Twist of fate update Thursday 28 December 2023

Twist of fate 28 December 2023: The Episode starts with Ranbir thinking who has done this with me, and thinks Akshay hired goons to kidnap me. He thinks he will not let Akshay marry Prachi after knowing his truth. He wonders what to do, and thinks if the washroom was made in farm then he would have run from there. Divya comes to the room calling Akshay. Ranbir talks in ladies voice and asks her to open the door. Divya opens the bathroom door and gets inside. Ranbir runs out, switches off room light and goes after thanking her. She says mention not and then thinks of searching Akshay. Aaliya says I have stopped him from marrying Prachi and says his marriage will happen with my Rhea. She asks if it is a joke, how can he betray my Rhea, I am with her and will not let her be alone.

She says my Rhea is smart and intelligent to win the world, if she had not loved and thinks Ranbir doesn’t love her or respect her. She thinks if she wants Ranbir then she will get him.

The goons bring Akshay to the godown and ask Aaliya why she is going away. Aaliya says she don’t want Ranbir to see her face and says now she will call Rhea and will get her married to him. She asks them to go and keep eye on Ranbir. She says Ranbir will become Rhea’s groom. Ranbir comes to the mandap and says I have to come, and makes something falls. They see him. His mother asks him to sit. Vishaka argues. Abhay comes and looks at the groom.

Aaliya calls Rhea. Rhea asks why did you call me to tell that Ranbir got married to Prachi. She says don’t tell me that I am an emotionally fool to love Ranbir and says I know that I am foolish and emotional fool. Aaliya says good, if you know it. She says I didn’t call you for this and asks her to come to her location and bring red chunri. She says I will get your marriage done with Ranbir. Rhea gets happy and asks if he agreed? Aaliya says if it matters? Rhea says yes. Aaliya says he agreed as I told him truth, Prachi is marrying Akshay and she loves him and his heart is broken seeing this.

Rhea asks really? Aaliya says when he left you on mandap then your heart had also broken and Ranbir is also heart broken and agreed to marry you. Rhea thanks her and searches for the red bridal dupatta. Aryan thinks where is Mom, and Ranbir must be with her. He calls her and sasys Shahana. Aaliya asks what? Aryan asks Shahana had beaten me when I went to Prachi’s marriage. He says I tried to help Ranbir marry Prachi, but I was foolish, and tells that he heard Prachi’s conversation with you, and says when I was about to call you, Shahana hit rod on my head. He says I wish Ranbir had married Rhea. Aaliya says I will fulfill your wish and asks him to come to the address send by her. She sends him address. He says he is not Ranbir’s step brother, but his dear friend. Rhea is on the way and thinks my Buji loves me a lot in this whole world. Pallavi brings food plate for Rhea and thinks where did she go? She calls her and asks where is she? Rhea says she is in the temple, and says she actually wanted some peace. Pallavi says if you had told me then I would have come with you. She asks her to take care and come home soon. Rhea says ok. She thinks once I get married, I will think what to say to whom and says Buji must have thought how to handle everyone.

Aaliya comes to the goon. The goon asks shall we take him out. Aaliya says let Pandit ji and Rhea come first. The goon says he is gaining consciousness. Aaliya says I can see, talk in low tone.Aryan comes there. The goons catch him. Aryan says Mom, its me.

Aaliya says he is my son. She takes him to the bag and tells that the bag is moving. Aryan asks if someone is doing magic. Aaliya says Ranbir is in it. Aryan asks where is Rhea? He says he will bring her. Aaliya says she is coming. He says I will call Pandit. She says he is also coming. She gets a call and goes. Aryan tells goons that his mom is calling him. They go to him. Aaliya comes out to receive Rhea. Rhea says she has reached. Aryan frees Akshay from the bag, but doesn’t see his face as black cloth is on his face. He asks him to open it while he gets taxi. Aaliya hugs Rhea and says you have come. She says the thing will happen to you, which didn’t happen with me, you will get your love, which you want and deserve. She covers her head with bridal chunari. Rhea asks who are they? Aaliya says they are her men who brought Ranbir here. They come inside and find him missing. Aaliya asks why you came behind me. The goon says your son asked us to go behind you. Aaliya realizes Aryan took Ranbir and asks Rhea not to worry, says we will catch Aryan. Aryan tries to open the knot of the black cloth on his face. He then hears them coming and keeps Akshay in decky, thinking him to be Ranbir and thinks this mask will unveil in Prachi’s house. Aaliya, Rhea and the goons come out. Aaliya asks did you see two men going from here. Aryan is in disguise and says no. The taxi driver comes there running. The goon says we shall follow him.

 Aryan bringing Akshay to the marriage venue, thinking him to be Ranbir. Aaliya’s goons come there and asks Akshay to go, says he will handle them. Akshay removes the black cloth (quite easily now) and throws it. He asks who are you, you are God’s avatar. Aryan tells the goons that he won’t let them separate Prachi and Ranbir. He hits them. One of the goon hits stick on Aryan’s head and he faints. Other goon checks and says he is alive. They lift him and take him away from there. Akshay comes inside and sees the marriage in progress. Ashok calls waiter, who drops water on Ranbir’s clothes. Pandit ji asks Ranbir to go and clean his clothes as soon as possible. Akshay takes advantage of the situation and goes behind him. He thinks he is the kidnapper’s man and says he shall remove the sehra. He thinks to check his face and comes behind him. He couldn’t see his face, but locks the door from outside and goes. Ranbir wipes his sherwani with tissue. Akshay comes back after removing his sehra. Ashok asks what about your sehra? Akshay says I will not wear it and says if I wear it then the groom can change. He says he feels suffocated wearing it, and says he don’t believe in sehra.

He asks Pandit ji to start and says no point in wearing it. He thinks now nobody can take my place. He asks Abhay to remove the veil if someone makes him wear it. Prachi gives her hand in Akshay’s hand. Pandit ji asks someone to do the ghatbandhan.

Vishaka ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji asks the bride and groom to stand for rounds, after wasting time when Ranbir was seated with Prachi for the marriage. Prachi and Akshay take the rounds, while she thinks of her marriage with Ranbir. Ranbir tries to come out of the room and finds it locked. He knocks on the door and tries to get out of the window, but it is also locked. Pandit ji asks them to sit after completion of 7 rounds. He now hurries up for the marriage rituals and asks Akshay to make her wear mangalsutra. Akshay makes her wear mangalsutra. Ranbir comes out of the window anyhow. Pandit ji asks Akshay to fill sindoor in Bride’s maang. Akshay fills it in her maang.

Ranbir comes there and sees Akshay filling sindoor in Prachi’s hairline. He gets shocked and throws away his sehra in utmost pain. Prachi looks on. Ranbir throws the garland. Pandit ji says this marriage is completed and asks them to take elders’ blessings. Akshay and Prachi get up smiling. Ranbir removes his sherwani and throws it crying.

He gets teary eyes. Aaliya asks Rhea not to worry and says just as Ranbir returns, I will get you both marry each other. The goons bring Aryan to Aaliya, and tell that Ranbir ran inside. Rhea says Ranbir must have married Prachi by now. She reminds her of her words and asks her not to say anything. Rhea takes water and throws on Aryan’s face, She then slaps him and goes out. Aaliya goes out behind her. Akshay and Prachi take everyone’s blessings. Akshay’s mother says family is completed. Ashok says I got my daughter. Vishaka blesses them to have children. Ranbir cries recalling their marriage and Pragya blessing them. Abhay congrats Akshay and says finally marriage happened. Akshay says Mihika/Nethra haven’t come till now. He says everyone calls her Nethra. He sees Ranbir and says what a pleasant surprise, you are somewhat late, marriage has solemnized just now. Ranbir says someone didn’t wait for me. Akshay asks him to congratulate them. Ranbir says congratulations. He is about to go. Akshay asks him to bless them. Ranbir says I don’t want to bless you both. He says my age’s people don’t give blessing. Akshay says it needs heart to give blessings. Ranbir says only curse comes out of broken heart and you don’t need it. Akshay says you can’t break anyone’s heart, but can join hearts. He introduces him to his family and says if I am married today then it is because of him. He says infact, he helped me to propose Prachi, he is very lovable, my best friend and best man, Ranbir Kohli in the house. He introduces his family to Ranbir and then introduces Prachi officially as his wife. Ranbir gets angry,

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