coming there in the taxi and he gets stuck in traffic. Driver identifies him. The celebrity says he wants to reach there for Ram leela and has to fire the arrow at Ravan, Ram Leela will end by now. Jassi and his goons cut the Ravan’s statue legs to some extent.

Everyone is seeing Ram Leela. Jassi tells the goon that when the Ravan falls, he will make heroic entry and will save Poorvi. She says she shall feel that jassi saved her. Khushi comes and sits with Poorvi. RV sits with the audience to see Ram Leela. Yug asks the manager to bring more Ravans. He says that hero will come whose 200 crores film had come. The celebrity calls the Manager and tells that he can’t come there, as he is stuck in traffic and asks him to get Ravan dahan done by someone else. Khushi gets a call from her husband and goes to attend the call. Manager asks RV to do Ravan Dahan. Yug says all your sins will be washed away, as you will become Ram. RV agrees. Pandit ji announces that Rajvansh will do the Ravan Dahan. Poorvi looks at him as he takes the bow and arrow in his hand, and recalls RV saving her from Jassi. Jai Shri Ram plays……

He walks towards the Ravan statue, with others. Tandon family also comes there to see the Ravan Dahan, leaving their food stall. RV looks at Ravan. Pandit ji says jai shri Ram. Everyone claps. RV lits the arrow with the firetorch and fires it at the Ravan. Everyone claps. The Ravan starts burning. Khushi ends the call and tells that she is going inside, as Ravan dahan happened. Manager thanks RV for the help. Jassi is sitting outside and waiting for Ravan to fall in the Pandal.

The people seeing the burning Ravan, sees it falling and move back to safety. The Ravan falls. Jassi laughs and says time has come to become hero. He says Poorvi, I am coming. Prachi says we shall leave from here and shouts Poorvi. Ranbir hears Prachi’s voice. Prachi sees Poorvi. Poorvi saves a lady. RV also stops to save the people. Khushi runs towards Poorvi to save her, and hugs her. RV sees Khushi saving Poorvi and taking her from there. The guards stop RV. Ranbir gets down from his car, outside the Pandal and sees the crackers. His heart beats faster. Prachi and Tandons come out. They tell that how the fire broke out here. Pandit ji says some bad reflection is here, else nothing of that sort happened here, this is inauspicious. Jassi is coming there. He looks at the people who come out

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