Twist of fate update Wednesday 27 December 2023

Twist of fate 27 December 2024:The Episode starts with Aryan asking Akshay if he saw Shahana like girl. He tells Akshay that he will check outside. He peeps outside. Shahana and the guy see him. Shahana asks him to go. Aryan closes the door. They hear the goon’s voice and open the cupboard. The goons come out of the cupboard. The guy asks Shahana to look at the knife. The guy who has picked Ranbir’s turban asks if this is Sharma house. Dadi says no, it is Arora house. The guy gives the turban and goes. Everyone runs to him, asking if he is fine. Ashok asks Akshay to give the bangles to Vishaka Bua. Ranbir thinks who is Bua now. Ashok asks him to give it fast else Bua will get upset. Ranbir gives bangles box to a lady.

The lady says it is very beautiful, choice is good and asks him to give bangle with his hands. Ranbir thinks she is not Bua. He thinks the lady held me when I had fallen down, so she must be his mother and the other woman must be Bua. He gives bangles box to Vishaka. Vishaka likes it and says your dad shall give more gifts like this.

Shahana and the guy beat up the goons. Aryan watches their fight and takes out Akshay from there. Shahana sees him going. They lock the goons in the bathroom and goes out. Aryan takes Akshay to the room and says Ranbir said that you are a good person, but what to do, it is matter about his love. He asks him to rest and tells that he will get Ranbir’s marriage done. He goes out. Shahana asks the guy Abhay to use other room’s bathroom. She sees Aryan and stops him. Akshay gains consciousness and asks calls Abhay. Abhay says if you are here then who is on the mandap. Akshay says someone made me unconscious and told that he is Prachi’s brother.

Shahana asks who is he? Aryan says he is Akshay’s friend and asks if she wants to flirt with him. Shahana says no and says there was someone else like you,. Aryan goes. Shahana thinks she is missing Aryan seeing him.

Aryan hears and thinks Shahana misses me and gets happy. Prachi asks Akshay to show his face to her, else she herself will see. Ashok stops Prachi. Vishaka says Prachi is mad for Akshay and can’t stay without seeing his face. She says we are magician family. Abhay messages Divya to come to the guest room. Aryan comes to Shahana and flirts with her. Shahana ignores him and the flower plate falls from her hand. He says if you had taken my help, then neither flower nor you will fall. Ranbir thinks Aryan came to help me, but is running behind Shahana. He thinks to get him married to Shahana, says she looks lovely to him. He thinks chikchiki changed after marriage, but I am still the same.

Akshay tells that the guy is mad to sit in the mandap and says Prachi will find out about him. He says that guy is foolish to believe that Prachi will accept him. Divya comes there and asks Abhay why he called her. She sees Akshay there and asks if he flew and came here. Abhay says Bhai was here only and tells that someone else is there. Akshay says that person is betraying everyone. He says we have to bring that imposter here. Divya says we shall expose that guy and get him arrested. Abhay says Akshay don’t want any hurdle to stop the marriage. Akshay says we have to swap him with me, like he did. Divya asks how this swapping will happen. Akshay makes plan, and says light will go in sometime and then Abhay will kidnap that imposter and I will replace him on then mandap. He says this shall be done in few seconds. Divya asks how it will happen. Akshay says you have to take off the fuse at 10 :45 pm. Abhay asks did you know where is the fuse room? Divya says yes, I know. Akshay says lets move the imposter from the mandap and make real groom sit on the mandap.

 the goons picking Aaliya’s call. Aaliya is in the car and scolds them for not picking the call for a long time. The goon tells her that they are locked in the washroom, and tells that Ranbir and a guy had locked us in cupboard, when they were leaving, a girl and a guy came and locked us in the washroom. Aaliya scolds them and asks them to call someone for help to open the door. She says she will search for the place to keep Ranbir and tells them that Ranbir might be sitting on the mandap as groom to marry Prachi. The goon says he will call his girlfriend for help. He calls her.

Pandit asks Akshay and Prachi to tell their gotra. Dadi asks whose gotra? Vishaka says they don’t know their gotra. Pandit ji asks them about their name. Ashok asks do you know your name Akshay? Dadi says Bhaisaheb told himself. Vishaka says our gotra is angiras. Abhay and Divya come there and stand behind the guest. Divya goes to switch off the light. Prachi says Akshay, show your face to me once and says don’t say that Pandit ji has asked you not to show your face. She says I feel that you are not Akshay, but someone else. She says if you don’t show your face then I will get up and leave from here. She says if you don’t your face then I will move your sehra. She is about to move his sehra, when Divya switches off the lights. Dadi asks Shahana to call the event manager and asks why the light went. Ashok asks Akshay and Prachi to sit there. Vishaka says call the electrician.

Abhay comes to Ranbir and keeps his hand on his mouth and takes him away from there, while Akshay comes to the mandap and replaces him. Prachi is busy talking to someone. Abhay takes Ranbir from there. Divya counts till 10 and switches on the lights, but light goes again. She thinks why did the light go, may be it is gone by itself. Abhay locks Ranbir in the washroom. Ranbir thinks what is happening with me. Prachi takes Akshay to side and says I want to talk to you. She says I want to see your face as I feel that you are someone else and says I don’t want any excuse, I have phone and will see your face using the phone light, and says if you don’t show your face then I will leave. Akshay shows his face and asks Prachi why she is stressed. Shahana comes there and asks Prachi to come.

Divya checks the fuse and thinks the light went because of this. Prachi comes to the mandap. She tells Shahana that she felt that Ranbir was on the groom’s place, but she was wrong. She hopes Ranbir would have been there and thinks she would have scolded him much. Pandit ji says we shall get the marriage done using mobile lights else mahurat will go. Abhay checks Akshay’s face to confirm. He says I have locked him in bathroom. Akshay asks him to enquire who is he? Abhay says I wanted to see your marriage and that’s why I came here. He says today you will marry Prachi. Akshay tells that Prachi is a genius and identified that he is not in the sehra. Abhay asks him to be in the sehra now. The goon’s girlfriend unlocks them from the bathroom. The goon asks her to leave as they will make the place smoky. The girl says ok. Vishaka collides with the girl and scolds her. The goon signs her to go. Vishaka asks Dadi if she is from your side. Dadi says no, she must be from your side.

The goon replaces the havan ingredients. Pandit ji puts it in the havan and the place becomes smoky. Everyone start coughing. The goons come and take Akshay from there. Aryan sees Ranbir not there, and goes to search him. Pandit ji says it seems the ingredients are wrong. The goons make Akshay unconscious and hide his face with black cloth. Then they put him in the bag and take him from there. Aryan comes out and looks for Ranbir. Divya manages to put the fuse back. Ranbir shouts for help and thinks he doesn’t have phone. He hits on the door and thinks who will help me. He asks God, what shall I do now, you are not helping me. Aryan thinks Mom’s goons have kidnapped Ranbir and thinks to do something. He goes from there. Everyone wonders where is Akshay and calls him, but his phone is here. Abhay says I will see and asks Divya to check.

Aaliya calls the goons and asks if you have kidnapped Ranbir. The goon says we have kidnapped Ranbir and left from there, tempo is at 80’s speed. Aaliya asks them not to get down from the tempo and reach at the place which she will messaged. The goon tells that Aaliya has asked them to keep him in the storage unit and says once they handover him to Aaliya, they have nothing to do with him, and will leave.

Ranbir thinks Akshay is not good and have replaced him on the mandap. He thinks I will not let Akshay marry Prachi now.

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