Twist of fate update Tuesday 22 March 2022


Twist of fate 22 March 2022: Ranbir says I have to go home and get something for my Prachi. He goes home and tells Prachi that he has brought chikki for his chikchiki. He asks her to sit and says I saw your feet, and it was looking sad, so I bought something for your beautiful feet. Prachi asks what? Shoes. He says no and shows anklet. Rhea hears them and gets jealous. He makes her wear anklet. Prachi says you was thinking about me. Ranbir says yes. Rhea thinks I called him home and he is gifting Prachi. She thinks if he looks at me with love, then I can do anything for him. Ranbir asks for the present and asks her to come near him and give him kiss. Prachi says someone will come. Ranbir says nobody will know. He is about to kiss her. Rhea pushes the vase and asks who kept it on the way, calls Soni and asks her to move it from the way. Ranbir and Prachi go to their room. Rhea gets angry and comes to her room. She takes knife and keeps on her wrist.

Rhea tries  to harm herself with the knife and then throws it on the wall. She thinks of attempting suicide before and thinks I will not do the same mistake again. I will not die, but that Prachi will die and I will live with Ranbir.

She says suicide is the sign of weakness, I will win and will get my Ranbir. Abhi searches for wine in the room and gets desperate. Pragya looks at him and goes behind him. She calls doctor and says he is searching for alcohol everytime. Doctor says you have to stop him, and says addiction is bad for an alcoholic, and says today he will have a bad time, but once he gets rid of addiction, he will be fine. She says his hands are shaking up. Doctor says wine is like a poison for him. Pragya says I will stop him.

Abhi asks Pragya where did she hide The wine bottles? Pragya says I didn’t know. Abhi says what do you think that you can control me, as you are feeding me food. He says he will go. Pragya says I haven’t hidden wine and says I am stopping you from drinking wine. He asks her to go from his sight. Pragya asks him to divert himself and fight with her if he wants. Pragya says I want to stop you from drinking as I worry for you. Abhi says you care for me and asks if she is drunk and asks if she knows what is worry? He says when I heard about your accident, I searched you everywhere madly even after Police closed the case. He says when I couldn’t search you, I started drinking. He says why you didn’t stop me then? He says when I came to hug you, you pushed me and says when you don’t care for me then, why are you doing this? Pragya says I didn’t do it intentionally. Abhi asks her not to act with him and don’t show concern for him.

Pragya says if you are stubborn, then I am also stubborn and will not let you what you wanted. Abhi says I am cursing God for making me loving you. He asks her to go and not to come infront of him. Dadi watches everything. Abhi says she is stopping me from drinking wine, and you know what happens to me if I don’t drink and says everything makes fun here. Pragya wipes her tears and thinks she will bear his anger, but will not let him drink. Aaliya and Tanu see everything. Aaliya says we shall ask Tai ji now. Tai ji asks now? Tanu says Abhi wants to drink now and Pragya has hidden the bottles. Mitali says how to stop Abhi, we can’t live peacefully here. Tanu says if he wants to drink, then he shall drink. Mitali says then why Pragya is stopping him.

She says we shall make arrangements so that he can drink. Aaliya says we shall take advantage of the situation. Tai ji asks why are you asking me to talk to Dadi. Tanu asks her to go and tell Dadi that Pragya is stopping Abhi from drinking and he is getting unwell. Aaliya says either Pragya or Sushma ji will reply to Dadi, when Dadi scolds Pragya. She says when bhai comes to know this, then Abhi will get angry and scold Pragya. Tanu says everyone will fight, and Abhi will stand for Dadi and Pragya will take stand for Sushma.

Mitali says why Dadi will hear Mummy ji. Tanu says she shall show the talent now, and says she shall talk in such a way that Dadi gets instigated. Tai ji says if Abhi leaves from there, then how we will get her property on our name. Tanu says we have planned to make Abhi and Pragya fight daily. Aaliya says we will snatch house from Pragya and will send her from where she has come. Mitali says if Pragya breaks the contract. Tanu says then she has to give 6 crores. She asks Tai ji to go and show her talent. Tai ji says I will do what I learnt from Mitali. Aaliya calls Tai ji and asks her to take Mitali with her. Tai ji says I can do. Aaliya asks her to take Mitali. Tai ji asks if you have doubt on me. Mitali says you have said that you have learnt from me and asks her to take her with her. Tai ji says ok, but only I will say and you shall agree with me. They go. Aaliya thinks Pragya made Bhai against her, that he wants to break relation with her. She says she will make Bhai against Pragya so that he breaks his relation with her and also throws her out of house.

Pragya thinks of Abhi’s words. Shagun comes there and asks Pragya if the guests will stay here for forever. Pragya says yes. Shagun says she likes Abhi sir, but Tanu and Aaliya and others are troubling her a lot. Pragya apologizes to Shagun on her behalf. Other helper comes and asks do you need cockroach. Pragya says no. The helper tells that her brother’s wife left him when he got habitual to drinking. She asks her not to leave Abhi sir. Pragya says I will come. Dadi thinks of Abhi’s words. Tai ji and Mitali come there.

Tai ji tells Dadi that they have done a big mistake by coming here. Dadi asks what are you saying, if you are not getting good food and clothes here. She says you are missing basti actually as you don’t have to do work here. she says you both want this always. Tai ji says not at this cost. Mitali says we are worried. Tai ji says I will say, but don’t think us wrong. She says I feel that there is no love in Pragya’s heart for Abhi. Dadi says you are thinking wrong and says Pragya is doing this as she loves and cares for him.

Mitali says we can’t see Abhi in pain. Tai ji says what kind of care is this, that she couldn’t see Abhi’s pain. Mitali says Pragya wants to see him hurt. Tai ji says Pragya doesn’t love Abhi like us and says he is in pain like fish without water. She says your heart might be strong, but not mine. I can’t see this and will go to my room. Mitali says if Dadi get effected by our words. Tai ji says now she is doubtful. Pragya comes to Abhi and sees him drinking. She asks from where did he get this bottle? He asks her to give the bottle and says he will leave it later. Pragya says I can’t see you drinking. Abhi asks her not to make him get angry and says he don’t want to get angry on her. Pragya says I can bear your anger, but can’t see you drinking. Abhi asks her not to tell that she still cares for him. Pragya looks at him.

Pragya trying to stop Abhi from drinking. Abhi asks her not to make him angry and says he don’t want to get angry on her. Pragya says I can handle your anger, but not your drinking habit. Abhi says don’t tell me that you care for me, and says the people caring for me went when my good days went, and says they were selfish. Pragya says may be your days were good as they were in your life.

He asks how do you know, you are in Australia and living good life. Pragya says you says what those people tells you. He asks her to tell. Pragya says today is not that day. Pragya asks where did you get wine? Abhi recalls Aaliya coming to his room and giving him wine. Fb ends. He says I came to help you, but you are not helping me. He asks her to leave him. fb again. Tanu tells Tai ji that her plan failed. Tai ji says her words will reflect on Dadi and she will do dhamaka. Tanu says we can’t wait till tomorrow, Abhi’s condition is such that we have to put ghee in the fire. She says we have to do it now and asks Aaliya to give wine to Abhi. She says we will become his love ones and we are giving his happiness to him. Aaliya says the person will win with whom Bhai is standing. Tanu says Abhi will stand where wine is. Aaliya says let her take care of Bhai, I will attack her business and snatch her everything. Fb ends.

Pragya asks Tanu if she gave wine to Abhi. Tanu says no, swear on you and will not give. She says I don’t understand that you refused at first and then agreed to buy him. I thought you want to save your image and bought him for this, but you care for his habits more than your mage. She says first you called Abhi’s friends here for party and now letting him drink, she asks what is the reason for calling him here. Pragya says drinking is strictly not allowed. Tanu asks do you love Abhi? Pragya goes. Tanu thinks she got irked, if she fell in love with Abhi and says this shall not happen.

Pragya comes to the hall and sees him sleeping on sofa. She thinks this is the problem of drunkard, he will have back problem in the morning. Abhi opens his eyes and tells that he gets in his senses when he drinks. Pragya says every drunkard says this. He says if I was drunk then you would have been in my embrace. I am in my senses and knows that you hate me. She says I don’t hate you. He asks then what do you do, love? Pragya says what happens between love and hatred. He says I will tell and goes near her. Song plays…..He says it is liking and asks do you like me? He says my friends are like you, who tells that I like you. He says you are fan of my smile. You are lucky to see me in your room and asks her to stop refraining him from wine. He goes.

Rhea wakes up and thinks she didn’t get to see Sid’s face after a lot of days. She thinks she will see Ranbir’s face now. She finds Sid’s letter, that they shall give space to each other, he is going for meeting in Bangalore and then will go to Mumbai. Rhea gets happy and thinks why don’t Prachi go with Sid. She thinks she will do something that will make Ranbir and I together. She says Sid has done something good and this letter will bring Ranbir and I closer, and Mummy will help me.

Dida comes and tells that she made aloo matar sabzi for Vikram. Vikram says I wanted it, this is dil ka connection. Ranbir comes there and tastes the dish. Dida asks him to eat with his mother’s hand. Ranbir says taste will be same. Pallavi thinks Ranbir shall be happy always and make us happy. Ranbir kisses Pallavi and Dida on their cheek and is about to kiss Prachi. Vikram teases him. Ranbir says he was eating bread. Rhea comes there and tells that Sid left me. She shows a small chit in which he has written that he is going to Bangalore. Pallavi asks her to tell what happened? Rhea says he felt bad when I didn’t give him water and he was not talking to me nicely, I thought this happens between couple.

She says I told him that my friend’s marriage is there in Bangalore after 2 days, and asked him to take me but he didn’t take me. She says she is feeling like crying, how I will reach my friend’s wedding and says she is paranoid about it. Pallavi asks Ranbir to call him. Ranbir says ok. Rhea says no, he will think that I am badmouthing about you. Rhea thinks it was not in my plan. Ranbir makes video call to Sid. Pallavi asks where are you? Sid says he is in Bangalore to meet the client.

Pallavi asks him to apologize to Rhea and gives call to her. Rhea ends the call and pretends to talk to him, asks why did you do this, when I said that my friend’s marriage is there. She says I will call him and pretends as if the call is not connecting. Sid makes audio call. Pallavi tells Sid that she will send Rhea to Bangalore. He says he will pick her. Pallavi asks him not to hide anything from his wife and ends the call. Rhea says how will I go alone, I am claustrophobic and paranoid, and scared of travelling alone.

Prachi comes to Rhea and asks her not to judge Sid, he might don’t want to disturb you and that’s why left. She says Sid don’t do this. Rhea says you are talking as your life is good and asks what you would have done if Ranbir had done this. Prachi says Ranbir never cares for small things. Rhea thinks he is different and that’s why mine.

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