Twist of fate update Thursday 3 February 2022

Twist of fate 3 February 2022:  Prachi tells Rhea that she has unique qualities of Maa. Rhea says why I wouldn’t have, I am her daughter. She says it has been late and says good night. She goes. Ranbir comes there and says hi. Her dupatta gets stuck in his watch as she walks away.

She asks him not to joke. He says he is not doing. She turns and sees her dupatta stuck with his watch. Benaam Rishta plays……Ranbir asks if she thinks that he will stop her by doing this way and says if I wanted then I will stop you by holding your hand. He says you have snatched many things from me, but you can’t snatch this right from me. Prachi looks at him. Tanu looks at her engagement card and says my dream and engagement card, we are excited to announce that Abhishek Mehra is getting engaged.

She says we will be together for births, and Pragya’s dreams will be shattered. She says I have snatched Pragya’s love, it is not our mistake, your love has sacrificed and that’s why you left Abhi and I have the obsession to get him and can do anything to get him. She laughs and says I have to go now.

Ranbir asks Prachi if I say something. Prachi asks if you will not say if I refuse. Ranbir asks why, and asks if he tells truth then she may not ignore it. Prachi says she doesn’t understand his words. Ranbir asks shall I say as what is in my heart, is in my tongue too. He tells that once Dadi emotionally blackmailed me to watch a film with her. He tells that he saw that movie and it was his life’s most good movie and was romantic too.

He tells that there was a girl Purvi in the film and she used to love the guy very much, but she never confesses her love to him. She says when the guy is about to marry another girl, Purvi comes to the mandap and confesses her love to him and asks him not to marry the other girl. The guy refuses and asks why he shall not marry. Purvi keeps her hand on his chest and said that if his heartbeat increased, then she will touch his heart.

Prachi asks if his heartbeat increased. Ranbir says yes, heartbeat so fast that Purvi thought that she has two hearts. Prachi asks why are you telling me this? Ranbir says you feel everything, but you never say it. Prachi looks at him. He holds her hand and keeps it on his chest. Prachi takes back her hand fast and says it happens just in films. Ranbir says you said right, it happens just in films. Darmiyan song plays….He goes from there.

Shahana calls Prachi and tells her that she is missing her. She says Maasi comes many times, but you don’t come once. Prachi says I will come now itself. Shahana asks if she knows about her affair. Prachi asks what? Shahana says you don’t know anything, I told this to check you. She says you have forgotten me since you found your sister. Prachi says I am your sister. Shahana asks her to go to her real sister.

Tanu comes to Sarita Behen’s house and asks her to call Pragya. She collides with Sarita behen intentionally. She then says sorry. Pragya comes there and asks why she came here. Tanu tells that she came to answer her and gives her an invitation card for her engagement. She says I will get ready to wait for your divorce, tomorrow after the court hearing, we will do engagement, then you divorce him.

She says I will wait and asks if she talked to a lawyer, if not then she has a good lawyer and asks shall I talk to him. Pragya says I talked to my lawyer, work will be done. Tanu asks her to take out some time from her busy life and come to her engagement, says you can’t come for marriage, as you shall know that Abhi is going to be mine. She asks her to come for engagement and turns to go. Sarita behen makes chutney falls on Tanu intentionally. Tanu asks what did you do? Sarita behen says sorry. Pragya asks her to come to the washroom to clean her saree. Tanu goes with her. Sarita behen picks her mobile and purse from the floor and keeps them on the table.

Shahana asks Prachi to say sorry else she will not talk to her. She asks her to call her sister. Prachi says my loving sister. Shahana asks her to tell gossip. Prachi tells that Tanu aunty has troubled everyone. Shahana asks her to leave tension and Tanu and asks her to tell about Ranbir. Prachi says nothing. She says Pallavi aunty said that just as Papa’s case ends, she will get Ranbir and Rhea married. Shahana says you will feel bad and sad. Prachi gets emotional and hugs Shahana. She recalls Ranbir asking her to confess her love for him and that he will handle everything. Kaun Tujhse Pyaar karega plays……She cries hugging Shahana, recalling Ranbir and her moments.

She recalls Ranbir’s words that he will stop her holding her hand and not by her dupatta. Shahana gives her tissue paper. Prachi takes Tanu to the washroom and asks her to go. Tanu says it is an expensive saree. Sarita behen comes there and tells her that she didn’t make her fall intentionally. She asks her to wash the stain in the bathroom and says it is her favorite saree if the stain doesn’t go. She asks her to use toothpaste on the stain, wait for some time, and then wash the stain, it will go. Tanu asks shall I go and goes to the washroom. Pragya asks Sarita behen if she did this intentionally. Sarita behen says yes, as she has troubled you. Pragya says she will make a call and then recalls hearing Tanu and Pradeep’s conversation. She asks about Tanu’s phone. Sarita behen says it is on the table. Pragya tells her about someone threatening Tanu and goes to check her phone.

Prachi asks Shahana if she saw the movie of Purvi and tells the story as told by Ranbir. Shahana asks who told you this story? Prachi says Ranbir. Shahana says Ranbir didn’t tell you about the movie story, but your own story and future. He wants to tell you indirectly that when he is about to marry Rhea, you will go there and stop their marriage. Prachi says she will not do this. Shahana says if any girl had loved me so much then I would have gone mad and would have gone to him. Prachi says you are my sister then why you take Ranbir’s side. Shahana says I am telling you reality and asks her to accept that Ranbir loves her a lot. Prachi says I just don’t care and goes.

Prachi comes to Pragya. Pragya tells that she wants to check Tanu’s phone and thinks what could be the password. She says Sarita behen made chutney fall on Tanu’s saree. Prachi says she has become mischievous and goes to distract Tanu. Pragya recalls Kiara’s words and types the regular password. Tanu asks Sarita behen if she shall wash the stain now. Sarita behen says 2 more mins. Tanu’s phone opens. Pragya checks the messages, but there is no message. Just then Pradeep’s call comes on the mobile. Tanu realizes her phone is ringing. Pragya sees Pradeep’s pic flashing on the screen and picks the call. He asks her why she was not picking his calls and tells her that he is standing on her kundali like rahu and ketu and she can’t fool him like fooling her ex-husband. He says I am your present Tanu. Pragya looks shocked.

Pragya picking Pradeep’s call. He asks why you are not at home, I told that I am coming to meet you. He asks what do you think that you can go far from me saving yourself and tells that he is sitting on her like Rahu, and says even if you try to go far from me, you can’t run away from me. He says he is not foolish like her ex husband and is her present, don’t try to be smart with him. He asks her to say something.

Pragya ends the call and says thinks he was on call that day. Tanu tries to open the bathroom door, but Prachi is holding the bolt. She asks if they are fooling her by locking the door. Sarita behen says she will click the pic and send her. Pragya sees Pradeep and Tanu’s pics and understands she is her present husband.

Sarita behen asks Prachi to let her come out. Tanu opens the door and says I was doubtful on you, but knows that Prachi has locked me in bathroom. Prachi says if you have doubt then can file case against me. Tanu says you are talking much, stay away from me, I am not a good person. She is about to go. Prachi makes her fall down and then pretends to offer help. Tanu gets angry and goes to take her pic. Sarita behen appreciates Prachi for becoming mischievous. Prachi says even you are mischievous. Tanu comes out and finds Pragya on call. She finds her phone on the table and complains to Pragya about Prachi. Pragya says I know my daughter. Tanu says I will show you who am I, after I get engaged to Abhi. She leaves. Prachi asks Pragya if she found something.

Rhea comes inside Ranbir’s room. Ranbir asks why didn’t she knock? Rhea says she had knocked. He wears his vest fast. Rhea says you are so shy. He says Pallavi aunty wanted to talk to you and that’s why asked me to check. Ranbir says why mom is not calling me directly. Rhea says she likes me, says good night. She says I thought you are stud, but you are shy. Ranbir calls Pallavi. Pallavi asks him when he is coming home. Ranbir says I told Dad that until Chief’s problem is solved, I can’t come.

Pallavi tells that she talked to Pandit ji about his marriage with Rhea, and says she will talk to Abhi and he will be happy. She says once you marry Rhea, you will not think of any girl as you are a one woman man. Ranbir recalls telling this to Prachi. She says if Rhea had told that you are flirt then also I wouldn’t have feel bad, as I like to talk to Rhea about you. Ranbir says he is sleepy and ends the call.

Pragya tells Sarita behen and Prachi that Tanu is married and was never divorced. She tells that Pradeep is Tanu’s present husband and tells about attending the call. She tells that Tanu didn’t tell Abhi as she wants to marry and betray him. Prachi says it is a big proof, Tanu had told that her ex husband is in London or somewhere, and tells that if they do something or say that she is still married and if her husband is called in court then she will be proved as liar. Sarita behen says then the case will be proved as fake. Pragya says yes. Sarita behen asks her to go and talk to Abhi.

Ranbir comes to Rhea’s room and knocks on the door. Rhea says you don’t have to be so formal, you are my would be husband. Ranbir says I feel like you are not honest with me and says Mummy told everything whatever I talked to Prachi. Rhea says you shouldn’t have talked to Prachi about all that. Ranbir says you can’t stop me. Rhea says I am done with you, everyone is happy with our marriage, even Prachi wants and it will happen. He asks her to talk to him before talking to his mummy. He says until your mummy and Papa’s problem get solved, we can delay the marriage. Abhi comes there and says no more delay, I will be happy. Rhea says I know dad will be happy. Ranbir says I told that we will think once the problem ends. Abhi asks Rhea if she has some problem with Ranbir. Rhea says no, he loves me a lot and wants marriage to happen soon, and also wants case to end soon. She says he got embarrassed and went. Abhi says if this is the case, then I am happy that he really loves and cares for you. He goes.

Tanu thinks Sarita ji must have spoiled her saree intentionally. She thinks she has not many guests to be called, and looks at the invitation card. She thinks she is happy to see their name together, Abhi-Tanu. She gets pradeep’s call and he tells that he is very worried. Tanu asks what happened? He says I told you. She says you will get money, I am ending the call as I am not feeling well, I have to go to doctor. Pradeep asks which doctor? Dr. Mehra. Tanu says yes, what to do, no other medicine suits me. Pradeep says yes, you told me about him many times.

Tanu says I don’t want to talk and ends the call. She thinks if he comes to know about abhi, then will think that I am cheating on him, if he comes to know about my feelings for Abhi, then he will not understand. She thinks even Abhi couldn’t understand her feelings and love.

Abhi tells Pragya that he never thought that he will feel happy to know that Tanu is married. Aaliya says she told that she is divorced, it means she lied. Pragya says it is her habit to betray others. Abhi thinks how to think of this information. Mitali says we will tell the Judge that she is married and is taking revenge on Abhi. She says this is truth. Dadi says you are not news Anchor to tell this in court and they will accept. She says court needs proofs. Aaliya says court needs proofs. Prachi says we can bring her husband to court as the proof. Abhi asks how? Prachi says with Tanu’s phone. Pragya says if we get her phone, then we will call her husband here and says when he sees her doing engagement, then he will stop her. Abhi asks her not to worry about the case. Pragya says Tanu is not trustable. Abhi says she will not against me completely, but will not leave me. He says we shall not let this information be revealed to Tanu that we know her truth, until the engagement. Dadi prays to God to help them in the court case.

Next day, Judge tells that the court hearing was done and he is ready with the verdict, but as Raghuvir has asked for another chance. He asks Raghuvir to show any evidence in favour of his client. Raghuvir says no. Judge says ok, in this last hearing of court….Tanu gets up and says I want to say something. She tells that he wants justice and she will not get by punishing him, tells that her memories will haunt her, tells that she wants her respect which was snatched by Abhi. Mr Singhania requests Judge to give them another hearing date after 10 days, as they don’t know if Mr. Mehra will marry Tanu or not.

Judge says we can’t force Mr. Mehra to marry her. Tanu says Abhi is ready to marry me. Abhi says yes. Judge asks them to get married in 10 days and come to court on the 11th day. They all leave. Tanu thinks I know that Abhi’s family will not create troubles in our marriage and it will happen.

Abhi tells that he knows that Tanu will not free him completely. Pragya asks him not to worry and says we are all together. Aaliya says Pragya is right, we have proofs against Tanu. Rhea says we all know that tanu aunty can do anything. Prachi says we don’t know what she will do. Pragya says we have to handle her smartly. Mitali says we have to get her phone during her engagement. Dadi tells that Aryan will steal her phone. Aryan asks if I am a thief and tells that mom’s key had fallen under the table, which I gave. Aaliya asks did you steal that. Ranbir says you are a secret agent for the secret mission and shall get Tanu aunty’s phone. Pragya says no. Dadi asks do you have another option to teach her a lesson. Abhi gets Tanu’s call on his mobile and tells that he will talk to her and come. He goes. Pragya thinks of Abhi’s words.


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