Twist of fate update Monday 1 January 2023

Twist of fate 1 January 2024:  Episode starts with Prachi thinking why Ranbir has come here, and says when he has come, he will do drama. She opens the door and finds Akshay standing. Akshay says I am sorry, I thought you was sleeping. He says I have to come, and tells that Mihika didn’t see him, but Bua ji saw me and she started questioning me. Prachi asks what did you tell her? Akshay says I lied to her that you snore loudly. Ranbir comes back to the guest room and sleeps.

Next morning, Prachi gets ready in red saree. Akshay is sleeping on the floor and gets up. He stops Prachi. Vishaka says she is on the door. Akshay stops Prachi and keeps the blanket and the mattress in the bed. Prachi comes inside. Vishaka says you took bath and got ready, good. She gives coffee to Akshay. Akshay says whenever Bua ji is here, she don’t give me coffee. Vishaka sees blanket falling out of the cupboard and asks Prachi to do yoga, and says you are not alone, and has a husband now. She asks if you both don’t want to sleep together, and asks if anyone gets married to sleep at separate places. Akshay says I have understood and will do exercise and gym. Vishaka asks who snores? Akshay says Prachi.

He says Prachi will do yoga, exercise, gym and says he will get antisnoring machine for Prachi. Vishaka says ok, and asks him to drink coffee. She asks Prachi to come downstairs and make sweets for first rasoi. She says Mihika has come in night. Akshay says she met us and got these decorations done, and I gave her shagun also.

Vishaka and Prachi come out of the room. Prachi finds shawl there. Vishaka says it is of that guy who has come with Mihika. She says we shall go there. They come to the guest room. Prachi is about to see Ranbir’s face, when Vishaka pulls her out and tells that the room is stinking with bad smell, and says what people will say about Tandon family. She throws shawl inside and it falls on Ranbir’s face. She says he shall take bath before coming out.

She says we shall make the curtains move so that the bad smell goes from the room. She asks Prachi to move the curtain. They go inside the room. Prachi moves the curtain and the sunrays fall on him. Ranbir turns away in sleep. Manpreet comes there. Vishaka asks Prachi to go with her. She also goes out of the guest room.

Abhay comes to Akshay’s room. Akshay asks how did you get up? Abhay says he was tortured to wake up. Akshay says his life is Prachi. Abhay teases him for the first night. Akshay asks him not to talk such things else leave. Abhay says sisters get nek and brothers get thrown out. He asks who was that guy, who was wearing sehra? Akshay says he can’t talk to Prachi about him. He tells him everything about his kidnapping, but an angel saved him and brought him back. He says he couldn’t see his face. Abhay asks if the guy was Prachi’s ex husband.

Akshay thinks for a while about Prachi’s words and tells that he don’t want to be late for breakfast. Abhay thinks Prachi’s ex husband was behind the sehra, and says I wish I could have seen his face.

Ranbir wakes up in the morning and recalls everything. Mihika comes there and says hi again. He says I am so sorry. She says nice voice and says whatever you said yesterday, was not understandable. He smiles. She says your smile is good. Ranbir thanks her. Mihika gives him tshirt and asks him to wear it, and says she had shopped it for her brother. She asks him to take shower and tells that wine smell is coming from him. Ranbir thanks her for taking care of him. He says I will leave now. Mihika says you can’t leave me like this and says I told everyone that you will have breakfast with us. Ranbir insists to go.

Mihika says it is matter of my respect as I will be proved wrong. She asks him to stay to have the first rasoi of her bhabhi who got married to her brother yesterday. Ranbir says God is getting wrong marriages done. Mihika says you can go, but shall have sweets made by her, and shall praise it too, as she is sweet and beautiful. Ranbir says my family is waiting so I shall go. She then emotionally blackmails him. He agrees. Mihika thanks him and asks him to get freshen up first. Ranbir says ofcourse.

Manpreet shows the things to Prachi and tells that the food which is made from heart will be good. She asks her not to worry and asks what you will make. Prachi asks what everyone likes. Manpreet asks her to make halwa. Prachi says she can make sweets and then she starts praises her mother’s culinary skills. Manpreet asks her to make kheer. Prachi imagines Ranbir saying that he don’t like almonds in kheer. Prachi takes the almonds and says leave me alone, this is not your house.

 Manpreet asking Prachi to make kheer. Prachi hears Ranbir calling not to add almonds in kheer, and thinks Ranbir…please..this is not your house. She takes out almonds from the canister. Manpreet asks do you like almonds? Mihika comes there and hugs Manpreet. Manpreet asks why did you come late? Mihika asks them to scold her at once, and tells that today’s quota is over. She tells Prachi that she has called her friend to have the sweets, and asks her to make it tasty. Manpreet asks her not to trouble Bhabhi and takes her from there. Prachi still thinks of Ranbir and thinks she shall not think about him. She recalls how he used to roam around her asking her to taste the food made by him. She asks why I am thinking about you and cries. Mahiya ve….plays….She says only I think about you, but you didn’t think about me once, and married Rhea, what you always wanted. She says you must be with Rhea, as it is the start of your new morning of your married life, and I am thinking about you. She says I will think about myself, and will never let you come infront of me.

Ranbir thinks to go from there else he has to have food and kheer, and has to praise it too. He thinks to go from other side. Manpreet asks the men to take the carpet and other stuff from back door. Abhay, Divya, Neha come there throwing pillows. Abhay tells Akshay that the girls have made the gang. Ashok takes girls’ side and asks Mihika to go and live her life. She says I am Mihika. He says yes, my dear daughter. Divya and Neha also hug him. He says we will have breakfast together.

Manpreet comes there. Ashok asks her to sit. She says she will go and talk to the decorator. Vishaka asks her to do the work as per her standard and says our Servants can do this work. Manpreet says but. Vishaka says I told. Mihika asks Vishaka to sit. She says I want to talk to you something, and tells that the guest had come here with me, and says he is not just the guest and asks them to treat him nicely. Akshay asks what do you mean? Mihika says he is an angel sent by God, and tells that three goons were following me on their bikes, and this guy saved me. Akshay gets up shocked. Ashok says you should have come by our car and had called the driver. Mihika says driver had gone. Akshay says you was in taxi. Ashok says you should have waited for driver. Akshay asks her to give the bikers’ bike number. Mihika says I was scared then. He says that guy came to save me at the right time, he was drunk. She says the goons hit brick on his head and he had fa inted, so I brought him here and made him sleep in the guest room. She says she has invited him for breakfast. Akshay says we shall thank him personally. Ashok asks what is his name? Mihika says she didn’t ask him.

Ranbir jumps out from the window. Prachi is coming there. Ranbir helps the decorators men to pick the box. Prachi sits down to get her earring. Ranbir couldn’t see her, due to the box on the way. They go past each other and sense each other’s presence. They turn towards each other, but don’t see as the men are taking the mirror from there. Ranbir thinks how can I be foolish, why Prachi will be here.

Prachi thinks I shall not think about Ranbir, how he can be here. Manpreet asks her, if she really don’t know the name. Mihika says she is calling him Mr. Stranger. Vishaka says he drinks so much, and was stinking wine. She says may be he is a goon. Mihika says he is from a good family, I talked to him, it is his personal matter that he got drunk. Prachi comes there. Ashok tells that his dream is fulfilled to see Prachi here. Vishaka asks her to touch everyone’s feet. She asks Ashok not to interfere in the house matters, and asks Prachi to do as she says. Prachi touches their feet. Ashok says he wants to hug his bahu, but later on. Akshay sits on the chair. Manpreet gives the key to Prachi and asks her to handle the house as the owner. Vishaka asks if the almonds are over in the house. Prachi says she will add the almonds and takes the kheer from there. Mihika tells Ashok that Bua will not let her eat, so she will eat kheer and will check on the guest. She comes to Ranbir and asks where is he going? She asks if he is searching way to living room, and gives him kheer bowl. He tastes kheer and thinks it is made by Prachi, then thinks anyone can make it this way.

 Mihika asking Ranbir to taste the kheer and says it is really good, you don’t have to praise it fakely. Ranbir tastes the kheer and says your Bhabhi made tasty kheer. He then says that he knows a girl who makes such kheer and says your Bhabhi made it better, I don’t like almonds in it and she has not added it. He thanks her. Mihika says she is a pigeon who just brought it and asks him to thank her Bhabhi. Ranbir says he will go. Mihika doesn’t let him go and says she told her family about him. Ranbir says ok and thinks she is not leaving me.

Mihika thinks she didn’t ask his name. She comes to the dining table and tells that her guest liked the kheer made by her bhabhi. Prachi says she will serve the kheer to everyone. Abhay says I will taste it. Akshay asks Prachi to get ready by 11 am, as they have to go for Khushi. Prachi gets happy. Vishaka asks her to bring spoons and asks Ashok about Khushi. Ashok says when they come, they will say. Prachi says they will go to Khushi and will bring her home. Ranbir thinks why I couldn’t say no to her, why I shall sit and have food with strangers. He collides with Prachi and they look at each other. Vishaka comes to Manpreet and asks why did you give keys to Prachi and asks who gave you rights. She says why you will ask me, as I am the daughter of the house. Manpreet says I didn’t say anything. Vishaka creates a scene and says I will talk to Ashok. She calls him and asks him to come to her room and talk to her, if he don’t want any drama to happen outside.

Prachi looks at Ranbir. Ranbir looks at her sindoor, mangalsutra and red bangles. He moves back. Prachi says you are here, how you are here? Ranbir says are here as a bride. He says your mangalsutra is not good, your bangles are not good and even your kumkum is wrong, you are not looking good.

Prachi asks why did you come here, why you have come to my house. Ranbir says you have made this house as yours, and looks at the keys in her hand. Prachi asks him to go. Ranbir asks if you will not tell me what happened with you yesterday. Prachi gets angry and pushes him inside her room. He sees Akshay and her photo frames there. He asks if you slept on this bed last night. He throws the photo frame on the floor.

Prachi asks what you are doing here, and why you are asking me questions. She says you shall be in your house. Ranbir throws the things from the table. Prachi asks him to go and be with his family. Ranbir says I am very happy and says you slept on this bed last night. Prachi says someone will hear Ranbir. She keeps her hand on his mouth. Manpreet comes to Vishaka. Vishaka says she will talk to Ashok. Ashok comes there. Vishaka asks if my interference will end here, as she is here. She asks if I didn’t take care of this house, as it is my house. Ashok says it is your house only. Vishaka says when I asked Manpreet, why did she give the keys to Prachi on the first day itself then she replied that she gave the keys to the bahu.

Ashok says Prachi and says she has handled my crores of business, and tells that Prachi is capable to handle home. Vishaka asks how can a stranger tell me this? Ashok says Manpreet said this. Vishaka says how can Manpreet say this to me. She says Manpreet is here until Prachi adjust here. Ashok asks Manpreet to apologize to Didi.

Prachi removes hand from his mouth and looks at him. She turns, but Ranbir twists her hand and says you married Akshay and didn’t tell me. He says Akshay told me this. Prachi says you have no right on me. Ranbir says you have done wrong with me and tells that he has always been bearing her since their marriage. He says you pushed me towards Rhea and when you was pregnant, you hid about your pregnancy from me. He says then you vanished for 6 years and didn’t tell that you are alive. Prachi blames him for hiding the truth from her that Khushi is their Panchi. Ranbir says even you hid this from me. Prachi says I came running to you, to hug you and tell you that Khushi is our daughter, but you was busy with your family. Ranbir says you are lying, you didn’t want to tell me. He says you married Akshay to get her.

Ashok asks Manpreet to apologizes to Didi. She says she will not change the rules for anyone. She insults her. Manpreet apologizes to her. Vishaka asks her not to do any drama and come for Prachi’s first rasoi rasam. Manpreet sits on the bed. Ashok asks her not to ruin things for this house. Manpreet asks if I did a mistake? He says Prachi is a good girl, but you shall ask for Didi’s permission before doing anything. He asks her to come.

Ranbir goes out of the room. Prachi comes behind him and says you can’t go from here, becoming great. She says you didn’t tell me that Khushi is our daughter. Ranbir says I had come to tell you, but you was hugging Akshay there. Prachi says didn’t you hug Rhea, when I came to you. She says you can’t accuse me or my character. Ranbir says Prachi Arora, you got married to someone.

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