Imlie starlife update Thursday 18 January 2024

Imlie 18 January 2024: Imlie recalls Atharva’s words that he is living a lavish life in Rana mansion and his daughter Kairi is living a poor life in a rented house because of Imlie. She calls Atharva and says he was right today. Atharva requests her to return back to Rana house and promises to talk right his whole life. Imlie says problem is with his promises, he himself broken down and even her trust; Kairi would have to face difficulties if she stays with her, but she wants to make Kairi more stronger than her mother where world’s biggest sorrow doesn’t break her down. She disconnects call.

Next morning, Imlie gives a job interview at a marketing company where the interviewer gives her a task to convince a tough client who wants refund for sending a defective school bag. Imlie talks to the client and convinces her to pay delivery charges in exchange of a replacement and a pencil box gift as a kind gesture from their side. Interviewer gets impressed and offers her a job with 50000 rs night shift job. Imlie thinks Kairi doesn’t sleep without her, so she needs to take Rana family’s help.

Atharva opposes Imlie’s decision and says Kairi can’t sleep without Imlie. Imlie says she is doing this for Kairi and got a 50000 rs job in an all-women organization. Atharva continues to refuse. Imlie seeks Devika’s help and asks her to take care of Kairi in her absence. Devika happily agrees and says she loves playing with her granddaughter. Rudra says even he will play with his granddaughter and look young. Imlie says they should come over to her house every night and sleep with Kairi there. Atharva opposes again and says she is putting his parents into a tough situation.

Shivani stops him and says she has decided to visit Imlie’s house daily to take care of Kairi, but Atharva didn’t let her speak at all. Devika and Rudra say even they will accompany her. Ginny, Manish, and Divya also insist to accompany them. Akash asks Keya shall he also agree to accompany them. Keya scolds him and shuts his mouth.

Atharva walks behind Imlie and says he is worried for her safety. Imlie says he doesn’t have to worry about her and says her father had a lavish house like this in her childhood, but even then she stayed with Meethi and Dadda in Pagdandiya to prepare herself for any situation in life.

Atharva tries to hug her. Imlie stops him. Atharva says he was a DJ earlier and used to stay out of house whole night, but now he is Kairi’s father and she is his first preference. Imlie says even she is a mother now and her priority is to return to Imlie each day, he knows she follows her promises and asks if he will support her. Atharva tries to hug her again saying always my amigo, then stops and says always Kairi’s mother. He asks if he shall drop her home as it’s raining. Imlie says she will manage. Atharva whishes her all the best. Imlie says thank you and leaves.

At night, Imlie asks Kairi to get ready. Kairi asks reason. Imlie says her grandparents are coming to meet her and asks her not to trouble them. She goes to get ready for work. Kairi thinks mamma irons her dress whenever she goes out, so she should iron mamma’s dress. Imlie returns and finds her dress missing. Kairi is about to touch a hot iron. Atharva reaches with family and stops Imlie on time. Imlie walks to them. Atharva gets angry on Imlie. Kairi says she was trying to iron mamma’s dress. Atharva shouts at Imlie that she should inform Kairia about it’s dangers and explains Kairi not to do such things. He asks Imlie how can she be so careless after promising him.

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