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Twist of fate 18 May 2020: Abhi drag Puneet down and slapping him repeatedly. Pragya asks why is he beating his brother and asks what did he do. Tanu says she was changing clothes and he peeped in. Cousin says he did not do that and Tanu herself called him.

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Abhi starts slapping him again. Aaliya says Tanu told her that he was looking at her wierdly, but she ignored it. Abhi says Tanu is his… then stops and says she is his sister’s friend and starts slapping him again. Mami asks Abhi to stop, but Mamaji asks her not to stop and says he wanted to dance with Tanu and should be punished for that.

Aaliya drags Tanu from there. Tanu asks why did she send Abhi there. Aaliya she sent Puneet there. Tanu says Abhi came to her and they were intimate in the room when Puneet came there, he must have seen them together. Aaliya says he would have told about it if he would have seen them.

Aaliya says now that we got opportunity, they should use it. She asks Pragya if she is not shameful to have brother like this and asks mamaji if they have given their son this kind of upbringing and says girls are not safe because of these kind of guys. She asks Daadi why is she quiet now and says these middle class people play double standards and trap richies. She says she will get Puneet arrested as she misbehaved with her bestfriend. She asks Abhi to call police and charge Puneet with molestation. Pragya says her brother did not that and should not be punished. Cousin daadi asks how did Abhi know that Puneet was peeping on Tanu and asks if he was inside or outside the room.

Pragya thinks Abhi was with Tanu then and if mom will know about it, what will happen. Abhi says he was going nearby the room and saw him peeing. Puneet says he is lying. Abhi asks him to shut up. Aaliya tries to call police, but Tanu stops her and says their family’s name will be spoilt. Abhi asks Puneet to get out. Daadi asks Abhi to calm down and takes Puneet and whole family from there, while Puneet still pleads he did not do anything.

Mitali and Raj reach her father’s house and wish him happy birthday. Papa introduces Raj to his friends and asks all quests to have food. Papa’s friends talk about their real estate business and asks him to speak to Raj and sort out the matter. Papa asks them to keep quiet and asks Raj about Aaliya’s engagement. Raj says it went well. Papa gives him a precious watch and asks him to give it to Aliya.

Tanu takes Abhi to the corner and asks if he not angry that she stopped Aaliya from getting Puneet arrested and says his name would have spoilt and she is worried about him. Abhi apologizes Tanu for misunderstanding him and is about to kiss her when Pragya comes there. Pragya thanks Tanu for not complaining about her brother. Tanu asks him to stop acting good in front of Abhi and leaves.

Tanu says Aaliya that she trapped Abhi again today and he apologized her, now she is back in his life. Aaliya says she did excellent job and says to get Pragya out, they have to play her level game.

Mitali and Raj reach home back. Raj asks why did papa give so many gifts. Mitali says he can repay him back by approving his project. She tries to convince him and says if he does not agree, she will give herself and her children poison and will die as she cannot live a miserable life.

Aaliya asks Pragya if her whole family is like her and are expert in trapping richies and says like she kicked her brother out, she will kick her also. Tanu comes there and says she is going out with Abhi and will spend with him after a long time. Aaliya asks her to be careful as Abhi is groggy now a days being with cheap people. Tanu says she knows how to handle Abhi. Sarla sadly looks at her old day’s pic with kid Pragya and Bulbul sadly. She reminisces Tanu with Abhi.

Bulbul comes there and sees her engrasped in thoughts and asks what happened. Sarla asks why Tanu is always around Abhi and she does not like that Bulbul says she is Aaliya’s best friend, so she is always around. She jokes with her and distracts her attention. She then calls Pragya and informs about Sarla doubting Tanu and Abhi’s relationship and asks her to do something

Pragya asking Abhi why did he come back instead of going with Tanu and asks why don’t he go to her house with Tanu. Abhi asks if she is irked that he slapped her brother. Pragya asks he did a mistake by seeing you with Tanu. Abhi says he slapped for peeing into room whenever everyone was downstairs. She says her mom started doubting about you and Tanu now and says if something happens to her mom, she will not forgive him. Once she goes out. Aaliya enters room and thanks Abhi for saving her. She says she knows he is facing problems because of her and asks him to bear it for one more day. She says Tanu told you both are going out and asks him to be safe with Tanu till her wedding. She says we worked hard for this day and after tomorrow, she will get her Purab and they can kick out behanji.

Purab reminisces his happier times with Bulbul and feels sad. His aunt sees that says he should stop thinking and do it, says once his marriage happens with Aaliya, he will not be able to do anything. She says if your love is with you always, you will be happy and asks him to think about Bulbul. He says there is nothing left to think. She says he will repent his decision then. Abhi calls him and asks him to come to the jewelry show to buy mangalsutra for Aaliya. Bulbul this if it was for Bulbul, he would have bought the best mangalsutra.

Sarla sees mamaji and his family going out sadly and asks where is he going. Mamaji says after getting insulted at Pragya’s house, he does not have courage to stay here and says Abhi did right by slapping Puneet, else he would have slapped himself. Puneet says he did not do any mistake and says he saw Abhi and Tanu being intimate in a room and Abhi did not allow him to speak at all. Mamaji slaps him and says if he is trying to tarnish Abhi’s image for his mistake and asks him to apologize Sarla. Puneet apologizes Sarla. Mamaji takes him and maami leaves. Sarla reminisces Abhi getting angry for Tanu and thinks if she is thinking right, is Abhi having relationship with Tanu. Bulbul says Puneet is kid and is trying to hide his mistake.

Abhi sees Pragya coming out of bathroom with wet hair. He decreases AC’s temperature. She gets irked and moves away. He switches off AC, but as soon as she goes back under AC, he switches it on. She asks what is he doing. He says he is having dry fruit. She asks why is he playing with AC. She sees cockroach and jumps on him, dry fruit falls down. She says she will help him pick dry fruit back. Her hand touches his feet and he gets afraid thinking it’s cockroach. She asks if he is also afraid of cockroach. He says he was just joking. Just then they both see cockroad and jump on the bed. They both then get romantic. Once cockroach goes, Abhi jokes it ran away seeing her.

Raj sits with breakfast with his FIL and his friends. They ask if he is ready to accept their offer. Raj says he has decided not to accept their offer and he will not allow them to do their illegal work. He says Mitali they are using her for their benefit and says he will teach them a lesson. Friends gets angry on him, scold FIL and leave. Raj asks Mitali if she wanted to insult him by calling criminals to her house. Mitali says he insulted her and her father instead. He says he will not do any illegal work and asks her to stay with her father if she wants.

Pragya reaches Sarla’s home and meets her. Sarla asks if she came after bulbul told she is worried about her. She says yes. Sarla says she is unhappy seeing Abhi loving someone else than her. Pragya says she is thinking wrong and her husband is only hers. Sarla asks what about Puneet then. She says he is a kid and tried ot hide his mistake, says she will ask Abhi to speak to her. Sarla gets happy hearing that. Pragya says she came to have dahi bhalla/snacks here. Sarla smiles and says she will prepare it right now for her. Pragya apologizes Sarla in her mind for telling lie.

Abhi comes to jewelry shop with Tanu and Aaliya to buy Aaliya’s mangalsutra. He reminisces daadi giving him mangalsutra and telling once he ties mangalsutra to Pragya, she will be with him forever and not to leave her. Abhi thinks why is he thinking like this.

Pragya meets Bulbul and says if she was not helpless, she wouldn ot have asked her to leave Purab. Bulbul says she did not force her to leave him and says she used to tell her about her prince charming who will change her life, her prince came and left her, when god did not want prince to stay with her, why did he make her meet him. Pragya says there must be some reason for that. Bulbul says hope it is true and leaves from there. Purab who is on his way in his car to reach jewelry show and is tensed thinking about Bulbul crashes unto her and she falls on the ground unconscious.

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