Twist of fate update Thursday 24 November 2022


Twist of fate 24 November 2022: Pallavi telling Prachi that even if she shows her medical report, then also her baby can never be the heir of this family, I will not let him get this family’s name.

She says neither you nor your baby is the part of this family. She asks her to leave and says our happiness can eclipsed due to your reflection and pushes prachi out of the room. She says I will throw you out. It turns to be Prachi’s day dreaming. Rhea asks Prachi if she will move from her way and says lets go. Pallavi comes there and asks Prachi why she took time? Rhea says it is not Prachi’s mistake, I got vomiting.

Pallavi asks her to take care in the first three months. Prachi thinks nobody was there to tell me, now I understand why I vomited so much and felt dizzy. Kamleshwari Mata calls the father of

the would be baby. Aaliya asks Ranbir to sit with Rhea and asks Kamleshwari Mata to start the puja. Prachi recalls making Rhea falling down and then she sits with Ranbir for puja. She thinks it is not Rhea’s baby mistake. She thinks she couldn’t give anything for charity for her baby. Ranbir asks Kamleshwari Mata to tie kalawa to Prachi also, and says she is also a big part of our family. Rhea says it is just for you and me, and our baby. Kamleshwari Mata sys it is for everyone who is sitting for puja.

She asks Prachi to come and ties Kalawa to her hand. Pallavi asks Kamleshwari Mata to start the puja. Prachi gets up and goes to stand far. She thinks of Ranbir asking Mata to tie the kalawa. Dida comes to Prachi and asks her to speak her feelings out. Shahana asks Prachi to say. Prachi says I am fine, I got emotional, but ok. Dida asks her not to think that she don’t understand anything. She asks her to say if she wants. She goes.

Prachi asks Shahana if Dida knows about my pregnancy. Shahana says don’t know. She says if she had known this, then she wouldn’t have allowed this to happen. Kamleshwari Mata says puja is done and asks Ranbir and Rhea to take the blessings of elders. Pallavi blesses Rhea to have children. Aaliya blesses them too. They come to Dida and Vikram. They bless them too.

Kamleshwari Mata tells that now the pregnant lady will sing a song with others. Aaliya says it is tradition. Kamleshwari says they shall sing traditional song. Pallavi says if we follow traditions then the coming generation will follow. The ladies play dhol and sing song for godh bharayi/ baby shower. Prachi recalls Pallavi telling that they will give sweets, fruits, toys to the poor, so that the baby gets the blessings.

They ask Rhea to sit in the weighing machine. Pallavi keeps the fruits, sweets equivalent to Rhea’s weight. Kamleshwari asks them to touch the fruit so that the baby gets everyone’s blessing. She makes everyone touch the apple and keep it along with charity things. Aaliya says now we will start our ritual and says to be Mummy and Papa will dance. Ranbir asks what are you saying? Aaliya asks did I ask you to dance often.

Rhea dances with Ranbir, while he is hesitant. Prachi takes an apple and touches Pallavi, Aaliya, Vikram and Dida’s hand holding the apple, which she wants to give for charity for her baby. She gets teary eyes and is about to go. Ranbir is going behind Prachi. Shahana says let her go, she needs to be alone, what she is feeling, only I can feel.

Pallavi takes Rhea to room and says you needs to rest. Rhea says she is just so happy from within and didn’t know that she will get this pregnancy news suddenly. Aaliya says this is the best phase for you and asks her to enjoy. Pallavi says you are lovely and deserves this. She says Ranbir’s baby will play in my lap and blesses Rhea. She says I will go and see off the guests. She goes. Aaliya sits with Rhea and says everyone is happy, you are happy, but I think a big problem is going to come in my life. Pallavi comes there and asks Aaliya to come, as she can’t handle Mrs. Kakkar. Aaliya goes with her. Rhea gets tensed.

Prachi sees the weighing machine and keeps some gifts in the weighing machine, and sits at the other side. She keeps hand on her tummy and says my baby. She says the fruit of patience is sweet and I feel that fruit of blessing is more sweet. She says the apple is touched by the family, and you will have all elders’ blessings. Aaliya and Pallavi come there and see Prachi sitting on the weighing machine.

Aaliya asks her to get up. She holds Prachi’s hand and pushes her. Pallavi asks how dare you to sit here. Aaliya asks do you want Rhea’s baby to have your badsight. Pallavi says don’t know what you are thinking for Rhea’s baby. Prachi says she didn’t think this. Aaliya says this weighing machine is for Rhea. Pallavi says if you are not pregnant then if it is Rhea’s mistake. She says you couldn’t give love to Ranbir, you never had love in your marriage, else you would have become a mother instead of Rhea. Aaliya says Prachi can never give baby to Ranbir and that’s why he didn’t stop her. She says he will not stop Prachi again from leaving, as he got the heir from Rhea, his own blood.

Prachi goes from there crying. Shahana asks Aaliya and Pallavi to have shame, and asks if you would have accepted Prachi’s baby if she is pregnant, and would have called her baby illegitimate. Aaliya says surely and says now she can’t be pregnant, no chance.

Shahana asking Pallavi to have shame and asks how can you talk like this. She says if Prachi was pregnant, then also you would have called her baby as illegitimate. Aaliya says yes, we would have never accepted her baby, but Prachi can never be pregnant. She says now there is no chance. Shahana is about to reveal about Prachi’s pregnancy, but stops herself thinking about Prachi’s promise.

Aaliya asks her to be silent and goes. Shahana thinks she did right by not telling them about Prachi’s pregnancy, else they would have cursed the baby. She sees Ranbir, and thinks why you have become like this. She says Prachi is very sad. Prachi runs on the road, recalling Aaliya and Pallavi’s accusation. She recalls her pregnancy news and Sushma’s words that if she chooses to go back to Ranbir, then she shall not return. She collides with a car thinking about it and falls down. The lady in the car gets down.

Kamleshwari Mata asks Ranbir what is the matter? Ranbir says I can’t say what is going on in my heart. Kamleshwari Mata blesses him for peace and blesses his baby. Shahana comes there and asks if your love is this, then how would be your hatred for her. Ranbir asks where is Prachi? Kamleshwari Mata says Prachi is also worried like you. She goes. Shahana says why you can’t see her worries. She says you said that you married Rhea forcibly and asks if this is force, it is connection, this celebration of baby. He asks where is Prachi? Shahana asks why you always search her and says leave her on her own.

Ranbir says he is worried. Shahana says your Mom and Aaliya said bad things to Prachi and called her barren woman. She says Prachi couldn’t bear and left. Ranbir says so much happened, and you was seeing everything. Shahana says I tried to stop Prachi and gave a reply to them.

The lady makes Prachi sit in the car. Prachi gains consciousness. The lady says she will take her to hospital. Prachi gets down the car and starts walking.

Aaliya says I thought…She then closes the door and hugs Rhea. She says this is an appreciation hug, you have said that you are pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. She says you did this as it is the work of your left hand. She says I was doubtful that if you can do this work, but you did this work flawlessly. Someone goes from there. Aaliya opens the door and says someone was hearing us, but there is nobody here. She finds an earring and says it is of Shahana. She says this means, she heard us.

Shahana is in the room and cries, asking God…to stop taking Prachi’s test and have some sympathy. Aaliya says I shall go and see Shahana. Shahana asks why my sister bear all the pain, and asks God to do something good with her. Aaliya sees Shahana crying in the room and thinks if she had heard then would have been angry and did planning and plotting against us. She thinks to check if she is wearing earring. She looks inside and finds earrings in both her ears. She thinks then who had overheard us.

Ranbir comes to the road and searches for Prachi. He shouts aloud calling her. He thinks she might have gone to such a place where she can get peace. He hears the temple bell and thinks she must be there. Prachi comes to their rented house and thinks of Ranbir and her moments.

A fb is shown, Ranbir falls on the bed and asks her to read. Prachi reads Pranchi part 2, Ranbir part 2 etc. He says it is our babies names. He says if we get the baby boy, then my extension, if girl then your extension. He says they will mix their names and keep the names for the babies. She says that’s why I don’t want you to make food. She says I will keep the babies’ name. She says baby girl will be Gunjan. Ranbir says it is our neighbor’s name. He says if we have a son then we will name him Rithvik Kohli and if girl then will be Purvi Kohli. Prachi says we will take our kid to my sasural and get the elders’ blessings.

She says they are upset with us, but will be happy with our baby, as it will take our family ahead. Ranbir says interest is more valuable than the Principal. Fb ends. She cries.

Ranbir comes to the temple searching Prachi and wonders where is she? He gets worried and cries, says I want to apologize to you, fall in your feet. He bends down on his knees and tells Mata Rani that everything is happening because of him, and asks her to punish him and not Prachi. He asks her to tell where is Prachi, and what is she doing? He cries and then wipes his tears. He thinks Prachi might be there, where there is peace. He runs out of the temple.

Rhea asks Aaliya what happened, if she was Shahana? Aaliya says no, and says Shahana was crying sitting on the corner. Rhea says this means nobody heard, but what about this earring. Aaliya says Shahana was having earrings in her ears. Rhea says I was super tensed. Aaliya says you made Ranbir believed that you are pregnant, when there is no baby. Rhea says we do planning and plotting, but that doesn’t mean that I will lie about my baby. Aaliya asks if she saw a movie. Rhea says I am really pregnant. She says you said something to me that night.

A fb is shown, Aaliya asks Rhea to get pregnant. Rhea says Ranbir didn’t touched me, and says she can’t be pregnant in her wildest dreams. Aaliya asks her to act to get pregnant. Rhea says to be real pregnant and faking is too different things. Aaliya asks her to spend a night with him and then he will believe her. She says we could have used that night, but it is long time. She asks her to attempt to spend night with him again. Rhea says she will spiked his drink and then the breaking news that Rhea is pregnant, says she will trap him this time. fb ends. Aaliya says you trapped him. Rhea says she is really pregnant with Ranbir’s baby.

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