Twist of fate update Friday 1 march 2024

Twist of fate 1 march 2024: The Episode starts with the kids getting stuck in the fire who had participated in the Ram leela. The teacher tells the kids that she will call someone for help and asks them to hold each other’s hands.

RV is leaving with Yug through back door. Poorvi hears her. Manager tells RV that fire brigade will come and save the kids, and tells that he shall leave. Poorvi tries to go inside, but Prachi takes her outside and asks Ashutosh to be with her. Vishaka comes out and coughs. Manpreet coughs and faces difficulty to breath. Prachi asks others to take Manpreet and Vishaka to hospital. Poorvi says she will come with Diya and asks them to come.

Poorvi gets worried for the kids. Ashutosh hears the guard saying that whoever has their vehicles parked, take them from there. Diya tells Poorvi that it seems Ashutosh is married already to his scooter, he left you for it. Poorvi runs inside.

RV cones out and asks Yogesh if he has car? Yogesh says he has, but not here. RV asks if there is any vehicle here. The guard tells that he has a jeep. RV says he needs Jeep to get inside and save all the kids. He says there are many kids inside, so he needs vehicle to save them all.

The guard tells that he can’t give jeep as it is gifted by his brother in law to his wife. RV asks about its price and gives 15 lakhs to him instead of 10 Lakhs, the price of the jeep. The guard says sorry to him. RV says he understands and says he needs to save the kids, and tells that their lives are precious and priceless. Yogesh thinks who risks his life for others, he will also burn. Ashutosh takes his scooty and drives to come out.

Poorvi comes inside to go to stall no. 5. Jassi tells that he will save her, as he wants to become hero.

Jassi is following Poorvi. Diya also comes there, while the guard tries to stop her. Yug sees diya and thinks this stupid girl is here. He asks RV to stop the car. Diya tells that she is going to stall no. 5 to save the kids. RV asks her to go and says they are going there too. She says Poorvi di went there. RV asks if she went in jeep. Diya says she went by walk. RV gets worried.

Ashutosh comes out and looks for Poorvi and Diya. Prachi calls him and asks where did they reach? Ashutosh says Poorvi was here, but she is not here now. Prachi says I told you specifically not to leave her hand and scolds him politely. Ashutosh says he found her and ends the call, but the girl is someone else. He talks to his mother and tells that he is upset with the girl chosen by her for him, and says she went somewhere, and her mother is scolding him. Ashutosh’s mother says how dare she, she will scold her, but he asks her to scold Prachi infront of him, so that she realize that she shouldn’t have scolded him.

Jassi tries to go inside, but his guards tell that they have to stop him and can’t let him risk his life. They take him out forcibly.

RV’s hand gets burnt while he tries to save the kids. Diya asks Yug to go and save the kids, and says RV is like a real life hero. Yug says there is fire there. Diya says coward. RV sees Poorvi coming there and Diya calling her. The jeep gets full and he drives to take the jeep out. Poorvi reaches Diya. Diya says RV has saved all the kids like a hero. Poorvi asks her not to worry and tells that she will save her. RV takes the kids out safely. Yug makes the kids get out safely. Yogesh praises RV for saving the kids. RV drives back while Yug says Bhai Diya. Diya and Poorvi see RV coming back. Diya says he is coming to save us. Poorvi asks since when you have friendship with him. Diya says not me, but you. Poorvi says he promised to throw Jassi out of pandal and he kept his promise. They call him and says they are here. RV jumps down and falls. They ask him to be careful. He looks at them and starts running. The pillar is about to fall on him, but he holds it and comes to Diya and Poorvi. He asks what she is doing here? Diya says I told you that my sister came to save the kids like you. RV says I have come here with all the planning and not like her. He says it is foolishness. Diya says Poorvi gathered her courage to come here. He asks Diya to go and asks Poorvi if she thought that the fire will be set off, if she asks the God to bring the rain and he will bring it. Just then wind comes and the red cloth falls on their heads. The rain starts and they look at each other. Ashutosh calls Poorvi and thinks he will get unwell if he stays there and leaves from there. Pandit ji looks at the rain and thinks seems like someone kundali bhagya has written someone’s kumkum bhagya, and someone 36-36 qualities meet.

 RV and Poorvi are looking at each other. Diya asks them to come fast. The song plays….RV and Poorvi are walking out. Diya says this person is life, I mean life savior. RV sits in the jeep and looks at Poorvi and Diya. He leaves. Poorvi and Diya come out and think to help the people. They help the people, get in the ambulance. Poorvi sits in the ambulance too, and asks the driver to take them to hospital. RV looks at Poorvi from his car. Poorvi thanks him. He doesn’t say anything and leaves. Yug asks RV what they will do now, as they have lost a lot of money. He asks if I am mad to talk myself, and says I am talking to you. He says it is girl’s affect. RV stops the car and asks him to think something. He drives the car and asks why is he smiling? Yug says nothing. He thinks Bhai felt connection with Poorvi.

Khushi comes to Vishaka and asks she has to leave for her house. She asks Vishaka to take care. Vishaka says she is fine and tells that she didn’t know how it happened. Prachi comes there and gives sweets boxes to Khushi. Khushi says everytime you send it to my house, but they don’t eat it and give to the Servants. Prachi says its ok, but we shall do what we shall do. Khushi hugs Vishaka and leaves. Prachi asks her to take care. Divya says she wants Diya to marry a rich guy and not scooter guy like Poorvi. Ashutosh and his mother comes there. Prachi welcomes them.

Ashutosh’s mother asks where is Poorvi? Prachi asks him. The lady says you are asking my son, when I am asking you.

Poorvi gets down from the ambulance to help a guy whose cart has fallen. Driver tells that ambulance is not starting. Poorvi tries to take help, but nobody helps her. She stops Ranbir’s car. Ranbir sees Prachi in her and thinks he is thinking about Prachi. Poorvi asks if he heard and asks him to help her. Driver tells Ranbir that his destination is near. Ranbir gets out. Poorvi asks what is his problem, nobody wants to take the injured people to hospital, and asks him to take the petrol money etc. Ranbir asks driver to keep the injured people in his car and tells Poorvi that he got down to help them. Poorvi sits in his car, as Ranbir asks driver to come in another car. Poorvi thanks him for help.

Divya asks Prachi if poorvi misbehaved with Ashutosh. Prachi says it is not possible. Divya says then why Veena is upset. Prachi says she don’t know. Ranbir and Poorvi take the injured people to the hospital. Poorvi tells that they are burnt during Ravan dahan. He asks Poorvi if she knows them. Poorvi says she doesn’t know them, but they are humans. He asks her to sit and says he will apply ointment to her. He says you are of my daughter’s age. He then applies ointment to her hand. She asks if you are healing me or taking revenge from me. He recalls Prachi saying the same thing and a fb is shown. Prachi says I didn’t add sugar in your tea and that’s why you are taking revenge. Ranbir says I love you and asks if I will harm you. Prachi hugs him and says I love you too, baklu. Fb ends.Ranbir sees Prachi’s reflection in Poorvi.

Veena asks Vishaka and Divya who is she? Divya says you are our samdhan. Veena says everyone talks about your values. She says I regard Prachi very much and tells that I told Sudha that I don’t want to see the girl’s pic, when I came to know that Poorvi is her daughter. She then tells that my son was in the pandal for Poorvi, and would have burnt, but Poorvi vanished from there. She says Poorvi should have told my son before going, and says then Prachi scolded him. Prachi says it is not like that. Veena says I don’t bear Ashutosh’s insult. Vishaka scolds Prachi. Manpreet comes there and asks what happened? Vishaka asks her to make prachi understand, how to talk to son in law. Prachi gives the explanation and tells that she didn’t scold him that day. He says you told that you will bring Poorvi and Diya home. Divya gets worried for Diya.




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