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Twist of fate 23 November 2022:  Prachi is walking on the road and says even I am pregnant, but nobody congratulated me or loved me, neither family nor Ranbir. She sits on the road and cries. She says I am sorry, my baby.

I thought that you will get your father’s love and name, but your Papa is not like I thought, he left me first and then you. She cries and recalls Ranbir telling that he wants to be a baby girl’s father who will call him bau ji. She says why did you do this with my baby. She cries. Ranbir comes to the Rhea’s ward and says hi. Rhea says hi. Ranbir asks how is she? Rhea says I am sorry for ruining your party, everything was going well and says you got in stress due to me. Ranbir asks how is this possible?

Rhea says I really don’t know? She says she got dizzy and fell down. She says I thought that I had something wrong. Ranbir thinks Rhea didn’t know about it. Aaliya, Pallavi, Vikram and Dida congrats Rhea. Rhea asks why are you congratulating me? Pallavi says you are pregnant. Rhea asks really? Aaliya says yes. Pallavi says she wants to announce this, so that everyone come and bless Rhea and her baby. Rhea asks Ranbir if Prachi knows. Ranbir goes from there. Pallavi asks Rhea, what kind of party she wants, traditional or modern.

Aaliya says traditional. Shahana comes to Prachi and asks her to see and walk. She takes her from there. Ranbir comes out calling Prachi. He thinks where is she? He recalls Rhea’s pregnancy news, and hearing Prachi’s baby heart beat. Shahana makes Prachi sit on the side bench and asks what you was trying to do? She scolds her and says I will bring auto for you. She checks her and says you have fever. Prachi recalls Ranbir and her moments, and his promise.

He comes home calling Prachi. Mahua says she didn’t come home. Ranbir says where did she go then? you might haven’t seen. Mahua says she had locked the door and opened backside door to feed the dogs for sometime. Pallavi returns home with Rhea, and all the family. She says Rhea is infront of you. Rhea says Buji and Mummy are taking care of me as I am delivering baby tomorrow.

Aaliya says I will take care of you for 9 months. Rhea says you will not let me keep my feet on the floor. Aaliya says Ranbir will do this. Vikram asks where are you lost, Ranbir? Ranbir asks where is Prachi, dad? Prachi returns and stops, and says if I shall get inside or not. Shahana says this is your home. Prachi says nobody welcomed me after marriage, but I thought my baby and I will be welcome, but leave it, I am thinking if I shall come here or not. Shahana says a big storm have come, and asks her to have patience and stand on her place. Prachi steps inside. Aaliya asks enough Ranbir, why you call her name always. She says you shall be happy. Dida says he is not happy and thinking something.

Pallavi says pregnancy news brings new responsibilities for a father, he is serious and that doesn’t mean that he is not happy. She asks her not to compare Prachi and Rhea. Dida says I didn’t take Prachi’s name. Aaliya says Ranbir and Rhea have moved on in their relation, Rhea is going to give you heir and asks if you will not accept her as the bahu. She asks her to regard Prachi as bahu, but don’t trouble Rhea.

Pallavi says same goes for me, and taunts Dida, asking her not to trouble Rhea. She says she is going to be the mother of the heir and says she will not hear anything against her. Ranbir says Mom. Pallavi asks him to respect his baby’s mother and take care of her, and stop worrying about Prachi. She asks Mahua to just take care of Rhea. Rhea says if I am dreaming to get so much love. Pallavi hugs her and says time has come to fulfill the dreams, and you totally deserve it. She says you have to be ready for the celebration.

Ranbir asks celebration? Vikram says your mom kept traditional celebration for Rhea, where guests will come and bless Rhea and her baby. Pallavi asks Ranbir to take her to room. Ranbir holds Rhea’s hand to take her to room. He stops seeing Prachi. Aaliya asks Ranbir to take Rhea to his room. Prachi gets teary eyes. Ranbir takes Rhea to his room. Pallavi comes to Prachi and says you don’t think good, atleast you can congratulate your sister fakely.

Ranbir takes Rhea to room. She asks what is the matter? He says I want to go and meet Prachi. She says I understand. He says you don’t understand and says nobody can understand what is happening with him. Rhea asks him to talk to her. He says I will talk to you, after talking to Prachi. She asks what you was going to talk to Prachi. He says so much. He gets teary eyes.

Prachi is devastated and says she thought that Ranbir will apologize to her and their baby, but Ranbir couldn’t fulfill the relation for this birth. She says I was mad to ignore, seeing them together. Shahana asks her not to cry, and says it will have bad effect on the baby. Prachi says it will have effect anyhow, as her dreams will not be fulfilled. She says love is the betrayal.

Prachi saying that whenever she tried to go away from this house or tried to change her way, then her love brought her back. She says she had fought with Ranbir for marrying Rhea, and she said that he betrayed her, but he said that he loves me. She says I was a fool to believe him and says I always believes him closing my eyes. She says her heart broke. Shahana tries to pacify her. Prachi says everyone is loving Rhea’s baby, but what about my baby. She says our destiny is different, why my baby is not getting love and adulation, why I am not getting my husband’s support. Ranbir knocks on the door. Prachi asks her to ask him to leave her alone. Shahana asks him to leave Prachi alone.

He says it was my life’s biggest mistake to leave her. Prachi closes the door on his face and asks him to go. Ranbir feels sad. Prachi cries. He sits down and says I didn’t think that today everything will be ended. Prachi says nothing will be fine now. She cries. Ranbir gets teary eyes too.

Next day, Shahana asks Prachi to have other medicine. Prachi says she has less fever. Shahana asks her to have medicine. Panditayan comes there. Pallavi asks did you have difficulty to search house. She says I will make you meet my bahu. Rhea hugs Pallavi says it is lovely. Pallavi asks her to take Kamleshwari Mata’s blessings. Rhea takes her blessings. Prachi also takes her blessings for the baby. Aaliya says she is not pregnant, just Rhea is pregnant. Kamleshwari mata tells that her blessing will not go waste. Ranbir comes there and takes Mata’s blessings.

Pallavi tells about the ritual where the pregnant lady sits in the weighing machine and her equivalent weight of sweets, fruits etc is given to poor. She asks her to go to room and rest, says she will call her in sometime. Kamleshwari Mata asks Prachi if she is pregnant? Pallavi says no, she is my son’s first wife, but couldn’t give us the baby. She says some woman don’t believe in family and she is like that. Ranbir asks seriously? Pallavi says he gets embarrassed to talk about this. Kamleshwari Mata tells that she knows the future and says you can ask if you have any question. She says there is nobody here to answer you. Dida says she is lonely here. Pallavi comes there and says she made the ladies sit down. She asks everyone, why they look sad and asks Prachi if she did something. She asks Prachi to call Rhea, and says be careful, she is pregnant.

Prachi goes to Rhea’s room. Rhea asks if you came to congratulate me, and asks if you was feeling shame. Prachi says Mummy called you for puja. Rhea says she is happy as the puja is happening for her baby. She asks Prachi if she will also sit with Ranbir for puja, and says you are feeling bad that I am pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. She laughs and says to get pregnant, one needs to have a good husband for love, but you don’t have destiny, love or husband. She says you was with Ranbir, but nothing happened. She says I am pregnant and says that’s how destiny is. She says that time you was with Sid, and says then also no good news came. She smiles and says oops. Prachi is shocked. Rhea says it was too much, I shouldn’t have talked about Sid.

Rhea gets vomiting and goes to washroom. She asks Prachi to pass the napkin and thinks she had heard about it, but now feeling also. She says it is out of the world, and says it is like someone is telling me that I am pregnant. She says I already love the child, and asks her to think how much everyone will love her. She says Ranbir will love me so much and will care for me. She says every day he will be with me, and will make me sleep and feed me food with his hands. He will bring whatever I crave for. She says she has learnt lesson of the life, and says everyone do love, but to get the memory of it is special. She says anyone can become a wife, but becoming a mother is a big thing and you are a barren woman. Prachi says I am not barren, but I am going to be Ranbir’s baby’s mother. She says he has married me and I am pregnant with his child. She says I am his only legal wife. Rhea says this baby is not of Ranbir and says you are illegal wife too. She says you are feigning pregnancy. Prachi asks her to feel if she is saying truth or not.

Pallavi asks Ranbir why is he sad and standing on a corner. She asks him to try to be happy and says you was happy before this good news came. Ranbir says I was happy as….Some guest comes and congrats Pallavi. Pallavi asks him to congrat Ranbir. The guest hugs Ranbir. Pallavi asks Shahana to call Prachi. Shahana says you have sent her to bring Rhea. Pallavi asks her to call them.

Dida calls shahana. Rhea says you are lying and asks her to not to do this. Prachi says if you say anything wrong again about my baby then? Pallavi, Dida, Aaliya and Shahana come there. Dida says Prachi’s baby. Aaliya says Prachi can’t be pregnant. Prachi says she is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. She says I don’t want to give this news this way, but you people forced me.

Pallavi asks her to stop her nonsense, says when I don’t regard you as my bahu, then how to believe that this baby is of Ranbir. She says you said that you are pregnant, but don’t call it as Ranbir’s baby and says it is illegitimate. She says Ranbir has married Rhea, and only her baby will be the heir, and asks her not to fall her reflection on Rhea. Rhea asks her not to make noise and says this celebration is for my pregnancy and you might not like it, being jealous woman. She asks her to get lost and asks Pallavi to throw her out. She says either of them will stay here. She says if her bad reflection falls on her, then. Aaliya also slams Prachi.

Shahana says only a mother can tell about the baby’s father. Pallavi says why didn’t you tell before, and says you acted to be pregnant, just as you come to know about Rhea’s pregnancy. She says even if you show the report, then also I will not let the baby get this family’s name. She says I will never give this family’s name to your baby.

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