Twist of fate update Tuesday 16 January 2024

Twist of fate 16 January 2024: The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Prachi that it is strange that they have to hide from everyone, though they love each other. Prachi says don’t say anything, we don’t love. Ranbir asks if you are sure? She says yes. He says if you have nothing in your heart and don’t feel any feelings for me, then why don’t you let me tie the lace. He asks why your heart beat is increasing? Prachi asks him to move back from her.

He asks if anything is happening to you. He keeps his hand on her shoulder and asks if she is feeling anything. Prachi says no. He gets closer to her and asks now. She says no. He holds her closer. Prachi feels and closes her eyes. She then realizes and moves away. Ranbir opens the door and tells the salesgirl that he is still trying the clothes. He closes the door and asks Prachi what has happened between them just now.

Divya asks Mihika to try the dress. Mihika asks the salesgirl if she saw Ranbir. Salesgirl says he is in changing room. Mihika goes there. Akshay says where Ranbir could be. Salesgirl says he is in changing room. Akshay gets shocked and says Prachi is in the changing room. Abhay says that doesn’t mean that they are together. Akshay says I shall be Prachi, as I get uncomfortable when Ranbir is near her. He goes. Ranbir asks Prachi to say. Prachi says she don’t want to answer him. Ranbir says I want to know if you felt the same, which I had felt. He says if your answer is no, then I will understand that it is a lie. He says I was closer to you, I felt everything, I felt emotions in your eyes for me, I felt your breath, I heard your heart beat, I felt your soul inside you. Prachi says stop it, this is not right. Ranbir asks why? Just because you are with Akshay and I am with Mihika. Prachi says no, we are separated. Ranbir says I don’t believe that we are separated. He asks her to keep her hand on her heart and say that she has forgotten their love. Prachi reminisces their moments….ke rabba jaanda….Prachi says love is not everything in life, I have understood this with time, where there is no peace, there is no love. She says there is peace in true love, and says peace is needed else it is not love, else there happens is misunderstanding, suffocation etc. She says when two people are in love, they shall feel peace, else insecurities increases and miscommunication happens. She says that’s why I doubted on you and you have doubted me without any reason.

Mihika asks Divya to wait till she tries the dress. Divya thinks she is frustrated, and tells that she can’t do shop. Ranbir says he has doubted her seeing her and then he repented a lot, and apologized to her repeatedly. He says don’t make me apologize much that the mistake seems to be small. He says it is your habit to drag the thing, and says if the rubber is pulled then it breaks at some point. Mihika goes to the other changing room. Prachi asks Ranbir if he wants to say that this thing is happening due to me and says you are blaming me even now. Mihika hears Prachi and calls her name. She asks her to talk slowly and says I heard everything. She says your voice is coming here, and asks if she is talking on phone. Prachi says yes, and asks Ranbir to go from there. Ranbir asks Prachi to go. He refuses and says we shall fight. Prachi opens the door and finds Akshay coming. She tells Ranbir that Akshay is coming here, if he sees us together, then will have problem. Mihika comes out after trying the dress. Divya says it is nice. Akshay and Abhay says she is looking good. Mihika says I will show dress to Prachi. Akshay says Ranbir is inside. Divya asks Mihika and Akshay to bet. Akshay says Ranbir is inside and knocks on the door calling Ranbir. He breaks the door and sees Ranbir standing. Ranbir asks what happened? Prachi comes there and asks what happened? She asks why everyone is looking like this. Mihika says you was here. Prachi recalls climbing and jumping down to the other trial room with Ranbir’s help. Ranbir says I love you much and will say it is night if you say. Mihika says Prachi was here. Akshay says Ranbir was here.

Pallavi sees Prachi, and says I will ask her why did she do this with me. Dida tries to stop Pallavi. Pallavi comes to the trial room, but Prachi and others have left. Pallavi says I want to make her realize what she has done, broken his heart and made him cried. Dida tries to stop Pallavi. Pallavi says nobody can stop me. Ranbir thinks Akshay and Mihika are doing mad act. He slips and falls down. Salesgirl says sorry. A guy collides with Ranbir. Ranbir asks him to walk carefully. He looks at Prachi. Prachi also looks at him. Divya tells Abhay that everything it is going to be bad, infact worst. Abhay says even he is feeling the same. Divya says she is talking about Mihika’s behavior. Abhay says even Akshay is behaving the same and says I am worried that Prachi and Ranbir have to pay the price for this. Ranbir asks Mihika to show the dress to him which she wanted to show him. He says I will also select dress. Mihika goes. Ranbir looks at Prachi and comes to her, holding the jacket asks if it is good. Prachi says it is good, and then asks him to ask Mihika. He says you are infront of me. She goes to other side and says I am not infront of you. Ranbir comes and says how cute. She asks if you are calling me cute. He says I am calling these clothes as cute. She says she is not foolish and he was calling her cute. He asks then why do you act if you know, and says when I called you cute then you would have accepted it. He says whatever you want to see and feel, you don’t want to accept it. Prachi says what you are saying. He says what you want to feel, you don’t want to hear. He takes her to side.

 Ranbir and Prachi are standing on the corner and looking at each other. Prachi tries to go. Ranbir stops her. Akshay looks for Prachi. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and the song plays….Dida thinks why did I come here to take saree and thinks if Pallavi shouts at Prachi then everyone will know about her past. She thinks why Prachi shall suffer because of Ranbir. Pallavi sees Akshay and comes to him. Dida gets worried. Prachi asks Ranbir to move and says I am married. Ranbir says no, you are not married for me. Prachi says let me go. He asks her to answer, if she felt the same what he had felt. Prachi says I have answered it. He says it is a lie. Prachi says I am not lying as you want to hear what you want to hear. She asks him to go and talk to Mihika like this. Ranbir says you are jealous. Prachi says she doesn’t love him and that’s why not jealous. Ranbir thinks he will make her jealous and thinks what to do.

The guy (robber) collides with Prachi and then with the salesgirl, and his bag falls down. He gets angry on her and asks her to say sorry. He says I will complain about you, and will not give you a chance to do this mistake. The salesgirl asks what is my mistake? Prachi hears and asks the salesgirl to come with her. Akshay recognizes Pallavi. Pallavi asks how is everyone at home? Akshay looks on. He asks if everything is fine. Pallavi says he didn’t come home, he is in Bangalore and haven’t come home. Akshay thinks Ranbir is in our house and they didn’t know. He says you are having a misunderstanding and is about to say. Dida calls him Akshay and asks how is he? She asks Pallavi to come with her. Pallavi says I want to talk to him about Prachi. Dida says why you talk about Prachi always. Akshay thinks what has happened to them.

Prachi asks the guy to apologize to the salesgirl. The guy refuses. Prachi asks him why he is having attitude and says you want to complain, I will also complain as you have collided with me. She asks him to come to the manager, and tells that if he doesn’t understand then I will go to Police. She says this boutique runs with her hardwork. The guy gets tensed and says he don’t want Police interference, and says sorry. Ranbir hears her. The salesgirl thanks her. Prachi asks her to remember that she is not weak. The salesgirl goes. Ranbir comes to Prachi and tells her that he was looking arrogant with face, and she shall stay away from such people, he seems to be dangerous.

Prachi says I know how to handle danger people. Ranbir says yes, if you can’t by chance, then I am here. Prachi says my husband Akshay is there to take care of me, and says so thank you. The guy goes to the trial room and takes out the gun.

Akshay asks Mihika where is Prachi? Mihika says she must be in other section. Divya comes there and sees Akshay’s hand shaking, and thinks this is not good chance. He asks Mihika to keep eye on Ranbir, as you both love each other, and is serious, and wants to marry. Mihika says yes. Akshay asks why Ranbir’s family is not aware of you. Mihika asks what? Akshay says leave it, and says I will ask Ranbir. He says why he didn’t tell his family about Mihika, if he had told them that they would have asked about Mihika. He says Ranbir’s mother said that he was in Bangalore, and thinks to find out. Mihika comes to Divya and asks what happened? Divya says nothing. Mihika says why everyone is behaving strangely. The guy/robber comes out of the trial and asks other robbers if they are ready. Manager asks what do they want? They show him knife in the pocket and asks where is the money? The robber pushes him.

Mayank holds Mihika and says you have held him with these hands and he also touched you. He says I can’t bear when someone else touches you. He says remember this always, you are just mine and I have right on you. Mihika gets tensed and says you have gone mad. Mayank says I am mad in your love. He says Mihika…my Mihika. Mihika says you have no right on me, go away from me. Ranbir hears the guy and says surely the guy must be loving her so much. Mihika pushes Mayank. Ranbir thinks he shall not hear their personal talks and goes. Pallavi sees his glimpse and tells Dida that she felt as she saw Ranbir. She says she is seeing him everywhere. Mihika collides with Pallavi and goes.

Prachi collides with Akshay. Akshay asks if she has any problem? Prachi says no. Akshay says when smile don’t look like smile then surely there is a problem, and asks her to say. Prachi thinks of Ranbir and says you came suddenly so I was scared. Akshay asks her to look in his eyes and say that you are fine. He holds her hand, but Prachi gets uncomfortable and turns to go. He says I love you and you knows well that I love you so much. He holds her hand and says I am not forcing you to say, and tells that he is just confessing his love. Prachi says I get uncomfortable. He says I am just saying I love you, and asks what to do, so that you also love me. He says I want to stay with you as husband and wife, and says I am your husband and loves you a lot. Prachi gets tensed. Akshay says I was joking, you took it seriously. Prachi goes. Akshay thinks why did I say that I was joking, I love her and wants to stay with her.

 Dida holding Ranbir’s hand and takes him to side. Ranbir looks at her surprised. Dida gets emotional. Ranbir says Dida…you are here. He hugs her and asks how is she? Dida says I am fine and tells that I have come for shopping. She asks why did he come here? Ranbir says I came here for shopping. Dida says you are here, and didn’t go, then why don’t you come home and meet us. Ranbir says you know all the reasons. Dida says she doesn’t understand and asks if anyone can do this with their loved ones. She tells him that they all can’t live without him and says your mother…..Ranbir says don’t talk all that, I can’t come home and meet Mummy. Dida slaps him. Ranbir holds his cheeks. Dida then apologizes to him and says don’t know why I slapped you. Ranbir says I know you are angry on me, don’t apologize. Dida asks how can you do this with us, your mother loves you a lot and is getting mad in your remembrance. Ranbir asks her not to worry about Mummy and tells that she will be distracted due to problems. He tells that even he misses her and thinks about her daily, and says if I come home, then you all will be worried seeing me, my mental condition is such, I can’t come home, we all will be worried if I come home. He asks her to make Papa and Mummy understand and says I am in your hearts, and asks her not to ask him to come home, and don’t ask him to meet Mummy. Dida says I have saved you from Pallavi as she is with me. Ranbir asks where is Mummy? Dida signs him at Pallavi. Ranbir recalls leaving the house. Song plays…He asks Dida to promise that she will not tell him that he is here. Dida says she saw you already and thought that it is her illusion, and she saw you as she misses you day and night. Ranbir says so let it be her illusion, I am requesting you. Just then they hear everyone shouting. Ranbir tells I will send Mummy here, but will not meet her, and will ask her to come to you, as you are hurt. He asks Dida to pretend. He then goes to Pallavi hiding his face and tells her that the lady is hurt who is with her. Pallavi says Ranbir. He leaves from there.

Everyone is running. Mihika, Divya and Abhay are also running. Mihika asks why everyone is running. Divya says may be fire is caught. Abhay says may be, and asks them to run. The robber spray on the CCTV cameras. They fire in air. One of the robber holds Divya’s hand and threaten to shoot her if anyone tries to run. Abhay asks Akshay where is Prachi, as the robbers are here. Akshay gets worried and looks at Prachi. Prachi looks shocked at Divya. Akshay comes to Prachi and holds her hand and runs with her. Ranbir runs and slides to hit the robber and make him fall down, to save Divya. He asks Divya to run. Divya runs to Mihika. The other robber aims gun at Ranbir. Akshay takes Prachi to the trial room, and Abhay also comes there. Prachi asks him why did you push that guy. Akshay asks her not to question him. He gets tensed.

Divya and Mihika hide in the CCTV room. Divya tells her that Ranbir saved her from goon, but he is still there. Mihika is shocked. She says we are in CCTV room, the goons have fog the Cameras with spray. She says if someone cleans then we can see well. Mihika tries to call Police, but the network is jammed. Dida tries to take Pallavi to safe place. Pallavi tells Dida that she is feeling as if she saw Ranbir, and says I can hear only him. She says I am getting mad, and missing him so much. She says I am trying, but I couldn’t bear and just wants Ranbir, else I am getting mad.

Dida hugs her to pacify her. Dida says you are not mad, he was your Ranbir, your son. Pallavi says you are lying, he was not Ranbir. She says I have gone mad. Dida says your motherly love called him here, he is really your son. Pallavi asks her to swear and say. Pallavi goes calling him, while Dida tries to stop her. The robbers aim gun at Ranbir. The Manager runs. Ranbir recalls colliding with the robber. The robber asks everyone to sit and says if he gets mad then he will shoot everyone, and asks them not to make any sound. The lady takes her phone and gets up to run. The robber takes mobile from her and pushes her. Ranbir asks them to behave well with the lady and tells that she is doing right to save her life.

The robber says he doesn’t want any noise and asks another robber to kill her. The lady says don’t kill me. The robber says ok leave her, and says she is a customer and not our enemy. He says they are bad people and bad with the ones who are bad with them, and tells that they have come to steal jewellery in the above floor, and will take money too. He says we will take money from your pockets also. The salesgirl tries to call, but the robber tells her and others that they can call. They all try. The robber says he has put device to jam the network and has spray on the CCTV cameras also.

He says let me do my work and says Manager can help me. He says don’t know where he has run, and says until he comes here, nobody can move. Abhay tells Akshay that he has made him angry, and says that guy also pushed you, and you are venting out anger on us. Akshay says I am not venting out my anger on others, and doing what I shall do. He says until the manager comes, you can’t move from here. Prachi says I have to go. Akshay stops her and says I will not let you go anywhere. Prachi asks have you gone mad. She says Ranbir is outside, he is trapped and needs us. She then realizes what she said. Akshay holds her hand and says you will not go anywhere. Akshay says Ranbir and Divya are outside, and we have to save them. She pushes him and runs out. The customers and staff waiting outside the trial room, gets inside pushing Akshay inside.

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