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Twist of fate 19 May 2020: Pragya and Purab rush towards an injured Bulbul and takes her to the nearby hospital. Aaliya gets restless that Purab has not come yet. Tanu asks her to relax and says if we ignore men, they will run behind us and if we give attention to them, they will run away.

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Tanu likes a mangalsutra and says it is a good design. Aaliya asks her to buy herself if she likes as she will be marrying Abhi soon.

Pragya and Purab take Bulbul to the hospital. Purab takes her in while Pragya fills form. Nurse asks if that man is patient’s husband. She says no. Nurse then sees Abhi’s name on the form in husband’s name and thinks they should call him. Abhi is busy checking Tanu’s mangalsutra and he drops it when gets a call. Tanu gets tensed that mangalsutra is broken. He picks call and is informed that his wife is in hospital. He informs about it to his puppets and rushes to the hospital.

Purab drops Bulbul on the bed and worriedly calls doctor. He brings doctor and asks him to check Bulbul. Nurse asks him to go out. He says he will not go. Doc checks her and says she is fine. Purab says he can pay much money for Bulbul’s treatment. Doc says she is just stressed with the accident. Bulbul wakes up and calls Bulbul. He then emotionally hugs her while Pragya who comes in silently watches that. Doc says PRagya that this man loves his wife a lot. Purab then gets conscious and leaves Bulbul. Doc asks Purab to bring medicines from chemist.

Abhi reaches hospital and asks receptionist about Pragya. She tells him the room number. Nurse identifies him as rockstar and asks his autograph. He scolds her and gets into Pragya’s room. He sees dirt about the bed and asks doc why can’t he clean it. Pragya opens eyes and says she is fine. Nurse takes his pic. Abhi tensely asks her to stop and asks doc why is he taking her blood instead of transfusing her. Pragya says she is donating blood. Abhi asks why did not she inform him. She says he did not let her speak and asks why is he worried about her. He says he is woried about daadi. He then calls doc and asks him to take all blood from Pragya, he then nervously smiles and says it was a joke and asks Pragya to smile.

He then asks about Purab and goes to check him. Purab gets medicines for Bulbul. She asks why did he hug her in front of Pragya. Purab says he was nervous and did not realize what is happening, says he was mad seeing unconscious. He says he cannot give her place to anyone and asks her to promise she will be happy always wherever she will be. Abhi comes there and asks what promise he is taking from her. Purab says he is asking to promise she will be fine as Pragya will be fine. Abhi thinks he brought PRagya’s sister here and left his sister. Purab says Aaliya must be waiting for them. Abhi says she already must have reached home. He comes near reception when receptionist asks his sign on form. He signs it and thinks something must be wrong with Pragya. He says Pragya she should be tested. He shows her toilet sign and asks what it is. She says toilet sign. He then shows a board a bit far and asks about it. She says she can’t see and asks him to say what it is. Even he cannot read it.

He then asks why did she write her name instead of Bulbul. She says she wrote it in a hurry. He scolds her and signs on the form. Receptionist asks his autograph again and he gives it while she smiles.

Aaliya comes home blubbering that she will not forgive Purab. She sees Purab in her room and asks what is he doing here. He says he came to apologize her. She says she will forgive him if he kisses her and tries to kiss him, when he pushes her and says he needs time. She asks howmuch time he needs, she waited for 1 year and then when she came back, she saw him with someone else and asks if he loves that girl even now. He does not reply. She says she will give him 1 day’s time and after their marrige, there should not be anybody, not even his memories.

Daadic alls all family members and gives them their responsibilities on Aaliya’s marriage. Cousin daadi asks her to let her also work. Daadi asks her to rest. She says she cannot. Daadi then asks her to supervise her family and see if they are working properly. Cousin says this is best work. Daadi says whole family that after Aaliya’s marriage, she will go to religious journey. Abhi says Pragya that his daadi is very happy and if anything problem comes, he will not leave her.

Bulbul sadly reminiscing her acccident and Purab getting worried about her and hugging her thereafter. Purab also reminisces the same. Teri galiyaan….. song plays in the background. Purab thinks how will he marry when he cannot get Bulbul out of his mind. Aaliya on the other side says Abhi that after her marriage, they can kick Pragya out of their lives. Abhi reminisces Pragya rescuiing her. Pragya on the other side reminisces her promise to Sarla. Bulbul and Purab cry remembering each other. Purab calls her, but she does not pick his call. Pragya thinks after Aaliya and Purab’s marriage, what if Abhi informs about their marriage’s secret to Sarla. Bulbul thinks today is last day and tomorrow Purab will be someone else, she should pick his call and pretend as she does not care about his marriage.

Purab says he is feeling very low today and says he cannot be happy with Aaliya and asks if everything can be like before. Bulbul says he will be happy with Aaliya and cuts the call. Bulbul thinks he is repenting for his decision and she should do something, she should not attend his marriage and thinks what to tell her mom.

Abhi sees Pragya standing in front of god idol and asks what is she praying. She says tomorrow she will be going. He says it is his freedom day from tomorrow and says if she is feeling bad and says he had to become bad due to her, else she would have ruined many guys like Purab. He sees her tears and asks if it is glycerin. She says hope he could identify true and false tears. He says all his things have become false, even his whole room, bed, etc. She says her mom will feel bad hearing about their breakup. He says his daadi will feel more pain than her mom and when he can tolerate that, she should tolerate Sarla’s pain. Pragya says if he thinks so, then she will tell the truth to her mom and says her mom believed him most and she won’t be able to hear the truth from his mouth. He gets sad hearing that.

Sarla is in kitchen and asks servants to press the clothes, etc. She then realizes she has sent servants to market. She says dadi that Abhi’s daadi has called her thrice and they should reach there soon. She sees Bulbul and asks if she is coming. Bulbul says she has to attend her friend’s birthday party and asks her permission. She says Pragya will be sad if she does not see her. She says she is doing it for Pragya itself and then changes the tracks, asks her permission again. Sarla permits and asks her to come to the marriage after birthday party. Bulbul prays after Aaliya’s marriage, Abhi should forget his hatred for Pragya and should love her.

Abhi sees Pragya packing her clothes and asks why is she packing so early and says after Aalyia’s bidayi, even her bidayi will happen. She says she is packing old clothes. He says he was thinking she is going tonight itself. She says she will go herself soon. She asks him to change his clothes. Abhi starts boasting his rockstart, etc. She keeps his sherwani out and gets ready in the changing room, wearing a beautiful saree. Abhi wears his sherwani and praises himself. Before Pragya could button her blouse back, Abhi asks her to come out. She comes out and asks him to stop puffing his face as it will not change. He says lakhs of fans die for his look.

She says even a blind can say that she looks beautiful than him. They both start a verbal spat. Abhi sees her blouse buttons open and tells her about it. She gets shy and hides herself with the mirror. She asks him to go out and let him get ready. She says she cannot go out like this.

He says he will zip her blouse but will not look at her back. He tries to get hold of the zip. Pragya screams, that’s not zip. He asks what it is then. Both feel awkward. He says how he would know if he’s not looking at her back. He zips her back with great difficulty. She thanks him and goes out. Abhi sees a zip in his hand and realizes that he broke Pragya’s blouse zip.

Purab’s baarat reaches marriage venue. Daadi asks Abhi to recieve Purab as sala/brother-in-law recieves dulha/groom. Abhi goes to Pragya and says she has to accompany him. Prayga does not agree. He goes and receives Purab. Tanu sees Pragya smiling and asks why is she pretending being happy seeing her boyfriend’s marriage. Pragya says she is looking sad instead as she has to work without money. She asks who told you. Pragya says Abhi told her in an inebriated state and says Aaliya thinks I am greedy but does not know her bestfriend is most greedy.

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