Twist of fate update Thursday 18 January 2024

Twist of fate 19 January 2024: The Episode starts with Ranbir walking in the mall looking for Prachi. Mihika and Divya are looking for him. Mihika asks her to stop and asks her to see at other side, while she checks here. Ranbir thinks where did Prachi go, she wants to give me tension. Mihika sees Ranbir and thinks she shall not call him, but rather go to him.

The media asks Inspector about his strategy to catch them. Inspector says it will be too early to discuss our strategy. He says last time Shera got all the info because of live streaming of news. The reporter says they will not have live stream this time. Shera calls inspector and tells that he had told that he will not kill the person if the person is innocent, but someone is not innocent here and has hurt my ego. He looks at Prachi.

He tells Inspector, you knows how much people I have killed. He says this time I will settles crores. Inspector says I am giving you last chance to mend your ways. Shera says you will give me last chance and advices him to go and let them loot what he wants. He asks him to stop his nonsense and let him do his work. The robbers bring the Manager there. Shera asks where is the key? Manager looks on afraid and folds his hands.

Pallavi and Dida see Ranbir. Pallavi calls him. Ranbir looks at her. Pallavi comes to him and holds his cheeks. Ranbir hugs Pallavi. Mihika is coming there and Mayank holds her and keeps his hand on her mouth. She sees Ranbir hugging Pallavi. Shera asks Manager to give the keys. Manager says he doesn’t have the keys. Shera beats him. Prachi asks him not to beat him. Shera asks her to be quiet. He asks the manager to give keys. Manager says he doesn’t have. Shera asks the robber to kill him.

The robber asks Manager and then shoots. He then laughs and tells that his aim is not missed, just giving him a chance. Manager says key is wrapped in the cloth and kept in the drawer in clothes shop. Shera asks the robber to take him and bring the keys and all the precious valuables. He asks him to take Prachi also, and call him if they do any drama, then he will kill her family. Robber says if her family act smart then? Shera says then I will kill them. Pallavi tells Ranbir that she always missed him, and her time, breath and everything had stopped. She asks if you are fine? Ranbir says yes and asks her to hide for now, as this place is not safe. Dida asks Ranbir to come to her. Ranbir hugs her. Dida says I have seen you with Prachi, and asks what is going on. Ranbir asks her not to tell anyone. He gives swear to pallavi asking her not to come behind him.

Dida asks Pallavi not to think anything, just think that her son has hugged her. She asks her to come with her. Mihika asks Mayank what is his problem and asks him to stay away from her. She says if you touch me again then nobody will be bad than me. Mayank asks then what will you do? He holds her hand tightly. Mihika asks have you gone mad? Mayank asks how can you hate me, and running away from me, pushing me..I was your love, why you are changed, but I am still the same and loves you the same, and will not let you go away from me.

Mihika asks him to leave her, and says she is saying this for the last time. Mayank refuses to leave her hand. Mihika bites on his neck. Mayank pushes her and slaps her. Mihika slaps him twice. She takes the hanger and hits him. He hits her repeatedly with the same hanger. Ranbir comes there and calls Mihika. Mayank hides his face and runs. Ranbir asks Mihika who was he? Mihika says he was the thief and hit me as I was not giving him the ring. Ranbir asks what is the girls’ problem, she was not giving her jewellery and you was not giving the ring. Mihika asks who was she? Ranbir says Prachi.

The robber asks Manager to think about his wife and children, or family. Other robber asks him to think about his freedom and says everything gets finished with one bullet. Ranbir and Mihika are spotted by the robbers and are made to sit with Akshay and others. Mihika and Ranbir ask where is Prachi and Divya? Akshay says don’t know. The robber tells Ranbir that mangalsutra girl is working for them now. A lady tries to run, while Shera and others try to catch the lady. Ranbir finds the chance and runs away from there. Shera finds him missing and says where he will go.

Ashok, Manpreet and Vishaka come to the mall. Manpreet asks Ashok to go inside, and says our kids had come here for shopping. Vishaka also argues. Inspector asks them to go from there and says we will handle. Ashok tells them that they will be freed. Manager gets the keys and opens the jewellery collection store. The robbers steal all the jewellery items and keep them in their bags. The robber then asks Prachi to give her mangalsutra as the time is up. Prachi refuses to give him mangalsutra. Ranbir comes there and holds the robber’s hand as the latter is about to snatch it. He beats the robbers and tries to run away with Prachi. The robber throws gun at his head and Ranbir loses balance and holds his hand. Prachi gets shocked.

 Prachi asking Ranbir to come from there. The robber tries to snatch mangalsutra from her neck. Ranbir gets up and starts fighting with him. Prachi’s mangalsutra falls down on the floor. The robber beats Ranbir. Prachi asks him to leave Ranbir and shouts for help. The robber takes out the knife and is about to stab her, but Ranbir holds the knife and gets his hand injured. He then kicks the robber. Other robber comes there and hits him. Prachi takes trolley and beats the robber with it, asking him to leave him. She comes to Ranbir. The first robber takes the gun and aims at them. He asks where is the mangalsutra. Prachi says she don’t know. The robber asks them to get up and not to act smart, else he will shoot them.

Prachi holds Ranbir and gets emotional. Ranbir asks her not to worry and says he is fine. The robbers bring them to Shera and make them sit. Shera hugs the robber seeing the robbed stuff in the bag. He calls Inspector and tells that they have done the robbery, and got what he wanted.

He asks him to make arrangements for them to leave, and says he wants the clear way. Inspector asks him to surrender to the Police. Shera says you are saying this again and says I will give you dead body, so that you feel that I am serious about my words. Inspector says don’t think of this, if you do then I will kill you all. The lady asks Shera to let her go. Shera says when we leave from here, then you will also leave, but the Police is not letting us go. She says if Police doesn’t agree then I will do what I said. He aims gun at the captive customers and staff. Akshay hits Shera and tries to get his gun. Ranbir and others also fight with the robbers. Shera shouts gun in air. Everyone sit down. Akshay notices Ranbir holding Prachi’s hand. Ranbir leaves her hand and holds Mihika’s hand. Akshay holds Prachi’s hand. Pallavi hears the gun shot and says she will save Ranbir. Manpreet and Vishaka ask Inspector to save their children. Inspector says every citizen’s life is precious to us, and assures to save them. Divya is brought there by another robber. She sits beside Abhay. Shera checks the jewellery and laughs. Akshay asks Prachi, how did Ranbir come with you, when you was with the robbers. Abhay tells Divya that Akshay has gone mad. Prachi says your intention is not good, you want to ask something else.

Akshay asks how did Ranbir come with you? Shera gets a call from Inspector and says our work is done, make arrangements for our exit. Inspector says I gave you a chance to surrender and stay in jail, and we will leave you later. Shera says I am successful in my plan. Inspector and others get inside through the back door stairs. Inspector sees Pallavi and Dida. Dida says our son is here. Inspector asks them to go out and says he will bring their son. Pallavi says I will not go without my son. Inspector tries to make them understand and asks lady constable to take them outside. Shera says Inspector your voice is not coming. Inspector says I thought to come here. Shera turns and sees Inspector standing. He asks him to let him go. Inspector shoots at Shera’s hand.

Everyone starts running. Shera asks his robber to take the robbed bag. Prachi tells Akshay that she wants to go. Akshay says they are in big trouble and tells that everyone is hiding, and asks her not to do any stunt. He asks her to agree and recalls Prachi telling that Ranbir is outside and is trapped. He asks what is Ranbir and your story, what had happened between you both. Prachi recalls Ranbir blaming her for their daughter’s assumed death and asking her to leave from his house. Ranbir looks for his Mummy and Dida. He tells Inspector that the robbers went out this way. He asks if you saw any bahu and saas. Inspector says he has sent them out safely.

Shera calls the robbers and asks them to meet at the main gate and change the way as Police is behind. Akshay asks Prachi why you are worried, and asks if you are worried due to Ranbir. Prachi goes from there. Akshay goes behind her and asks her to stop. Prachi says we will talk after reaching home. They see the people running out. Akshay asks Prachi to come. Shera and his men hide altogether. Inspector and constables go away from there. Shera tells something to his men. They keep the robbed stuff in the bag. The constable tries to open the locked door, which is locked by the robbers. Inspector asks everyone to make two lines and stand in queue. The salesgirl asks Akshay to move to front and signs Ranbir to come and stand with Prachi. Ranbir comes there and stands before Prachi. Ranbir gives her mangalsutra and tells that he will make her wear it. Prachi says don’t come closer to me, my husband doesn’t like it. Ranbir says ask your husband to be with you. Prachi says if you let him then he will be with me.

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